Drawn Threads

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  1. When I was an EAP student, I met a challenge is that the one of assignment s I need to finish is oral presentation. This was my first presentation in my life. To be honest, I was little bit panic. However I had no choice in that time. To overcome this trouble, I insisted to practice my oral presentation again and again. Through the process, I acquired adaptability and attentiveness. Finally, I achieved high grade in my presentation. I brought this watch as my gift to commemorate this experience. When I push myself to do something I have to do, I learned insistence. I believe these abilities can help me a lot. Because in my academic study, I will meet many things I have to do. In this situation I do not have other choice. Nevertheless, these abilities can help to change the attitude to face these troubles. And I have a faith can help to overcome it. If I work in a team, these abilities can help me as well. As a team, we may meet some conflict, but because these abilities I have, I will become a coordinator to coordinate the relationship between each team member and solve this conflict.

  2. This calendar helps me to figure out the date, the tasks I need to complete and the incidents will occur in the future, which encouraging me to hang in there. Every time I look at it, I can feel future is not that far and tell myself to get ready for the challenges, difficulties and even hopes. Also, when I look back, I can find out how many things I have been overcome, which makes me feel energetic to prepare myself.

  3. Today i brought along this water bottle my mother gave me before i came here. You know, as an international student whose english is my second language, studying in Australia is not easy at all. My English is not so advance so it is quite difficult for me to adapt to this new environment when i first arrived Australia. In the first semester, i really struggled in writing and speaking in English but this water bottle gave me confidence. There is a Chinese idiom saying that when you drink water you should not forget where it comes from. I think this idiom is very meaningful to me. I always take this bottle with me whenever i am in school or hanging out with friends. This reflects my personal identity. So this bottle always remind me of my mother. The trust she gave me that build my confidence and the expectation she have on me to become a better person.

  4. This object represents my passion for drawing and being creative, every time I felt down or felt like disappearing I draw to calm myself and balance myself. My drawing are inspired by my surrounding and by the people as well. However, lately I have a problem with my creative drawings and paintings.. I can not think of anything that is creative, exciting or even inspiring for me. That is because of these 3 months of study, I have being putting all my effort into assessments and these 3 months have been repetitive, no excitements and nothing interesting for me to look at because I am constantly at home writing on my computer or at the lab trying to do everything on time. So this pink pen represents my looking forward for my holidays so I can travel around and be inspired again and take those inspirations into my new drawings and creations.

  5. 1. Few years ago, I had a terrible break-up that put me down to the deepest place on Earth. I lost my self-confidence and more importantly, myself. During that time, I could not study well nor did anything well because I was depressed over the issue. For other people, it may not be a big deal but for me it was. Every day I suffered emotionally and I could not sleep tight. My grade dropped dramatically and my family and friends were worried about my health as well. However, one day I woke up and realised that why I should be spending every day like that because it was pointless for doing so. It means that the person would have been happy if I was seen unhappy. Therefore, I stopped thinking about the past and moved on.
    2. I started to be optimistic and I set myself goals that I can achieve within the year in order to forget my past. I studied hard and hung out with my friends and family. I tried to smile and be happy every day and thought positively on every single perspective. At that time, I realised that everything happened for a reason and also a day without a smile will be a waste. Eventually, I gained many good friends around me and also received high grades for my academic.
    3. This experience shapes my personal identity by helping me find myself back that I have lost for a while. It also helps me to acknowledge about how a real world actually is and how to deal with depression. Thus, I will always think positive and motivated whenever I need to overcome hardships or challenges.
    4. This song reminds me the hard time that I have been through because the lyrics, somehow, really connects to my story and I kept listening to it at that moment.
    5. Being optimistic impacts significantly on me. For example, if I will face hardships or this kind of experience again, I would think positively and move on. For my academic future, it encourages me to study harder for chasing my dreams and for not giving up on anything. Optimism can also help me to encourage and motivate my team members to work successfully as a team.

  6. This wristband represents true friendship and hope for the future. After high school graduation, my best friend and I bought a couple of wristband together. She said wherever she would be in the future, she always be with me like this wristband. In the meanwhile, we promised that no matter how discouraging a situation is, we would be never give up and hang in there. I wear it every day. Afterwards, when I came to Australia to study further, I suffered from lots of trouble such as accommodation, study and even cooking. As a result, I felt fairly frustrated and once the thought that coming back my country came to my mind. However, I looked the wristband and felt she seems to accompany me and be with me all the time, which makes me full of hope and energy. I realised I must learn to face difficulties and keep holding on. This wristband that replaces my peer stay with me, gives strength to me. Furthermore, it reminds me of those old happy times with her and holding great hopes for the future. Due to this, I have been overcome many troubles and am willing to face difficulties. I cherish the wristband and this friendship.

