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8 thoughts on “Future Self Portrait Map

  1. For my future goal, I plan on moving to bigger cities in Australia like Sydney where has bigger advertising industry for me to work as a graphics designer. To working in Sydney could help me to gain knowledge and experiences of creative industries. In addition, this map shows my future plan of after graduation and after working in Brisbane for a year, I will look forward to be a part of the major advertising industries to further develop my career in Sydney. However, after having enough work experience in Australia, I wish I could move to a much more global company in America and settle in New York, where have lots opportunities in advertising. I really want go there because it has so many things that I dreamed to see, for example, Disney, fashion shows and musical. Therefore, I hope I could go there to develop my future career and visit more different things.

  2. My future job occupation would be to become an animator and that is how I see myself in 5-10 year time. I think at that time I would probably release one of my animated movies for the very first time and I am thrilled even just thinking about it. I will be in LA (America) and working for an animation company. I imagine working at an IT office on a big building or a workshop/studio where I could draw all day long. I will become a happier person and I will have a more optimistic attitude because I cherish every single moment in my life even now. I will feel exciting every day because I get to create different characters or producing different stories. I hope I would make my colleagues feel comfortable working with me as I would feel the same way too. I hope that I can learn a lot of things, especially their creativities, from them as well.

  3. In my future, I will work for PR firms in Brisbane to gain the experience and knowledge to learn how to plan and organize a successful event. I think I will spend 5 years working in Brisbane to achieve my purpose. After 5 years being a PR event planner, I hope I have built the network for myself and learn how to improve the skills of communication with the media relations and community relations. These are important relationships to build in my future, because it can help me to create an successful event with maximum exposure of the event. I hope I can use event to bring happiness to the city, such as Brisbane River Festival, Ekka, Moon Cake Festival, and so on. And also, I will plan to back to Malaysia with my knowledge, skills, experiences, and favorable relationships between my working colleagues and me to develop my power of event creation. Therefore, I feel passion in learning how to be an event manager to influence the life of the people.

  4. For my future goal, I will be able to take a long trip to travel the world. I hope I can visit many famous cities in some western countries, such as New-York City, Las Vegas, London and Barcelona. Because I am always interested in western cutures, and I have ever heard some words which told me “A journey of a thousand miles begins with single step” and “Traveling ten thousand miles is much better than reading ten thousand books”. Therefore, I think rather than listening to others’ stories better to take a chance to experience. Thereby, I will get so many benefits such as broadening my horizon and richening my mind that I can get more creative thoughts for my career.

  5. For the future development, I planned to go to European countries such as Italy and that was why I used Italy national flag as background of my work. My favorite architectural style is unrealistic, so that I put some structures of building at the top left corner of my work. To identify my nationality, I planned my work with Chinese characters in the middle. In the next five to ten years, I need to keep practicing my communication skills and innovation no matter in school or at work. To be a successful architect, I also need to learn from past famous architects so that I will collect their work in my office to inspire me.

  6. landscape architect are selling an image of park or garden that can impact our society, not only selling a park or a garden. I would like to be a landscape architect who can provide a comfortable outdoor space to other members of this community.Being a landscape designer required the ability of visualization, commination and critical thinking skills that are associated with my value. I am passionate and creative people who really want to work independently. In addition, I also enjoy working and travelling overseas which can promote a sense of freedom for me. Furthermore, being a landscape designer allows me work in overseas practices independently or as a member of a lager team with other professionals. I am really interested in this field; I hope my passionate can lead me to my goals as a landscape designer.

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