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  1. If there are two boxes of chocolate placed in front of you
    One is bitter black chocolate
    One is greasy white chocolate
    You have to eat one of them
    Which one would you choose
    Someone may says ‘is it a simple question?’
    If people who prefer something sweet, they definitely will choose white chocolate
    Otherwise, black chocolate is for people who like bitter food
    However, not everyone know what they like clearly
    Or someone may just greed and want to have them mixed together
    Those people does not like bitter food and also afraid of greasy things.
    Then, someone may argue that if you have one black chocolate and one white chocolate at the same time, these two taste can be neutralized.
    Perhaps this solution helps with drinks
    Unfortunately, chocolate is not liquid, they will not mixed together easily as you wish
    When you put these two chocolate in your mouth in the mean time
    What you can experience are just
    more bitter from black chocolate compare with white chocolate
    more greasy from white chocolate compare with black chocolate
    So, which one would you choose?

  2. This creative work of mine was influenced by Robert Sabuda a famous pop-up book artist. I’ve challenge myself to build a pop-up model that is more complicated than my level. It has taught me a lot of patience to build this “ship” model. The reason I’ve build a “ship” is to represent my dreams are like a ship that flows smoothly in my mind.

  3. In the creative work assessment 2 i did a film review, because of my career goal is a cinematographer, in the processing of doing creative work i am able to understand how audiences think about a film, it assist me to become a better filmmaker. It was quite enjoyable when i was doing my review and at the same time trying so hard to remember what was going on in the movie. However, because of my bad English writing skills and grammar, as a result my grade was not so high and unacceptable even though i pass the assessment.

    One of the paragraph
    “Divergent, release on 21st March, 2014. In the movie ‘Divergent’, people lives in a different world, it does not mean they are aliens or people who lives in Mars, they live in a different culture and a different society in walls. In the movie there are five factions, those are Abnegnation, Erudite, Candor, Amity and Dauntless. These five factions are like personality, each of it identify what kind of person they are, for example, Abnegnation is that people tend to self-sacrifice to approach you win I lose situation to keep this city stay in peace, they are also the people who are controlling the city like a government. Erudite is defined by their transcendent knowledge, which means they are clever and genius. Candor, people who are compulsively honest and do not tell lie. Amity people prefer the naturally peaceful and finally the Dauntless, people who have fearless and they are the tattooed warriors wear in black like police and soldier. “

  4. In my artwork, my designs show a lot of light in the environment. It is because light provides people a feeling of warn and brightness. It also lightens you and your family in the middle of the cold dark night. Lights also give people a impression of warm and satisfy, thats why I put a lot of light in it.

  5. Before I start to do my assessment 2, I was a little bit confused. Because I not sure what can I made and what should I write. But during the tutorial class, Michelle gave me many useful and valuable suggestions. Therefore, in my assessment 2, I made a paper cuts board again to represent my major which is interior design. I put many characteristics of interior design on the board. I think it can help me to improve my displaying style and skills

  6. In my creative work, what I am trying to convey is the power of music for me through the contrast of brightness and darkness. The part of darkness as the background represents disappointment, depression and even despair happening in my life, whereas it is the music which is the brightness that brings me about the strength and inspired me to get through difficulties. I used various lines which stand for the melody of music as the main body of my creative work. Behind this, it is a singer. It seems like a singer was singing. This sound brings not only the visual impact, but also the strength to audience.

  7. My creative work is based on the entertainment industry which I will study in the future. I believe children are the most creative people so this “creative work” idea comes up. I was really enjoyed the time I collected all the materials and made it becomes a “toy”. I believe having nothing to do is harder than being busy. Entertainment industry to me is a career that aim to bring joyful and happiness to the audiences. Thanks to this assessment let me understand the essence of this industry and reminds me my childhood.

  8. In completing the creative work: watercolor painting and piece together. I found that my key skills were drawing and painting, so I decided uses my key skill to create assessment two. In my artwork, I used two pieces of canvas panels with various color to describe this building, In addition, I painted walls with red color, but used green trees and umbrellas in the middle. There is a difference between conflicting these two colors. This Direct contrast may attract people attention immediately. In my design, what I want to explain that every building have their story, the story begins with love or childhood. I hope everyone seen my creative work may something or someone pass through their mind. Furthermore, when I created this work, I also want to show that two different panels put together can create a new work. It means we just need change our mind; it’s a new world.

  9. I did a poster for my creative work which is about home. This creative work had illustrated my interest to become event manager, because event can engage and gather the people to come to the event and receive the message effectively. Event can provide the platform to gather every different people to come to celebrate cultural festival and listen the political lobbying. These are the opportunities to engage the memory and connect out life to the city in Brisbane. Therefore, I created this poster to express the passion to serve to the community. In this assessment, I learnt how to focus my points to view the meaning of my creation. It is important because we can find who we are from our creation.

  10. I am always willing to contribute my whole life to the charity. Therefore, in the creative work assessment 2 I did a poster which can show the harm of smoking. I just hope to remind me of realizing the harm of smoking and decreasing the number of people who smoke. Some people ever said: “Everything has two sides”, but in my opinion, smoking is a exception, smoking not only brings disease to people, but it also keep us in low spirits. My purpose is hoping everyone can keep in a healthy life.

  11. A Sample of Creative Work
    From my creative work, people can find my habit and life in my work. This “photo wall” collected and recorded every interesting, beautiful memory in my life for 1 year in Brisbane. In the “photo wall”, there were 110 photos, and every photo in the “photo wall” was a story. Absolutely, I enjoyed my creative work.