  7. My object is this camera that I bought in Brisbane. Before I came to Australia, I love bringing my camera everywhere and take photo almost every weekend. But this ‘habit’ gone after I came here. When I first arrived, I felt super excited for new friends, new environment, new life style etc. After few months, everything became normal and it was just a routine. I even did not go out and just stayed at home watching my home country drama series.

    One day, I passed through a shop in city, which sells camera. I don’t know why but I just walked into the shop and kept looking at the camera. Finally, I decided to buy a camera and stop this routine. I want to see new things and have fun!

    After I got the camera, my life becomes brilliant again. I plan one day trip for myself on every weekend. Going outside of Brisbane to somewhere that I never been. I can feel that my imaginative skills come back or even improve. What I see through the lens is different from what I see through my eyes. It can help of exploring my idea, my innovative skills, and my attitude of life. Doing what I love can always build a better me!

  8. Time flies. I have already been in Brisbane for 8 months. I still remember before I came here, my friends always made jokes on me said that they were wondering how I could survive in Australia. Even my mum said this to me. Indeed, I used to a depend person who often relies on friends and family. This was also the reason why I chose to study abroad: to be independent. My object is sticky notes. I like to use them as they can help me to get rid of my bad habit which is I always need someone to remind me the things I need to do. Although somehow I am still a forgetful person, I have become much more independent who can take good care of myself in these months. Moreover, I also have changed from always need to be reminded to always remind people as it is my way to show love and care to the people around me.

  9. The challenge I’ve faced when studying to achieve my goal is time management. I have difficulties in managing my time for my studies that is because I have short attention span and often easily daydream of something else other than my studies. Therefore, when I start to lose my focus I motivate myself to study hard and have a strong determination to reach my goals. This object does affect my personal identities in terms of my work behaviour. Time managing is important in our everyday lives. Without it, we have probably wasted a lot of precious time and this will lead us unable to accomplish our goals. The phone alarm reminds me that when I started to daydream while revising my work I would look at the time left for me to revise and it would alert me to snap out of my “dream world” and finish up my revision. This time managing skill will definitely affect my personal and academic future in the form of completing my assignments and studying for exams. Moreover, it will also affect my ability to work in a team in terms of organizing my time to complete each task that is assigned to me in the group.

  10. The camera I bought in this semester seems a typical symbol of challenge. There are several stories happened on it. The first story is about the deep motivation I bought it, because of Photography. It is a challenge for me as I never ever think about buying a professional camera before until I started my photography in Creative Industries. I persuade myself to consider a long term interest that I may use it someday when I move to Faculty of Creative Industries. I know it’s a big investment to me. The second story is about Friendship. One of my friends got worried about our friendship because she dropped my new camera and cause a little damage. She managed to fix it several times but still with guilty. Compared to the camera with friendship, I tell both of us that camera just a stuff outside our body. It’s a thing money could get it. But friendship is a feeling and relationship inside our body. Nothing could destroy our friendship. I learned skills of Considerate, trustworthy and determination from this object.

  11. The object I have present is one of the artwork I have made in year 12, it is a clay heart cover with sad words. Every time when I look back this artwork I feel it is an important recoding to my life view. People say 21 century is the age of case; we are dealing with tragic in a daily basis. News and radios are reporting disasters and tragic each minute, it is hard to not image what it might happen when life come alone. I am also put an eye out from the unknowns, the same attitude I have also bring with me in to my work. In group working I also way be the bell ringer, I warred members about the on-going issues and future issues, to protect the group interest away from terrible. There are no way to avoid problem happen, but the better I believe people can do it to minimal it.

  12. My object is a pair of chopstick. Chopstick is a sample word with complicate meaning. It is a talent creative art work that there is a fable describe about chopstick, a hoary father called his sons of three stand in front of him when he going to died. Firstly, a chopstick on his hand is easy to fracture and then he just make many chopsticks get together and let his son broke it. Finally, no one can do it which mean two heads are better than one and unity is strength.

