7 Days of Self

Upload 1-3 of the “7 days of self” photographs that best reflects your identity.WITH Approximately 50 words of your Manifesto that best reflects your identity.
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47 thoughts on “7 Days of Self

  1. Life in other countries makes me realize my national identity and feel a sense of belonging to my own country because I am a visible minority in here. From appearance to language, my everything shows where I come from. Nobody doubts that I am an Asian when someone looks my darked eyes, black-hair and yellow skin. I think that these features make me special. So, I decide not to change something that represents my national identity.

  2. I went to Gold Coast with Hoyt to met Danielle within the Easter break. I like natural and love to be with my friends. Going to Gold Coast makes my holiday brighter. When being with Danielle’s family, make me think of my own family back in Taiwan.

  3. Things always seem impossible until it’s done. Never give up on trying. The first step is the greatest step. If I never try, I will never find the way towards succeed.

    I am one of the most fortunate people in the world. I have enough food and clothes. I got a roof over my head and place to sleep. I can go to school. Think of the people who even cannot wear clothes that keep them warm, have proper education or enough food, what I defined as hardship may sometimes be not that difficult to overcome actually.

  4. These photos are my daily life as well as my passions and dreams, I have an open-minded personality and I am open to new experiences, challenges and tastes. The reason for me being so open to new experiences may be because I am coming from a rich background of different countries as well as religions, I moved around the world with my family ever since I was 1 years old, From China to Israel and Australia and I am sure that in my future life I will move to someplace else.

  5. Everyone can just live once and I understand that each one of us is unique. I do not need to follow other as we can break the rules, think outside of the box, and create our own amazing life. Don’t cares others comment as no one have the power to judge me except God. Keep in touch with nature. I can always inspirit by the nature. Open your mind and accept the things around you. Have a nice walk in country side with friends is good. Put down all the pressure and refresh yourself.

  6. This is photo of lord Ganesh, this picture represent me and my values. This photo shows my identity that I am from India and I connect with Hindu religion. It shows that I am very religious person I do start my day with prayer. It encourages me to do always right things.

  7. Time is fair to everyone. Smiling can make others happy so keep smiling. Distance cannot sparate love and friendship.

  8. I choose this “smile” picture on Thursday. It values my identity and lifestyle of my daily life. . I do believe breakfast is the most vital meal in the daily life. I get the strength from breakfast, which ensures me to exhibit strength and control every day. In my life, I focus on my health and happiness. So, the pictures of nutritious breakfast value myself as an energetic person. I believe that a wonderful breakfast could bring me a good start and delightful mood every day, which could bring happiness to me as well.

  9. I will travel more often to enhence knowledge and meet new people and create memorable things together. Life is short, I will follow my dreams and be 21 forever.

  10. A life without love will become lifeless,
    Love comes from a kind and caring heart.
    A life without faith will become meaningless,
    Faith comes from trusting our perfect God.
    A life without peace will become chaotic,
    Peace comes from a faithful heart.
    A life without happiness will become miserable,
    Happiness comes from positive attitudes.
    A life without knowledge will become fickle,
    Knowledge comes from learning.
    A life without travelling will become so narrow,
    Travelling comes from an adventurous heart.

  11. Keep that childish heart no matter what. See the world as simple as it is. Keep being yourself no matter what. Haters are everywhere even though you change yourself to suit others’ mind. So why don’t you just be yourself and be the one you appreicate.


  13. Those photos are taking by the way from my home to go to school, so I taking every image that I thought was beautiful. I like to take photo about the building and the natural environment.

  14. If you have not started living, start now. Take every opportunity while you can. If you are unhappy, do something about it. Be grateful for the good things in life and follow your dreams . Do what you love and love what you do. Nothing is possible unless you make it happen; laziness will get your nowhere. Get up and do something with your time. And most importantly, live every day like it’s your last.

  15. One of the most important things of Chinese people is daily meal. There is an ancient proverb says that peoples regard food as their prime want, and with the process of history. Food gradually becomes as an art and part of culture, I took 7 picture of my daily meals, and they all illustrate many meaning in it. Foods are not only a “food material” any more, it also illustrates love, relationships, memories, and more and more emotion hiding in it, and love is the most important element of a meal, in my life.picture is a meal made from my whole family, looks simple, but delicious.

  16. “Don’t forget to smile every day because I am the one who decides whether it is going to be a bad or good day!”
    “As long as there is hope, don’t stop believing in the impossible”.
    “I have got nothing to lose so just do what I want to do”.

  17. I start my day off with reminding myself that today is going to be another incredible and amazing day as usual. The reason why I do this is because when I say or visualize something positive before going out there is it makes me feel good and no matter what I will have to be working on or what I will be doing throughout the day, it just makes me feel that I have an interesting day ahead of me.

  18. The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday
    Life is full of setbacks. Success is determined by how you handle those setbacks.
    Live in the moment, not the past or the future.
    Strive for progress, not perfection.

  19. I was born with music and live with music. I believe that my entire life cannot be separated with it. It just likes a spouse always stand beside me. It also likes a bosom friend and a comforter, who always shares my happiness and expresses my sorrow.

