Multi Modal Reflection

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3 thoughts on “Multi Modal Reflection

  1. Over this semester, there have been many ups and downs in any sort of aspects. The second figure shows the low moments were when I had many assessments waiting for me to complete and I did not have much time. I was depressed and stressed out because of them. However, instead of whining and sitting around without getting all the work done, I started step by step to finish each assessment. I learned that I needed to have better time management and I also needed to start everything earlier. I used to think that there were only smart and not smart people, however, after studying at QUIT, I changed my belief to the perspective of “there is only lazy and hardworking people in this world regardless of cleverness”. The first picture represents my high moments because, besides chasing on my dream, my friends are the motivation for me to go to school. From my great friends, I am able to learn a lot of interesting from them and they somehow shape my identity and personality as well. The most difficult time was honestly the time that I needed to prepare for exams and assignments because it felt like I had never done enough. The most satisfying part of my semester was when I received the best possible results from all of my subjects because I think that I deserved them. In the future, I would apply my hardworking skill as well as always staying positive attitude to my future career or any circumstances.

  2. Through this semester, all of the works are about creativity and your own interest and I have investigated two new skills of myself, which is a strong sense for ratio of space and perspective drawing. Once, I walk in QUT and I am surprise of others work, which is using different size of flat wood and stack together. The work has strongly illustrated the ratio of space through the simple element and the shape of that is really creative. Consequently, I am really satisfied of my creative work for assessment 2 – perspective drawing, it is the most difficult creative work during this semester. However, I was surprise that I could make the stair in 3D version by using the simple straight line and the ratio of space. However, the photo I took wasn’t related to perspective drawing, but the idea of the work is similar to my design value, which is using the simple element to illustrate the creative work. Furthermore, I strongly believe that the perspective drawing would assist my future development, which is being an interior designer.

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