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  1. The one second a day is a process of recorded my life. From the video I made, I find the most enjoyable thing is to recording the nature, because I live in Australia where is like big nature garden. I like the fresh air, the blue sky and beautiful plants and its already part of my life. This is a way show people that what is my interest and how I enjoy of my life. Also I recorded the things that I like to do in my life, such as drawing, listening to music. When I doing assessments, those are the things that make me relax.

  2. Although this video is quiet simple actually and my face even did not appeared, the idea is about what inspire me–book. As I want to be a writer, reading is something I cannot lacking. In the video, the toy represent me and I keep putting new memos on the wall (day1, day2…) and add a book every second. The reason why I do this is that I should read book everyday refer to my dream(writer). Also, those book has heaped finally and the toy(me) sit on the top of those book. What I want to deliver is that my dream is like the clouds in the sky, if I keep reading books and those books are the ladder which can help me to achieve my dream.

  3. In week six, we did a “One second a day” video reflecting our daily lives or our creative process for the assessment two project and we have to show this video to at least one person. I did an eight seconds video about my creative process of making my assessment 2 project which is a pop-up book and I have shown it to Jake and May. This has taught me that grades are not as important as the learning process itself that we have learnt in the development stage because in the working society grades are not an important factor but what we have learnt during the process will determined how we work.

  4. In week six I made a short video which reflecting short moments in my daily lives. Although just under 20 sec, this allows me have a better understanding of my own life circle and knows how my life different from before. I have become more independent now which my family is very delighted. I know I am more powerful than I think I can be. I can overcome many hard times by myself. Besides, by looking back this short video, I realized sometimes I do quite lazy, I should improve it.

  5. In week 5 tutorial, we were introduced to make a one second a day video. My video shows a second a day of how I am inspired or get inspiration from my daily life. My daily activities include travelling, nature, watching movies, showering, listening to music, singing, reading, drawing, hanging out with friends and even sleeping. I find that this video helps me to define what I am actually inspired and from there I can dig deeper to discover more inspirations.

  6. In the processing of one second a day was a bit rush, i finished it just the day before lecture, it due to the quality of the video. the video is actually too long but i do not know which part should not put into the video, all second is sort of link to each part, i personally like the first scene and also the last scene. It makes audience know that when is the beginning and ending.
    the whole process was actually fun, i learnt about more information about video editing it helps me to achieve my career goal which is a good thing. Even though it was just a little basic skill, bt it still assists me to understand more about video editing.


  7. I like drawing, and that why one second a day video is all about drawing. I draw to release my emotion, no matter I happy, sad or angry… I just draw. I can let out emotions other wise I would not be able to express in other way. As you can see in video, I drew a lot of anime because I love watching animation.

  8. In this assessment, I made a 1-minute video, which can reflect my daily life and my process of working on my creative work. My video shows my life from week 3 to week 4. I love eating so I put some pictures that I ate with my friends on the weekends. And I also put a part of the process of my mood board. Because I love hand making and I am enjoy in making the paper cuts board. Lastly, I edited all different parts and put the time in the video to make it be a whole day of my life.

  9. This video of One Second a Day is the process of recording my daily life. I chose the scene of awaking in the morning as the beginning of my video. Then I selected some representative occasions such as photo editing, eating delicious food, going around with friends, playing guitar, and keeping a dog to show my life. During this process, I not only had fun, but also learnt more about my life.


  10. In this one second per day, I had recorded how my everyday life is in week 6. My life is connected with the city, so I cannot neglect the political decisions from the government and what they do in the parliament. And also, I have learnt the new method to realize the source of my creative inspiration from. This is really enjoyable to edit my first video editing during the working progress.

    Video link:

  11. In this assessment, we were asked to make a video which includes 1 second per day within 10 days, so it was totally 10 seconds. At the beginning, it made me to feel excited, because it is new kind of assessment I never met. This video included looking for materials in shop, drinking, cooking, playing and watching movie, these couple of things could show my daily life.

  12. From all the assignments we had to do, this was my favourite one of all since it was about making a short film. We had to film a second a day of our daily routine and compile it together. Even though mine was longer than ten seconds, it still had the vision I wanted to in capture. I wanted to show a feeling of journey and travel through the video. First off, I was at my house then I went to the park near my house. After that, I took a bus to different locations to film and finally ending up at QUT to get some work done with my friends.


  13. I took approximately 5 seconds everyday as I find inspirations to develop my creative work. The items shown in this video are basically my favourite items, flowers, tea, macaroons. I like flowers because there is nothing else felt worth comparing to the feelings that I received when I immersed myself in the beauty of nature. Moreover, macaroons remind me of the times I shared with my friends talking about my frustration of life and they always have something nice to say as a source of motivation. Furthermore, I often drink tea to calm my nerves. Most of the times I drink it at the end of the day, so as to calm me down from any frustrating moments during the day. After all, a cup of tea is a perfect combination for a plate of macaroons. These objects would forever trigger to these peaceful solitary moments whereby the problems that I was facing felt as if they were lifted off of my shoulders. Hence I felt that macaroons and flowers are my symbols of euphoria. It is an interesting combination of how a luxury item and a common object that is often overlooked can have a similar value and impact.
    We are too immersed in the digital world that we have forgotten to look to our surroundings and appreciate the beauty of it. Thus, Interactive and Visual Design is the major that I chose in hope that I will be able to spread beauty and happiness without neglecting the constantly evolving technology.
    Video Link:

  14. The process of making this video was fun. I wandered around Brisbane to find beautiful places to shoot the video. As I love directing motions, I asked my friend to help me shoot the video while I directed her. I started to see the warmth and pretty side of Brisbane. Without I even realized, I smile so big in the entire video. I looked happy because I began to enjoy my journey here in QUT.

  15. For the assessment “One second a day”, I have recorded 7 video clips. I am not one at filming and editing, so my assessment is a bit roughly, comparing with others. Those video clips are some little things in my living. For example, I recorded the view outside the bus, the band show in Queen street, the street artist in city. I think this assessment is great, because through this assessment, I observe more little things in my living.

  16. in this video, i chose one day from my weekend, as my hobby is cooking, i love to cook dishes for my family, with my friends. this video recorded the process of the cooking as well as sharing food with my friends. when i record this video, i not only have fun, but also earn experience on how to edit a video. in the future, i will do more of that. love it.

  17. In my one second a day video, I choose some ways and different character to present myself, especially my cats. I love them very much and they are my best friend which made me feel very comfortable with them. There is also some section about my cats and what are they doing sometimes and this is what I usually do as well. Video them is also one of my hobbies because I love to take lots of picture and video about them and watch them repeat and repeat.

    ( I’ve share the video via dropbox)

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