    For my experience, I have two brothers, both together arguments and fights every day. Only one thing we can unite to is face the common enemy or bully. I deeply appreciate this point, because if only one of us an oppressed individual power is rarely. In the other words, when we stand on the same front, the forces will be immeasurable. As a time go on, examples are happening around me that when I working for preparing assessment without any team mate support or creative idea is hand to figure out point of view. However, if all of us solitaries together, the great work would be produced in our team.

    To conclusion, United strength is incalculable, the individual strength weak also is a part of the indispensable , like chopsticks fable. In addition, chopsticks fable made me realize the importance of unity

  13. Game is not as bad as people think, perhaps some are but not the entire game industries. They say instead of playing game that would be worthier studying. In my opinion, playing game is a way of gaining skills and polishing intelligence. That is why I chose game to pursue, on top of that, I imagined that next-generation children could study at school through game titles and it would result in strong will of studying via games. Therefore, I am a gamer. Games taught me to be better as each genre requires different skills. Puzzle games need creative thinking and intelligence, adventure games are sometimes strategic and patient, shooting games require fast reactions and smart planning, etc. The first thing I could think about after having my first salary is a game console. I bought and did not even think, it did not matter how much was it. I felt relaxed holding it in my hand and I thought I could not go anywhere without bringing it with me. Some games give you intense feeling as you play, strong enough to change yourself. I learned that if you wish to change someone’s thought, the fastest ways are books, movies and games.

  14. When I came to Australia, I met challenge on meeting new friends and I felt nervous on studying. I always feel lonely in first two months. But this photo is a reminder to me to be brave and optimistic. This photo was taken the day before I left Hong Kong. My parents told me if I am lonely, I could look at this photo to remind myself that I still have them in Hong Kong. I am very lucky to get the chance to be here to study so I should use this chance well. Therefore, I always encourage myself to be more active and optimistic on meeting friends and studying.

  15. This object is one of the most appreciate thing I have never had.
    The outlook of the object is normal, the material of wristband is made by rubber. The color of the watch is black.

    Normally, I don’t have a habit to wear a watch because I am a person who is easy to left something and carefulness such like pencils, phones even my laptop.
    But I really treasure this one even it is a classic Casio digital watch.
    This watch is a gift from my sister, as she know I will go abroad to start my study life to get into university. She use her money which is earn from her part-time job.
    When she gave this to me at the airport, she wish I can manage my time well.
    Associated with study time and fun time. Be more serious to the life.

    Living alone in overseas is not easy as every thing in my life has changed, people living in here have different culture and saying different language.The meaning of this gift has touched my heart, whenever i feel tired, this watch can give me confidence, encourage me to be positive
    I will always keep those hope in the mind and I will never lose it.

  16. This model was the assignment when i studied in IES, and it is important for me. As a student in high school in china, we could not have our own idea for any homework because we have to follow requirements of teacher to finish homework, so there is no chance to show up how creative we are. When i came to Australia to study in IES, i got plenty of opportunity to put my own idea into assignment especially for the Architecture course. This model is different with others because i used special idea which is similar with LEGO, not just paste all the pieces of material together. Through the whole year of studying Architecture, i thought i became much more creative, and i enjoy with this change.

  17. My object that reflects a skill when I overcom a challenge is a electronic recoder. My first challenge after coming QUT is definitely barrier of language. Whenever I enter the lecture room, I was always under heavy pressure and nervous in order to listen lecturer’s speaking and announcement carefully. When I could not understand, I always ask to my freindly peers. It means I become more and more rely on others. To overcome this problem, I used to talk with my korean friend who is older than me and already experience same situation like me. And then, he has given me electronic recoder by saying “ you can do it with this recoder because I also had a difficulty in English, but I could overcome that difficulty using this recoder.” His words are graven on my memory. with his advice, I try to use that equipment whenever I attend the lecture for recording professor’s speech and my preparation for verbal presentation. Finally, I become confidence of english and independent person. Thesedays, I do not use this recoder, because I realise that when I use the recoder, I did not concentrate on the real lecture. i am relying on this equipment instead of peers. i will keep trying to become more independent person to pass all kinds of units successfully.

  18. This object reflecting my past experience and effort upon drawing. This book had brought to challenge and goal that edge me to learn how to draw since high school. Since I was young I found my interest in drawing. It inspires my heart to learn how to design, hand drawing and the sketching. Moreover, it improves my perspective and challenge to learn more about drawing and other things. In this journey of skill experience, it changes my lifestyle to be flexible, patience and calm when I am drawing or do anything. Through my personal value and interest can experience different change in the world with a small interest. This object is reminding me to do what you want to do and what do you like the most.

