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  1. What I mostly enjoy about the creative industry is creation. The painting that I did for my assessment 2 is a self-portrait, which is based on my personality, culture and belief. When I was a kid my father had always bought Disney movies and Japanese animates for me as presents, and those things affect me by telling me the moral value through the stories, such as friendship, family and love. I started to be interested in drawing and painting, I found they were enjoyable. However, I learned and try to draw the characters down from the movies I watched. This is why I love to be creative. I believe everyone is different, and we all have different communication styles. I am a person who not a well speaker, but a well listener. I could give other people opinions easily, but I could not express my own feelings to others easily. For me, painting is not just a paper, it can reflects the “real “me.

  2. All in all, I know what creative writing is and have experience it by now. To be honest, it is what I want to do since I was a child. I may inspired by my Dad, maybe by myself. But it is does not matter any more. What I know is I love using imagination to brainstorm, love keeping record of experience and share with other, love people to be influence by my article.Although this dream may to hard for me(as English is my second language ,and when ideas do not show up, it is quiet painful)no one get return if they do not pay for it. Furthermore , it is no reason for my to waste my skill imagination. Believe it or not, joy, skill, Dad’s love, all this will keep inspire me to continue to achieve my goal-be a writer.

  3. My assessmemt 2 reflection not quite followed the instruction, as a result, the grade was not high. I was really appreciated that because I know I should write the essay more academic and improve it next time. This assessment has taught me I should listen carefully to what the tutor said. At the beginning I was not quite sure what should I write about, because I even did not realized what is my future career direction. Thanks to this teaching research activities helped me to figure out the career goal and laid the groundwork to my future writing skill.

  4. In assessment 2, the processing of making the film review, I found that one of my major skills was memorable, I am able to remember most of the scenes and dialogues. It is easier for me to write the review and tell the audience what I think of this particular movie and my opinion. In the creative work, I found that I might able to write a film review as other people however I have a bigger dream about filming. As well as in the reflection it helps me to understand more about myself and my aim. However, in the reflection of assessment i did not quite followed the instruction, as a result, it dues to the a not very high grade.

  5. When I was a child, I was always inspired by those beautiful design of house and it always gave me an impression that home is always a shelter for me to relief and feel comfortable. I want to focus on designing home because it is the place where people can refuge from the busy world. It is also a place that people find comfort and the only place that they can feel truly secured. Therefore I want to design the best place for people that can truly relief themselves at home. I think interior design is not just producing a product for the customers; it is to give people a place that they can be themselves without any concern.

  6. Before I start to do my assessment 2, I was a little bit confused. Because I not sure what can I made and what should I write. But during the tutorial class, Michelle gave me many useful and valuable suggestions. Therefore, in my assessment 2, I made a paper cuts board again to represent my major which is interior design. I put many characteristics of interior design on the board. Speaking of my reflection, I am not good at writing actually, but when I finished, I think that I have already improved my writing skills and I will do better in the future.

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      My major is interior design and my dream job is to be a master chef in my own restaurant, which will be decorated by myself. I love cooking so much; being a master chef is the dream I’d had since I was young. I have grown up now, and I want to have my own amazing restaurant and run it by myself. Additionally, I also love painting and decorating by myself. Therefore, in my reflective writing, I express the whole details of my major and my dream. I think that was a big challenge for me, because I am not good at writing. But I have done it! And I think I have improved my writing skills already. In the future, I need to always try something that I am not good at and learn to enjoy them.

  7. During the process of completing Assessment 2, I did some research to help me get a thorough understanding of visual design and used them as evidence to support my arguments. I presented the argument, yet I did not give solid evidence to explain deeper based on my own understanding. Moreover, when it comes to the structure, I need to enhance my logic. In addition, some errors of grammar appeared on account of my carelessness. In view of this, I make up my mind to improve myseld.

  8. I have ever wanted to change my major before the Assessment 2, because my parent not totally support me to do that. However, I know myself the interest is always my motivation to do everything, so I still hold on my initial choose Media and Communication. During the process of assessment 2, I did some research and think about which creative work I could do. I wanted to do some new creativities in this part. Therefore, I spent a lot of time to think about this at the beginning. However, I still did some error in grammar and did not understand the structure of this, that means I still need to do many practises for my skills.

  9. A selection from your assessment 2 reflection
    When I was a child, I started be interested in designing. I always draw something beautiful things, which I designed. When I grow up, I love taking photo to record everything in my life. From assessment 2, I found many things. The first one is myself value. I understand myself, and I know creative industry can show me a stage to realize my personal value. Secondly, the motivation. My motivation comes from my interesting. When I do something, which I am interested in, I always try my best to do it, and I never fell tired and boring. The last one is my future goal. I set the further goal for myself, in order to achieve successfully in my job in the future.

