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  1. In week 10, we did a post reflection for our assessment 2, which I have written about my experience doing the assessment 2 project. From this assessment, I have learnt that reflection is an important part of our learning process however, students like us do not usually learn from our past experience as many of us do not think about it and thus repeat the same mistakes hence, what is essential is that we only learn by reflecting on our experience because reflection helps us to learn more about ourselves and how we learn.

  2. The post reflection for our assessment 2 in week 10, i worte about my own experience of doing the assessment 2 project. Throughout the assessment, I have learned that my passion of art is the key point that motivates me to be creative. By wrote the reflection, it is a important process of learning from ourselves, because by keep look back of our past, we could improve from ourselves and develop better skills and understandings.

  3. The post reflection we were doing in week 10, i wrote about my my own experience of the processing of assessment 2 – creative work. Throughout the assessment, it assist myself to understand more about what is my goal and why i would like to study Film, television and screen in University. In the process of assessment 2 it also increases my interested in film and movie, processing a film is a difficult and complicate job, which is also the challenges i might take in the future. Also, when doing post reflection in week 10 it helps me to understand how important for people to doing a reflective work, it help people to understand what they are lack of and good at, therefore it is a must for people and also a work that helps us to improve.

  4. Through out this assignment, I wrote about my career interests and influences. This assignment gave me an opportunities to memorize what my dream and my future goal is, which gave me a very good reminder to remind me what I have to do in the future. I felt really enjoy when I writing this assignment, I think it is only just an assignment, it is also a memory reminder to remind me what I forgot to do. Interior design is my dream, but I sometimes forgot this dream, just because of the time past by and the environment effect me. Therefore I am so glad to have a chance to write this “dream reminder”.

  5. I did the post reflection for our assessment 2 in week ten. I wrote some of my experience of doing the assessment two – the creative work. Through the assignment, I have leant that creativity is always to try something new. This is the spirit of a designer or a creator. In addition, writing reflection is an essential part for students, because it can represent our original ideas of our work. Also, it is an opportunity for us to let us learn something new from our past experience.

  6. In week 10, we were asked to write the post reflection of the assessment 2. During the process of this reflection, I looked back on my past and reflected on what I have done in the first half of this semester. I realized how important design is for me and it is the passion for graphic design that inspire me to be creative and keeping exploring this subject. Furthermore, it is a good opportunity to discover myself.

    • Post Reflection on Assessment 2
      In week 10, I was doing the post reflection. In this assessment, I wrote about my working experience when I was in China as a photographer, and descripted my creative work. Fro assessment 2, I have understood creativity is to use people’s imagination to try and design something new. Moreover, I knew myself again, I have the new goal, and I found creative industry give to me a stage to show myself.

  7. We did the post reflection for our assessment 2 in week 10, I have known the reflection is very necessary thing for students to reflect. It helps us to realize the shortcomings, thus, greatly improving our ability about units. As far as I am concerned, the process of this semester usually flashbacks on my mind. I can see I have some changes from beginning to now, I have gotten much progress in this unit from primary incomprehension to present comprehension. Therefore, that is a platform to make us understand and approve ourselves.

  8. Post Reflection on Assessment 2
    In week 10, I was doing the post reflection. In this assessment, I wrote about my working experience when I was in China as a photographer, and descripted my creative work. Fro assessment 2, I have understood creativity is to use people’s imagination to try and design something new. Moreover, I knew myself again, I have the new goal, and I found creative industry give to me a stage to show myself.

  9. During week 10 we did a Post Reflection on Assessment 2 here is a selection of it:

    “I found assessment 2 very challenging because it required me to be as creative as possible. It was the first time that I created something related with my major which is Entertainment Industries. For assessment 2 I created a festival, thought it was very hard to think of something in the beginning I had a lot of fun doing it. In the end it turned out to be something that I am really proud of and it reinsured me that I’m studying what I’m supposed to and that I am in the right path. During these weeks, I learned through all the assignments done why I am really creative and what my values are. “

  10. In week 10, it was necessary for us to post our reflection of assessment 2, we were taught how to write a reflection through the first half of this semester. Honestly, I did not get a creative idea for assessment 2, and it was sad that I wrote my reflection without criteria sheet. However, there were some things i did well in the reflection, which i did write the whole process of my creative work, such as reason why I chose it, how i built it and how it related to my career. Anyway, i realized what i want through this assessment.

  11. I was looking back after what I’ve been through during assessment 2. I’d still remember how frustrated I was when doing this assessment. It has been one of the difficult assessment that I’ve ever done as well as being the most enjoyable assessment I have done. By writing a reflection, not only we can get to learn about ourselves even better, but also to correct ourselves so that we can be better in the future

  12. After countless of reflections the weeks before, in week 10, we were assigned to post reflect on our assessment 2. Because of all the reflections we have done, it was much more easier to do a reflection on this one. What I am trying to say is, we all may think it was tedious to do a reflection over and over again but it is actually beneficial to us. We learn and grow from these reflections. It improved our capacity of writing and creativity but most importantly these reflections were more of a reassurance to our future aspirations.

  13. After finishing the reflection for assessment 2, I realized the importance of reflective thinking as it demonstrates the knowledge I have learnt through a piece of assessment, the mistakes I have made and includes recommendation for future. This reflection gave me a direction of future development and some details or essential knowledge I need. If this reflection was absent, I would not confront my mistakes and have a chance to improve myself. Therefore, in my opinion, reflection is the most important part in my career.

  14. Despite my excitement towards the project, this creative work led me to confusion whether to just stick to Entertainment Industries or to take Film and TV as my future major. This is because I realized that my passion was clearly to entertain people but I also wanted to specify it to the film and TV industry. I had some experiences to direct short films before and I enjoyed every second of the filmmaking process. Consequently, I tried to look deeper to pros and cons between the two industries. I was initially concerned that taking Film and TV industry would narrow my job opportunities. However, my passion to direct and create visual artwork beat every fear I felt to be in the industry. I appreciated the value of my dream and passion better.

  15. I have written a reflection for the assessment 2 reflection. Some people may think that it is weird to write a reflection for a reflection but I think it is still worth writing it because I can have the opportunities to reflect what mistake I have writtten in the pervious reflection. Then, I can beware of making those mistakes again when I write a reflection in future.

  16. After reflecting on my creative work, I learnt that there is still much more to learn about interactive and visual design. Packagings might not be my expertise for the moment but I have always been fascinated by it and I will not give up learning it until I make it perfect. Nonetheless, graphic design is one of my passions and I will continue studying it. Even though I had doubts that I wanted to do photography or film & TV major, I will make use of the skills that I have right now to develop my graphic design skills.

  17. I realized my problem while work assessment 2. I got a bad result of this. But it was more helpful to me. I have set up an extensive range of magazines. This was not a suitable job that can represent me. A lot of styles made even more confusing in the magazines. So when I work the assessment3, I had a little more range collapse of my career. And I found it to fit the data. This was useful that I choose my career. Also, I found that more interesting media advertising than the magazine advertising.

  18. in week 10, we were asked to write some reflections from the previous life and from that to do some research about the major and your dream job. before i did it, i think reflection is not necessary, because it just some sentences. however, after i have done that, i realized that reflection is important because it is a summary of that period. i will keep writing some reflection in order to improve myself in the future.

  19. In week 10, I’ve did a reflective about assignment 2 as I think this is a really reflective thinking about my future, because to study in “creative career”, every roles or jobs is difficult than the others because this is not about memorizing and this is noy what books could teach, this is about our ability and creative. Creative is not what teacher could teach us but we can build it and get more opportunities for improving though our process

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