  19. The object of mine is an universal plug adapter. it represented the time when i came to Australia. i think it is a very huge challenge when a person try to leave her or his family and friends behind and go to another country to study. it would be very hard for everyone including me to be brave enough to go to a place with a whole new culture and life style. however, to overcome this, we shall be a universal adapter because we have to adjust our ways of living to suit and be adaptive on the new environment. this is not the only situation that we need to be adaptive, for example, when we finish university, we need to start working in the industries, we still need to change our ways of behavior to suit employers’ expectations. For me, it took me a fairly long amount of time to be comfortable with the life here in Brisbane or maybe i’m still trying but i’m sure somethings have changed in me, at least, more mature and more independent.

  20. My object is the MAC laptop. This laptop has a huge meaning for me. Since I was still studying in my high school, I dreamed to own one Mac laptop for myself. Not just until the very few days before I packed all the thing and was ready for the new journey to Australia, my dad made that wish come true. Personally, this laptop is a bestie and can-not-live-with-out property. To be more specific, I could surf the Internet, write down some plain and spontaneous “dairy” or create my own ringtone by this laptop.
    Furthermore, this laptop is the “witness”, a friend with me since the very first few days when I came to Brisbane. Thanks to this laptop I could connect and Skype with my parents. And then after that, tears, me and the lap….
    However, time seems to run extremely fast. It is already over half of the next semester that I am doing. I still remember the small “reward” that Michelle gave us for a hard-working day: a butterfly sticker. That butterfly I did sick it on my lap and its just like a timeline to remind myself that: “Run quicker, go faster and work harder”.
    Everything is just like a wind fly fly and fly and just like that butterfly. Its nearly a couple of months that all of us will hope to go to a whole new world, namely Faculty. I just really hope that all of us could “freaking” reach the dream, stay on the top of the world and scream out loud: “Hooh yeahhh”
    And just also for me, I hope I could make my dream come true, to be a PR manager who give the wings of others’ wedding plans and events fly high. As such, with my lovely MAC lap, I think I can create everything that I want to as a practice for my future career.

  21. The thing I want to share is SuDOKU. I like playing this small game even I am totally not a rational thinker. This game for me it’s more than just bringing me satisfactions that comes with solving one by one. The road to the completement is not always a straight one. I went down the wrong roads sometimes, I got lost, but I could turn back to the very first try. There always by disappointments and I just can’t be emotionally tired to all of them. I just need to break them which keep weighing me down. I believe that it always seems impossible until it is done.

  22. Kid Abraham used to draw and create a lot of artsy stuff before high school. But when he got into this “science high school” back in the Philippines, somehow this passion slowly and unconsciously slipped away. He proceeded to graduate high school and thought to himself, “What’s the most creative yet smart-sounding degree to go into?” Somehow someway he came to the conclusion that the only degree that fit into this is engineering. After 3 semesters of engineering, he realised that he was not where he wanted to be. The Kid Abraham inside him resurfaced and he remembered what he really loved to do — drawing. This process of rediscovering himself and learning to be honest to himself is represented by his “little black notebook of random stuff.” In this little black notebook is the culmination of his 2 loves: writing & drawing. Kid Abraham has one thing to say to Present Abraham and to you, reader, “Come back to your first love. :)”

  23. Life is like a story, to feel and to learn through out the story of us. My object is just simple thing “PEN”. the reason i chose this to be the object of this project is because, it can demonstrates my story in Australia, when you look at inside the pen, you can see a ink inside it, which is like a life bar of the pen. The life days of a pen is depends on how much you put your effort in, every times, when you use the pen, you are like writing your story, mark down the most beautiful things in your life or you may spend overnight to fight with the assessment. Sad, the life of the pen is becoming shorter without doubt, you can see the hard surface of the pen is full of scars, although the fact is sad but it still a happy ending, the pen is doing it’s job, to write down the mind of the user, to write a stunning story, the most important is, its death shows your life and story is beautiful and magnificent. it gave me a lesson of Perseverance. Life is cruel, but also stunning and beautiful, so no matter how difficult it is, CHASE YOUR LIFE AND MAKE IT REMARKABLE !