  12. My creative work is related to my future major which is Entertainment Industries. For assessment 2 I created a festival for young unknown author where they have the opportunity to share their work with the comunity and inspire future writers. The memory/ experience that was used as inspiration for assessment 2 is when I went for the first time to Sao Paulo, in Brazil. I was inpired by it once São Paulo is a chaotic city, but you can find beatifull places full of art. That is the “mood” that I was trying to create with this festival. Here is a selection of my creative work.

    Read Me!
    A space to read and to be read. Be ready!
    Come exhibit and share your work in one of the greatest writer’s festival in Australia!
    Read me! is a festival where unknown young writers can show and share their published books. It is an amazing opportunity to those authors who want to achieve a bigger audience and draw attention to their work. It is also a great opportunity to young writers, who wish to pursue the creative writing career, to be inspired by the experience of the participants and learn how they can achieve their dreams.

  13. For my assessment 2 I have written a short film script since I want to be in film making industry as my career develops. This short story that I have written about comes from the movies, TV series I watched and some of the ideas do even comes from playing grand theft auto 5 that is the scene of sneaking into someone’s house without being noticed. I personally think that there is a lot more to learn and this is just the beginning.

  14. We were asked to make a creative work which is relevant with our career. As a student who will study Architecture, I did choose to build a model as my creative work, but i was confused with what kind of building i should make a model for it, a building is created by myself or existing one. Finally, I selected the Falling Water House as template of my model. Obviously, it is not creative enough to build a existing building’s model, so i tried to add a little bit new elements in the original structure to let it be close to ‘creative’. In the process, I learnt some smart structure of the Falling Water House which could help me in my future study.

  15. For my creative work, I had to create something that is in relevance to my field of work. Since I want to pursue film directing, I decided to create a script for a movie called “Serenity in Haven”. The story is about a drug addict named Damien Carlson who is facing addiction of a daily basis. One day, he stumbled onto a cavern where he slowly had to find his way to survive.

    (Behind the door)
    “Damien Carlson, this is the NYPD. Open up!”

    (Close Up shot of Damien’s face)

    Carlson frantically looks around his apartment. The three knocks on the door felt like three hammers pounding a nail in his head. Time stood still for a moment, Carlson feels the adrenaline and cocaine coursing through his veins. He could hear his instincts screaming at him to run away.
    Carlson instantly runs to his balcony trying to figure his way out. The only option staring back at him was the fire escape. Damien scampers down the fire escape like a scared cat being chased by a dog.


    Carlson scans his surroundings. An ominous forest is looming in front of him, as much as he doesn’t want to enter it. He has no other choice. This might be his only chance of losing the police. He hurriedly runs into the forest.


    As if the forest was alive, the branches of the trees start to attack Carlson. It might be his imagination but it looks like the trees have a life on their own. The cold wind makes the branches sway like hands while the hollowness of the trunks form faces. All Carlson felt was fear, the fear of the police and the fear of the unknown in the forest. Without looking where he was stepping, Carlson heard a crumble under his feet as the ground gives way. The next thing Carlson sees is the full moon in the night sky as he falls a hundred meters down into the abyss.


  16. As a lighting designer, I chose to make a 3D object in software of a stage as well as all the lighting fixtures. I knew that this is going to be easy because I have designed stages for a concert during my spare time. It is not the most creative work among all. It would be a lot cooler if I could make a 3D model out of it using a 3D Printer but that would be costly. stage design incorporates creativity as well as the law of physics to get the best result possible. I hope that I will continue to design stages in my future study

  17. I do not have sample. Because I had already submitted offline.
    My creative work is the magazines handbook. It is the fashion magazine which has been made easier to carry around. it is different magazine with conventional heavy magazine. In addition to it was created to the dictionary format allow people to find their own style magazines.

  18. As I referred to my passion to entertain people, I created and shot a project to share happiness to people around QUT. It was a free-love-and-hug project. I bumped into strangers, especially the ones who looked cranky, to give them free chocolate and hug. I simply wanted to make them smile and perhaps I could turn their bad day to a better day. I felt terribly happy when one girl hugged me and said, “You’ve just made my day!”

  19. This is a macaroons packaging that I created based on my past experiences. It is transparent so as to show the vivid colours of the macaroons. The glass container is inspired by cassettes which is not used anymore. In between the 2 layers of glass containers, there are flower decorations and the name of the company made by flower stems. Flower decorations are used because it conveys the same idea of the macaroons, sweet and soft. They are easy to crumble and do not last for long.

  20. I started to write the song because I would like to write a song to reflect the previous 18 years of my lifetime. When I was writing the song, I tried to recall the memories, the essential moments and the experience in my previous 18 years. I tried to think of the memories of my living, my love, my friends and also family. I tried to write all of them into notations one after another because I want the song can tell about my story. I want people can know more about my past through the song. However, when I have finished the song, I realize that the song is not only talking about my story and my past, but also mainly talking about the words that I want to express to life. So, finally, I named the song “Dear Life”.

    The song:

  21. my creative work is based on my future major–entertainment industries. this art work combine with traveling and entertainment industries. i used maze and traveling map to make a toy, let them become 3d. the process of playing maze is fantastic, after people accomplish the maze, the feel would become even better. the process and the feeling during a travel is the same with playing maze. they are full of fun and meanings.

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