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Instructions: Please insert a selection of your Assessment 2 Reflection in a comment box below, approximately 75-250 words.

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  1. I realised after writing my pitch that I really enjoyed it and this was something I would love to work with. Everything started with an idea and developed into a real pitch and it was easier for me then I had thought to write the pitch. For the first time in my life I was sure what I was meant to do and work with, my calling in life is to be a producer and I would never had realised that if it was not for the task to write a creative work, which was my pitch. The process of my creative work was easy for me because I decided really fast what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it. I read through an example pith to get more inspired and it helped me a lot. I realised that I got a really good flow while writing the pitch and I kept writing without even realising that I was done with my pitch really fast. The flow of writing my pitch was the best thing of my process and it helped me a lot.

  2. Since I haven’t done it before, everything seems new and strange to me. This is the most challenging part for my creative work. I need to search how to do ‘mash-up’. Hence, it is hard to learn new thing in such short period of time. Furthermore, the reflective writing is hard for me as I have not written reflective writing before. In my opinion, it is harder than what I think. It is stated that we cannot write in an informal way but we need to use “I” to write it. It is difficult for me to write an article between academic and personal way.

    This is my motto on this assessment, “To be creative and try no matter what.” I always feel worried and afraid of trying something new. However, after finishing the creative work and the reflective writing, I realized that I cannot always think “inside the box”. We should think “outside the box” and discover more innovatively.

  3. I have also created new things since I was a child. Some people express their thoughts through music, literacy or dance. I ask myself what I used to create.
    Having reflected on my past experience, I have realized that I was always interested in drawing. When I encountered some advertisements created by Je-Suck Lee, who is renowned for his creative promotional materials in Korea. It was a turning point in my life, where I eventually began to believe in myself. Without no more hesitation,I decided what career I would pursue in the future. Due to Lee, I began to reflect on what I would be eager to do in my future and what the pursuit of my dreams would be.
    strong influence

  4. Before presenting, I wasn’t as nervous as I usually was because I have slowly begun to feel more comfortable speaking in front of the people in the class, as I got to know them better.
    After the presentation was over, I felt relieved as usual but also more confident, however adamant about how I ended the speech. I think I did well in enunciation and expression. I tried to make sure the audience knew when I wanted to emphasize something and I tried to use appropriate hand gestures when needed, without just ‘flailing my arms around’’. I managed to do the majority of the speech without glancing at my notes too many times. I think my volume has also improved as well as I tried to make sure that even the people in the back of the room could hear me.
    In the future, I will need to practice more without palm cards and a lot more than just 2 times to make sure the timing is just right. I ended up having to rush towards the end because I ran out of time, whereas when I practiced it was just the right amount of time. In the future, I could also improve my pace because I tend to rush towards the end of my presentation, which didn’t allow me to “finish strong” as my voice trailed off. I learnt that I usually start off my speech quite strong, but towards the end I always “fade” away, which is something I need to work on. I learnt that even though I can be nervous before a speech it always ends up alright and I surprise myself with how much confidence I actually portray during the speech (whether or not its genuine at first)

  5. I learn about myself such as values which I have not thought about before. I did not think about what are my values. I knew that I like photography but I never think about my creative process. From this assessment, I know that I like using google to do research for my creative work, and try people’s skills to improve my skills.
    I discover that I like photography more than what I expect. I thought I choose to study interactive and visual design is because I like editing photo. But actually I chose it is because I like editing my photo. Therefore I will not give up on photography.
    I have not tried this skills to take a photo before and I have to try a lot of time to finish one photo. I stood for at least two hours to finish one photos. Before that I just like to take photo with birds, it was like 7 photos in a second to capture their movement. Doing this creative work I need patient.

  6. Before writing the reflective journal, I was so confused what I should do and what I want to be. Also, I had a question that what I really want to do in the future and I even did not know who I am. During the process of creative work, I was realised I want to be an advertising designer helping people (donation) and I am a passionable person. Also, it is an opportunity to know my past life.

  7. Life is short and it should be full of joy. After completing the mind-map and self- map, I have begun to understand myself more. I have realized how desperately I want to study in the Entertainment Industry. I have chosen it to be part of my life. Moreover, through this travel album which was the creative work I made, I discovered my passion for exploring the world. I like to share the joyfulness that I had experienced when I was travelling with others.

    The most important message behind my creative work is to remind people to never stop chasing their dreams, no matter how big or small they are. Sharing happiness and spreading positive thoughts are motivations for me to chase my dream.