  24. This zipper is the object that reflect a skill I need to build for my future. It is a fastener for locking two toothed edges together which also indicate a visal presentation of cooperation for me. I used this skill to reach a interesting goal  when I was in my secondary school. In that experience, the use of coorperation skills was shown essential to work in an group activity. My classmates and I planned to order some milk tea in school without telling it to teachers. So, we have to set up a plan and assign different missions for each of us in order to get the drinks secretly. This is an exciting and memoreable experience to remind me the use of cooperation and how is it important to work in a team. I believe this skill will be very useful in my future study and career while I have to cope with others. This also represent my persoanl identity that human is hard to work individually  because of the limitation of onself.

  25. I used to a person who only feels alright in my confort zone. I used to want to have an easy life with making decision based on ‘safety’. I chose to study Graphic design because I thought that would be one thing I might good at, the only thing. And I’ve been familiar with photos, paintings and photoshop since I was in grade 9 in high school. Therefore, studying this in uni would be easier for my to get through, compared to other majors. Then I decided to go abroad to study, intentionally to get myself out of that confort zone. I am somehow doing it.
    This photograph was taken in a short trip to Gold Coast. I found this place when I was going to Gold Coast airport last year. I made a promise to myself immediately that I would be there soon! I didn’t know the name of this, just sort of remember its position on the bus way. In the sem-break, I tried to get there and explored such a massive cliff, unexpectedly. It was really great and unforgettable. I then realised that doing new things is much more excited and fulfilled myself. This also turned me to another ‘version’, who always tries to aim higher. Actually I’ve been dreaming of being a producer for a long time. But I thought it doesn’t suit me as a career.
    Being in Australia has changed me positively. I’m considering of changing my major from interactive and visual design to music production of sort of that. This journey has discovered myself in a way, which is way awesome!!!

  26. Ashes of time, time after time.
    Time pass as quick as fly, as sudden as accident. Once realized, it is already nearby the end of this semester.
    During the last couple of months, there is so much things have going on & on & still on. Well, bad times, good times, time after time, circle around circle, still alive, thx to god some how some reason some way managed to here, however, whatever, just thx & always be thankful.
    Haven’t pick up pencil & drawing anything for a long while, properly one decade or more. However, some how 4 god knows reason, start drawing again after picked up pencil couple weeks ago during the end of this semester, which is the most positive thing & cheerful progress I’ve achieve or made so far so long in the last 10 moths.
    Well, something sometimes some reason may be still& always be there even u thought that u forget, unfortunately or fortunately it is always there & never gone away.
    Anyway, in this episode of drawing, I’m still glad& grateful of the way back. It is really help me lots not only in the creative study journey, but also in my personal life. & looking forward to drawing more & hopefully it could help me get more positive changes& result in the future study & life.

  27. Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. But its my choice to choose how I feel. Sometimes I win, sometimes I learn. That’s why sometimes I enjoy, sometimes I scream. For me, it is beyond doubt that studying in such a vibrant and thrilling city is my great pleasure. I enjoy living in Australia very much.

    I think the The first step that I study creative industries is to lose my fear of being wrong. Having perseverance and determination, together with willingness to be shown during study, I can for sure have some creative in my life.

    Although the education system puts a lot of pressure on me, it is a general truth in my life. When I was facing the challenge, I told myself I should not blame the system and feel sad. Regardless of what the obstacles in this life may be, I will run my race to the best of my ability. I tried to face my fears and wipe my tears to take courage to overcome any challenge. Once time I lost my way and I want to give up because of study and peer pressures I cannot handle well. A teacher Michelle said to me ‘ You were born to be real, not to be perfect. No one is perfect.’ After her encouragement, I pick up myself and be stronger than yesterday. I must face tomorrow whatever it may hold, with determination, joy and bravery and start my work again. “Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration” This is a phrase always on my mind from an inventor Thomas Edison As being hard-working is my responsibility as students. I ought to thing broadly and feel delighted that I enjoy such an education with good quality, which is not always granted.

    Behind every scene, there lies a story. I am proud of being myself. I hope all of you can cherish what you get and stop and look around once in a while.

  28. I had tough years when I was in primary school in Beijing, because my parents thought the big city better than our small town. However, the “big city people” didn’t welcoming me. I was really sad and miss home that time, and I felt so lonely. My school is a boarding school and i couldn’t go home everyday which was helpless. But i found something that i really loved – drawing. I didn’t have any friends that time, so i was thinking maybe i would find some little hobby to do. I really like animation which i enjoy and it brings me happy. Therefore, i thought i just tried to skeching like them, and i found this is very fun and makes me happy. This is my object – autopen, I learned to be strong, to be indpendent and to be happy. This is more important than any other things, like I don’t need to be sad for the people who are no worth for. Maybe they don’t like me, but I am who I am.

