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Instructions: Please insert your Word cloud/s and a selection of your Past, Present, Furture Reflection in a comment box below, approximately 75 -150 words. As it is a selection of larger reflective piece of writing please italise your text.

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2 thoughts on “Word Clouds

  1. At the beginning, I felt excited because there were many new faces in class and I was thrilled to get to know them a little bit better. My fear was that I had no idea what assessments were ahead of me and whether I could complete all the tasks needed. However, my dream was to successfully achieve a possible highest score as I could in this course. There had been many challenges such as the Assessment 2 which I had to create a children book in short amount of time. Another challenge was the portfolio because it took a lot of research done and writing as well. Through this semester, what I have discovered about myself was that if I am passionate about achieving high score and fight hard for it, it is possible. This semester also helps me to value my friends and all the study time we spent together, I will cherish every single moment. This subject provides me deeper understanding and interests for Animation due to the research for portfolio. My personality has been somehow shaped by this semester because I feel like I have grown up and learnt more things. I have three dream jobs that I have, in the future; I could be one of them. The first one is to become a performer because I enjoy performing on stage including singing or dancing. Secondly, I would like to become a comedian or actor on any TV series because I think I could have the opportunity to show my acting skills to the crowd. Thirdly, I want to be an animator for making meaning movies to all sort of audience. My advice that I would give myself in the future is that never stop dreaming and never stop fighting for your dream, failure is the way to help you to success.

  2. In this assessment, my tutor taught us how to create a Word Cloud by using words in an article to form a poem. However, I thought this idea was not creative enough so that I decided to improve some areas to make my work more realistic, which is 3D effect. More specifically, I used two pieces of paper: one contained the whole articles and the other had the poem. By putting the poem on the top of the articles, I formed a 3D that had different shapes from different angles. Unfortunately I lost my pictures after submitting my work, so that I could not upload it here.

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