  8. When I was young, I never really quite knew what I wanted to be. I’ve always had many interests but I could never decide which one to pursue. The future always scared me because I knew that things were uncertain, so I did not want to fixate on primarily one thing. I wanted to be a lot of things, be different people, and travel different places. That was always the dream. However upon this kaleidoscope of interests, one thing stood clear: creativity. You see, I’ve always been interested in every creative aspect I encountered. I love writing, I love painting, and I love music. I just love getting lost in my own artistic endeavors. From a young age until now, whenever I feel bored my natural instinct would be to draw. To put it in Vaske’s theory (Vaske in Fox, 2013), I am creative because it gives me joy, individuality, regression and it is my natural reaction to boredom. In this journey I began to see that I’ve always been a creative person. This was certain, but I could never shake off the feeling that remained, that uncertainty. To this day, I’m still in this journey and I’m still figuring out my way around this creative world.

  9. The challenge I had when I was doing my creative work was trying to learn a new technique of photography. I was researching what I should do and I was trying not to copy others footsteps. However, at last, I discovered “Parallex” that really fascinated me since I never thought of making a still image moving. I realize the importance of invention and I want to invent something that other never think of. But one question raised to my mind, should I master my skills before inventing things or should I do them at the same time? Maybe passion is the thing I need to most in this stage that pushes me.
    It will be an adventure, a long journey, as Josephine said. In the economic oriented world that full of commercials and money, people who strive their best to support and do art which they love and passionate, are the communities that are the most respectful and priceless. We can’t imagine a world without culture, without art and without passion and love. They not only provide entertainment but positive energy.
    Finally, I hope all of us have a smooth adventure in the future and be a person who we desire to be.

  10. Reflect on Assessment 2:
    • What did you learn about yourself? Your creativity?
    There are many things that I found out after completing this assessment. Firstly, motivations can be from simple things in my normal life. In the past, I tended to be the person who never finishes a project that he started, unless it has to be summited to get scores or another reasons. But from doing the assessment 2, I realized that truly passionate in doing something can encourage me to make it done, beautifully and proudly. In addition, always challenging myself helps me to advance my abilities and discover something that I thought I could not do. Another fascinated point that I found while doing this process is that I can be inspired by my mood or others’ emotions. That is also what I value most in my creativity. An artwork is great if it inspires, touches or reveals an expressive message. Additionally, music is one of my unconditional factors to create an artwork. A familiar place to me such as my favourite coffee houses, my best friend’s room or some memorial out door habitations are where I feel comfortable to create something I like. I do refer to create and complete my creativity right after having the ideas. But when I was in the process of painting this artwork, I had to stop because I had to do the part-time job at night. It caused some problems for me and for my partner as well. Also, teamwork is a new aspect in my creativity, hence, there was also a small conflict. As you know, Joann’s creative work combined many different stories of CI students including me. We planned carefully for the first day working together but I and her had to arrange another day to complete the process. In fact, it was out of her expectation and it affected to her schedule. Eventually, we tried our best to solve this struggle and finish it.
    • Did you discover anything new unexpected or surprising? About yourself and/or your peers?
    I supposed to emerge the contrast between different tones of colours and I thought it’s not difficult to do it by fingers. But in fact, it’s harder. I tried my best to adapt this situation, but finally, I couldn’t make it as what I expected. Moreover, stop motion needs to have same direction of light, shadow and position. But we did it in 2 different days, therefore, Joann’s work was not perfect as she expected as well. It was my false and I feel really sorry about that.
    • What did you find challenging?
    Initially, I challenged my self to do something I haven’t done before, as well as create something not familiar to me. I found out that doing something new that I’m interested in is always inspired and encouraged me to do it, and try to do it better.
    • What advice would you give yourself for the future?
    Currently, I’m doing 365-project (1 photo each day in a year) to maintain my patient in doing something. It’s a challenge for me in 2014 but it’s likewise excited to do. An advice for myself is: keep challenging myself to do better or do something new.
    • What advice would you give your peers to help them reach their creative Goals?
    Finding a special motivation with inspirations will be my advice for my peers to finish their creativities.

  11. I discovered that I have underestimated my creativity. I can work better than I think. My motivation comes from my passion of producing music. My creativity can reach further if I try to do something new. Moreover, I discovered that I can always do better and complete work efficiently when I am alone. In completing my artwork, one of the challenges that I found I had a hard time overcoming is the professional skills required for editing digital music.
    I will advise myself to keep on creating more sounds in the future that keep my innovation growing. Only if you keep creating something will you get another inspiration from the work you are making now. I will advise my peer to do the same thing that is to keep creating and drawing in order to improve his skills and get inspiration. In my opinion, I think that he can also look at more artworks and appreciate them in order to get more inspiration from others’ artworks.