  29. The object I chose is the music score of the Japanese pop song “Hanabi”. (The word “Hanabi” means firework). This song is saying, “There always be something seems impossible to do but we still need to try our best to attempt in order to leave no regret.”

    I am really touched with this song. I dreamed to be a pianist since I was small. However, after getting some failure in some competitions, I lost my courage to dream on because I saw there were so many people played much better than me. There was a period of time that I stopped to practice because I thought that no matter how much efforts I pay on it, there must be some people playing better than me.

    Recently, I met a girl in Brisbane. She introduced this song to me. After listening to this song, I realize that I was wrong. I found out that I should not ask for reward before paying efforts. “There always be something seems impossible to do but we still need to try our best to attempt in order to leave no regret.”

  30. As you can see, this is a power bank which can help us to recharge our electronic hardware when they are out of battery. Like my life, sometimes i feel stressed and tired, i will give myself a rest to refill my energy.

    When i was young, someone told me’ a rest can help us to walk more far away.’ I believed it doubtlessly. In my life, there is lots of sadness and disappointment has even been happed. I will let myself to have relaxation or crazy in order to release my negative energy and manage the sadness. A rest can help me to recharge my power when i am weak. People cannot always live with a tough attitude because it will cause a strong pressure which is not healthy for us. Appropriate pressure can push ourselves forward and advanced ourselves. Powerbank living attitude makes me having a joyful life.

  31. My camera has been there with me through ups and downs of life. Capturing moments through lenses is one of the goals that I have as a photographer.

    When I was young, my parents almost had a divorce. I was stressed out and didn’t know what to do until six months later. My heart was like sad and brokenhearted. My parents told me to do something that can make me happy, all I can think of at that time was to take pictures that is meaningful and makes me happy. Until I was in senior high school, it was at the time I realised that taking pictures is my passion. Capturing moments that are joyful and sorrows, something that is meaningful to myself and other people. It reflects my identity as a person to be more creative and be more imaginative.

  32. Computer is a thing that collaborating my personal story. Few years ago, I broke up with my boyfriend because he hanged up with my best friend. I though that was the end of the world and feel so upset and despair, and then I started to play computer games and watch animate. It opened a new world to me. It is different to the real world; I can do whatever I want in computer games and animation world. I found that I feel really relax when playing computer games or watching animate. I can release those negative emotional by winning in online game and bit those rivals who want to against me. I gain a lot of confidence from playing computer games. I felt that I am not alone. I have teammate playing with me and they can carry me. I also felt happy when an animate story has a happy ending because it is different to my experience. Although I don’t have a good story in the real world, but it is always a happy ending in the animation even it is sometimes difficult during the story. I feel really happy for them when I see everyone has a good happy ending.

  33. My story is about my mobile phone.
    Two years ago, I broke up with my love. I felt really sad that time. Even I cannot find any hobbies I can be interested in. I just remember that I just eat&sleep did the same things everyday. I thought that maybe my life has no direction already. I tried my best to find something I can focus on or be interested in to pass time. I think I need to do something to record living tips. So I pick my phone up and took a selfie. And then I take the photos about the food I ate, the weather I like and something else almost everyday. I find this is really a great channel to skill time and to give worthy memory for myself. Now I feel relaxed and peaceful.

  34. My physical object is a necklace with a goat shape, which is a present from my mother. Before I received this present, I have already check this out on the website and trying to find it in Taiwan. However, Taiwan hasn’t imported any jewelry product for this brand.

    As our family habit, we went to Germany for our family trip in the end of the year. In the last day of the trip, my mother gave me this necklet and reminds me “u are a man now, I won’t blame or hit you anymore. The only thing I want u to do is to be safe, work hard, try ur best and never give up. “ Moreover, I have been studying oversea for four years, when the time that my mother is not beside me, this necklace would remind me all the time by the warning that given from my mom.

  35. This is an object about a friendship between me and my friends. We have been knew each other since we are in 10 years old, we became best friend and we used to meet each other. However, she pass away three years ago because of lung cancer. This is the only gift she gave me and I thought this is also the only object I can remember how we talk each other, how we kept our friendship together and how we solve problem together.
    I hope she will remember how I miss her and the coin wallet.

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