  10. “When I was five years old I went to my first ballet class, since then my passion for the arts only grew. Whenever I went to see a play or a dance performance I would usually go earlier just to sit in the empty theatre and enjoy the atmosphere. I used to say to my mother that if everything goes wrong in my life I would be happy to be the cleaner of any theatre. When I growing older I started to research and learn all the areas that I could work with related to the arts, and I realized that it is much more than just performances. “The entertainment industries can move and change quickly. It is an industry that is associated with innovation, art and inspiration, which makes it one of the most exciting and creative industries in which to participate”. (IIans Music, 2010)”

  11. For my assessment 2 I started to work on a short film story, I wrote a script about a short film that I created. when I look back on how I got started is that I looked back at something that I have watched recently to support my idea cause without doing that I felt I could not start doing anything. So I would have to say that researching or surfing on the internet to get information was a good way for me to start and the next step was my own creativity.

  12. After finishing assessment 2, we had to write a reflection about assessment 2. Unfortunately, I did not pick a great idea about my assessment 2, and did not write the reflection with following criteria sheet of the reflection. Hence, the score of it was not good. Nevertheless, that score encouraged me to pay attention to assessments after assessment 2. Also, it thought me nothing would be successful if you did not spend your time on it. Then, I did improve myself on other assessments, did them with criteria sheet and patience.

  13. Throughout the career development portfolio, I recognize that what is my goal of my architecture’s life. A normal architecture is only can be my stepstone. The “Bio-architecture” is my final goal to achieve. Do not set any limit and excuse for yourself, do not allow any outside force to destroy or stop what you want. Be yourself, do something that you want to do and follow your will to develop your own career. Anyway, my father always said “I will keep moving until I dead”. Now, I truly understand why he said and what its mean.

  14. Through completing assessment 2, I have learnt the method to build a house by using professional architecture knowledge and I also known some famous work that done by well-known architects. I gradually realized that it could be hard to be an architect as I need to consider a lot of factors such as contracture, materials and weather etc. Therefore, to gain more experience, I built a standard house for this assessment. Although I have met some difficulties, for instance considering the relationships between areas and the weight of materials as well as using English to explain my work to audiences, I have solved them and learnt relevant knowledge. In the future, I need to improve my practicing skills and English grammar to assist my study.

  15. I found out that we have to write a reflection which I did forgot to write. So lighting has been part of me when I was 10 years old when I saw those fancy lights in a restaurant and I always ask my dad if he could buy a pair for me to use (it was expensive). My dad told me that you don’t need to buy one, just admire it and one day when you have a lot of money you could but a lot. In the last few years, I’ve learnt to control a fixture at my local church back in Indonesia, and I have now design stages for concerts. This is only a beginning of my journey to own a lighting company. And what I did during my assessment 2 work is a stage that is full of lights for an upcoming concert in 2016. Basically the design was great, however I got 5 in my grade because I have a satisfactory report. In the future, i would like to pay attention to the tiniest detail so that I could get a 7+

  16. Through out the process of my assessment two, I had to do some research on future field of work. From all of these research, I gained certain knowledge that I did not know about the film industries. I feel like everything is being aligned in a path for me to achieve my goal to be the film director I was born to be. My passion for film making grows each day. Film can affect different people in various ways. My goal as a film director is to change the perspectives of how people view things. By understanding more of my area of interest through the research done, I am one step closer to reaching that outcome.

  17. The work reflected my value of design, simple. After the research, I knew that perspective drawing is used for simplified the structure of a building by straight lines and several convergence points. And, I am really interesting in the way of using lines and space to build up the 3D picture, which motivated me. During the work, the drawing angle was a big concern, which directly influences the ratio of the picture. At first, I start drawing with a high drawing angle and the detail of my sketch is hard to illustrate, hence, I decided to draw my creative work with a lower drawing angle, which present a wilder version. I investigate that I have a strong sense for ratio of space, in my creative work, the space between each level and the ratio of every level is perfect and strongly illustrate the 3D version of stair in the simple way.

  18. The reason I used a maze to represent travelling is because the feeling is similar. On the road, we are curious. When People are in the journey, We are full of fun and excited when we arrive the destination, we have a great sense of accomplishment.I have been very fortunate to travel throughout the world extensively while I was young. I will keep going and keep working hard. Have a successful career and make fanciful and fantastic routines and projects to bring comtentment for people.

  19. For assessment 2, I created a packaging based on my past experiences. I learned that every little thing that I have encountered in life may be useful in the future. Even though I enjoyed doing it, there might be some improvements I can do. The idea came into my mind so quickly that I did not think through it deeper. Furthermore, I have not done anything in the past concerning visual design or packaging hence I did not know much of the skills I needed. Hopefully by the end of my university years, I will create much better products.

  20. I have written a reflection about my creative work and the reason why did I write a song. When I was five, my parents sent me to the piano class because my father wanted me to fulfil his unfinished dream. At that time, I did not like playing piano at all. But as I grew up day by day, I found that music is not just some notes on some papers, but a way to express myself, a way to express my happiness, sadness, fear and anger. Sometime I write a song. I write a song when I feel the songs in present cannot exactly express the feelings and the words inside my heart. When I was asked to do a creative work, I decided to write a song. Then, I wrote a song named “Dear Life”.

  21. For my assignment 2, I made a poster which I think is related to my mood board. It is about the old-fashion and why I did that is because I think the power of influence in fashion could affect people in their value and behavior. As I want to do in advistising in my career, influence people is one of my job and I think poster could be an effective impact because they could change a mind, a way or even their value with advertising

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