  12. “My inspiration came from various places, people and times in life, since a very young age I was inspired by the views that has surrounded me, from the views in China and Israel to the beautiful views in Australia. I always longed to travel the world and explore my own self, but when I realised it can be quite hard to travel the whole world with so little of money I decided to draw them and imagine I was there, traveling and seeing every place in the world. However, the most inspirational thing that has affected me and my creative self is my art teacher from middle school. She was not like any other teachers, she was different and she was also a good friend to talk to. She would always let me explore my own self and draw whatever I only wanted and from those drawings she would guide me. At that time my mind was open and a lot more creative then nowadays; I was flowing with creative work and enjoyed every second of it.”

  13. As human-beings, I think many people feel really nervous before delivering a presentation whether is short or long. So did I last time when we had a rhetorical analysis presentation. Before running to my turn, I tried to breathe deeply, kept calm and took it easy so that I could do my best and made it brilliant. I also tried to imagine about the charming and lovely faces of my friends after finishing my part. The reason why I did that was to make the world, the atmosphere be real. Consequently, I would be able to face with the nerve. And then it was my turn.
    Because I went through the presentation with my partner, so I think we did well in terms of timing. By this I mean, at first, we were used to run out of time and we could not fix that until we changed and edited the script for several times. However, in order to improve my presentation skills in the near future, I think I should go deeper to the content of the speech. As can be seen, I might have more persuasive oral presentation delivering to my teacher as well as my fellows.
    Certainly, after experiencing each assessment, I have gained for my-self various lessons. Particularly, I have learnt how to connect and have an effective collaboration with partners, how to organise a speech together. And more important thing was that I now know more about rhetorical speech.

  14. Never have I reflected upon how the universe has conspired to place me in thecreative industries. The repercussions of minute decisions, as simple aschoosing one book over another, have never occurred to me— barring fictionaltales and the likes, of course — as one that could forever determine a person’sdestiny. But as the following evidences will attest to, it is foolish at the least todiscount the ripples that follow even from the most insignificant of actions

  15. I like making videos about various things, and love putting together photos and short clips into something that tells a story. This time my creative work is making a video which is about peers’ dream, actually it is what they deeply enjoy doing by heart. It is more like an interview. I was intrigued by what to do, taking photos and videos all around the school during days to finish my creative work. My inspiration comes from movies and back to movies. Before I took all the video, I have many expectations, but when it went to actual process, which is hard to complete. The challenge of creating a video with no script that often need to figure out how to begin, to know where a scene should start and where it should end. Although I have a clear blueprint in my mind, I still need to explain to the actors, my friends. They would ask me questions about the scene until we just had to start shooting. Improvisation is really exciting to shoot, to hear what they will say, and the most challenging is finishing shooting and editing all by me. I shot a lot to look through because my plan involved several jump cuts, as a result, I did spend a large amount of time on editing. In the future I would like to experiment more with comparing the effect I want and the result I could do to improve myself.

  16. After the creative work and reflection, I learned one thing called clarity.
    At the moment I completed my work, I suddenly feel a strong power of accomplishment.
    I suddenly discover my values and motivations from my creative work.
    I find that I am willing to spend 5-6 hours to enjoying my creative work, to reveal my innovation.
    This is my first time to use just 3 markers to finish the whole work, because I want to express that simple black, white, and grey can still present the beauty of the world.
    When I share my creative work with my peer, I’m surprised of one sentence from my peer, “I can see your personality in your creative work. How can you put the personality in that?” Suddenly, I feel that it deserves to spend hours and energy to enjoy the work.
    I did that, it’s my work. I will try more challenge and more various methods to express the different effect.
    Finally, I want give an advice to my peer, “Just don’t give up. Anything is too early to give up.” His creative work is film, and he did it very well. But the work wasn’t finished, and he stopped. I want him to continue, at least have an ending of the film.

  17. During the process, I found my strengths and weaknesses. My strength is easy to come up with new ideas with the actual action. Since I discovered when I don’t have a model, I can draw on myself and I found that is better to draw on myself because I can draw whenever I like when my inspirations come. And I thought I could not draw so much on my leg but at last I did it because I love drawing which I almost forgot the time when I started my artwork.

    Lastly, I think my artwork makes me understand more about myself and makes me being myself. It shapes my personality. And I still hope that I can proof to people that being ourselves is important and be confident on what we want to wear because we are Unique and we are what we think we are.

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