A sample of your Creative Work from Assessment 2

Instructions: Please insert your selection of your Creative Work and a brief reflective explanation in the comment box below, approximately 50-75 words.

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21 thoughts on “A sample of your Creative Work from Assessment 2

  1. ‘Discover something old and make it new.’
    This program is about taking something old you have and remake it into something new. It might be the pair of jeans that take space in your closet but you love them too much to get rid of them, why not make them into a cool jeans skirt?
    People are becoming more aware about second hand clothes and that it is good for the environment and the wallet to recycle cloths. People have awareness about the second hand process but not the knowledge to recycling their own clothes.

    This is a sample of my Creative Work and this text explains briefly what my pitch is about and what the idea of my tv show is.

  2. creating business card is my creativ work. This activity enable me discover my talents by making business card putting my avatar, which I designed to represent my identity.

  3. this is one of the photos i took. It is a big challenge for me because i did not try to use 3 hors to finish one photo. And I did not expect i can finish all photos.

  4. From the creative work, I learned the value of creativity. I needed to think the ways that everyone can understand about the message I want to present. Also, I know the creative process of mine. I will do the research on Youtube before I start to do the creative work. I can find much inspiration from the Video clips.

  5. From the frozen food aisle to the assorted fresh foods, working in a supermarket could either be really boring or really fun. Set in Poughkeepsie, New York— the city that never sleeps— meet 5 supermarket clerks who spend their nights as “graveyard shift” workers. This is a comedy based mockumentary, documenting the life of these graveyard shift workers. We’ll follow them around on their ‘nine to five (am)’ jobs and see how they deal with the city’s night owls.

    As it is a comedy, a pun is used in the title by replacing the word ‘graveyard’ to ‘gravy’. This is used to create a more humorous approach for the show and taking away the ‘dark’ incentive the word graveyard has. Furthermore, the word gravy is related to the work field and delivers the show concept well: light-hearted, fun and delicious. It’s all gravy.

    This is a sample of my creative work which was a TV pitch for a mockumentary called “Gravy Shift”

  6. In the world of creativity, there are many intelligent photographers who do impressive projects. I spent a lot of time deciding what kind of photography I should do. At the point, I had a feeling that I didn’t want to follow what they did and I want to create something totally new. However, I could not because my skills are still developing and felt not confident enough in my abilities . I spent a long time to think of something new I could do, but in the end I decided to create Parallax photography inspired by Joe Fellows of Make Production. The depth and the movement give regular 2-D images more meaning and content.

  7. I have been looking many imagines of Nick Wooster’s styles which I planned to put on my paper doll. He is the inspiration that I want my paper doll to wear my paper adult outfits Children are always dressed by their parents. They may not want to dress such a Disney character of t-shirt on their body, so we can try formal suits on the children. After I have done this creative work, I would have gained a wonderful experience of practicing fashion. All the processes I would have done are becoming the bases of my creativity.

  8. Studying mass communications would involve using many different mediums, and enveloping a numeral amount of my interests into one, which is what I chose to do for my creative work. Mass communication reaches out to people through transmitting information in many different and unique ways. I decided to merge film photography, digital photography and graphic design into one for my creative work.Everything that comes our way throughout our lives is in its own way, creative and I tried to portray this in my creative work.In my creative work, I wanted it to represent all aspects of who I am which includes all of my interests, personality, skills, and values. Growing up in an extremely diverse home as an only child, has made asking questions and constantly observing minute details in the people around me a daily “task”. This formative experience has allowed me to observe and ask questions about myself, instead of those around me. It influenced me by enabling me to observe not only who I am now, but who I think or want to be in the future, and what “is to come” in my life.

  9. I used a new method of painting which I have never tried to do before. That is the first thing I challenged myself by painting by fingers all. Also, using Acrylic colors was my first time, thus I had no experience and the outcome was slightly different from my expectation. I drew my mom, she is my motivation for studying here, my value in entire life and my inspiration since I was very young. I made this to show my appreciation to her.

  10. this is one of my reflective assessment, I took this photo in shanghai and the girl is my friend. This is a film photo and I mix some sea creatures with photoshop.

  11. It has a view of “If there is no free speech, every single life has lived in vain”. With visual impact, this illustration refers to the censorship system in China; it simply reflects the factual circumstance in real world network environment.

  12. This creative work was influenced by one of the many characters that have inspired me and drawn me to the animation field. This creative work was inspired by the short animation film “Paper Man” by Disney, the story of this film is a love story from the 50’s, this old love is my fantasy and the female character was so heart warming to me that I wanted to create a character that is similar to her.

  13. https://soundcloud.com/adacci/i-knew-you-were-apologizing

    I discovered that I have underestimated my creativity. I can work better than I think. My motivation comes from my passion of producing music. My creativity can reach further if I try to do something new. Moreover, I discovered that I can always do better and complete work efficiently when I am alone. In completing my artwork, one of the challenges that I found I had a hard time overcoming is the professional skills required for editing digital music.

  14. this creative work recorded Creative Industries students every smiles and their thinking at that moment. Creative is the relevant communication bridge between the brand and its target audience and present a selling idea in an unexpected way. Everyone is unique, including their thinking. So i choose to ask the question is ‘ what are you thinking at this moment?’ This is a simple but meaningful question for me to understand their thoughts.

  15. All my passion for my dream job, for my future, even for myself is to bring the ever ever after happy ending for everyone! I have always dreamed of having a fascinating wedding with my true love. I often imagine and think about how my wedding in the future would be hold and who could satisfy my expectations on that gorgeous event of my life. Then I suddenly think why cannot be me? Why don’t I try do be an event manager, so that I could also prepare unforgettable weddings for my best friends and of course either myself.

  16. For the creative work I decided to challenge myself by trying my hand on making a typography poster for the sentence “These are but the cost of adventure.” I thought that this would be a suitable creative work because this will probably something that I would be doing as a visual designer. I don’t exactly know where I got the sentence from or if I came up with it myself but it suddenly popped in my head when I was looking for a sentence to illustrate. I believe that it’s a very apt and foreboding description of my already ongoing journey in the creative industries.

  17. Did you have any change just from an instant thing?
    Like you suddenly admired a star just because of a movie,
    Or you had a dream of becoming an artist just after you enjoying a
    thought- provoking artwork.
    Or like me?
    Accidentally broke into the fashion word just from a brand.
    Never turn back.

    Art chasing Life, as Life chasing Art.
    Like Fashion chasing me, as I’m chasing Fashion.


  18. tattoo is a part of fashion, it also reveals our personality. Every tattoo tells us a story from that person, it’s meaningful. When tattoo comes with fashion, its another story. It enhance our appearance and personality.it is also a kind of art. I love this piece because simple clothing with tattoos is already an art.

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