Beyond the Map – Electronic Portfolio

2 thoughts on “Beyond the Map – Electronic Portfolio

  1. my mood map presents my emotional life, short goals and motivations that these all elements make up who i am. It also describes my feeling and attitudes at that moment.
    This mood map reflects all about myself in everyday life after i have been there. It also shows that my dreams and future career.

  2. In this semester, I have learned and improved myself a lot.
    We have done a lot of interesting creative works all way through this semester. I have learned and discoverd a lot more about myself and my talent in film industry, as well as creative industry.
    Myself designed mood board, a second one day video and my assessment music video are my most passionable and pleasant works I have done in this semester so far.
    I am really pround of this three creative project work since I have find myself there and find where my passion is. Well, on the other side, I have also realize that I am belonging to the creative world and the film industry.
    It has been a very happy and exciting journey since I have find myself, and find my passion as well as my faithful belonging. Therefore, i have been much more sure about my life direction and the way of my future

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