  20. This is my best photo. It reminds me that no matter what your age is you can still have fun as long as you feel young at heart 😀 ~~

  21. I believe that in any situation, no matter if it’s difficult or easy, I will determined to finish all of the tasks or difficulties that I will face. I will take the risk of failing rather than not doing anything. Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough

  22. Structure of building is attractive thing for me, I always feel excited when I see the modern and unique buildings. I could make some simple model of building if I really like the feeling of the building.

  23. I do not have any religious because I only believe in myself. My dream is never stop. I will do everything possible to make my dream comes true. I want to be an interior designer and I also want to travel the world.

  24. The pencils and colors are present and natural like how they have been using in the drawing; I also really like to do some drawings, therefore, I think to do something that u like is very important to show your personality.

  25. This is the best photo i took to describle my characteristic. When I am working in a team, i will keep a positive attuide and be patient to listen to my teammates. Because i believe that people can learn from the other’s idea. Being a good listener and give my teammates positive energy is important for us to live with the other people.

  26. I believe in friendship as friends give me energy to carry on as a person who is away from his home for studying. I also always remind myself that I come here not only for friendships but knowledge. I will learn what I have wanted to learn since I discover my talent and improve it as perfect as I can in these years. I will not waste time and money of myself as well as my parent. To contribute the society, I will accomplish the goal as a photographer or possibly a filmmaker and to provide entertainment to the public.

  27. “To see the world, things dangerous to come to”, as myself, after I came to Australia and study in QUT, I keep fighting for my dream, I am working a part time job to earn as much money as I can, to afford me to travel somewhere, although it is harsh and exhausted, but when I look up the sky and see thousands of stars, all the hard time will swap away.

  28. ‘If you love something, and could do it despite of tiredness, or even do it for free, that MUST BE your future job’. I smiled, turned the lamp off, and went to sleep.
    The following day, I woke up, that was another change in me. I spent all day to make a clear thought about my dream job, what I really want to do even if I would never be paid or even I am fatigue. I had an intense feeling about game, and that was what I chose to work on.

  29. YOU HAVE A SWEET TOOTH THAT IS BEYOND HUMAN COMPREHENSION. Be mindful of how much dessert you eat cos you wouldn’t wanna have diabetes. Only go no more than twice a week (esp. to San Churro).

  30. “Reality of life” is happening around everyone, as beside how people can see through the things, photography could bring people to see how life is happening around us. Photos bring a topic which is “Life” as there are people doing different kind of jobs, putting themselves into different role of the society.

  31. I love the moment I am dancing. I love the moment I move my body with the music and express the feeling. I know this is what I like and I will insist on my dream in my future study.
    I will adopt and get used to these new things with optimistic attitude although it is quite hard when I first started. I will not escape from difficulties. Overcome them and challenge myself.

  32. This is the best photo i took to describle my characteristic. The rabbit sitting on the top of the bottle look forward and the area around him is extremely messy. Moreover, general knowledge of rabbit is it cannot live in the unhygienic environment otherwise it will die immediately. The structure of this image that I want to represent is a rabbit living in a place far from his hometown and he really missing his family so it looks forward and cries even though you just see him back with shadow. This image extremely representing my identity which is advocate freedom and homesickness.

  33. , I will be thankful to everything including some troubles I met, because I believe everything will turn to my precious memory. I will become an optimistic person, seeking happiness in the daily life, finding beauty in the tiny things, feeling the taste of joy.

  34. somehow one person’s identity is more like how others see you from their eyes. for me, i do not mind showing my weirdness or being considered as a weirdo, because everyone is weird in their own ways.

  35. This picture was taken on ANZAC day. I really do enjoy the moment that I am now living here in Australia my dream country of studying abroad. I was mind-blowed to be in that big ceromony, everything is like a dream come true.

  36. I think this is the best photo I took to describe my personality. Every time I see ocean, I think of my family and think the sea may come from my country, which seems my family is here with me and give me the strength to face the hardship in foreign land. In addition, no matter how difficult the situation is, I will not give up.

  37. I will be thankful to everything including some troubles I met, because I believe everything will turn to my precious memory. I will become an optimistic person, seeking happiness in the daily life, finding beauty in the tiny things, feeling the taste of joy.

  38. I will be thankful to everything including some troubles I met, because I believe everything will turn to my precious memory. I will become an optimistic person, seeking happiness in the daily life, finding beauty in the tiny things, feeling the taste of happiness.

  39. On that day, I saw the weather was blue and cloud weather. This is reminding me the greater thing to come and I want to live my life happy every day. This really identify myself is every day I want to live free and young and have many greater things to come.

  40. As I travel through our lives I encounter things that make me incredibly sad. It may be the death of a loved one or a broken relationship. I mourn and I cry and feel that life will never be the same again. That’s true that my life will never be the same because life is continually changing. So I cry and I feel sad but I do get over the sad times, I never forget but I do put them behind me. Sometimes hearing a sad song will bring it all back and I cry again, but crying is good, letting it all out is good it helps to heal.

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