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21 thoughts on “Mood Board

  1. A mood board for me is a board with a lot of inspirational text and pictures. The inspirational words helps me to stay motivated and it makes me happy and gives me the feeling of power when I read them.

  2. This mood represents my creative work and it gave me a lot of inspiration and passion as well to complete mt creative work, which motivated me to keep doing and chaing my dream. When i look back until now, i can see the passion when i was doing it. It really motivates me to continue.

  3. My mood board represents my unique style I pursue to show my creative skill and thinking in the future career using glitter pictures. Like firelies glow in the dark, I want to create glow works among other normal things. I also put cartoon character ,which is well known as successful case in my country, on glitter picture because my final goal is to light worldwide childrens’ future by creating bright character. Moreover, the success of these cartoon in the world stimulus me not to give up to make creative character even though I am born in poor environment in order to work as a designer.

  4. My Mood board is a compilation of words, phrases and photographs that inspire me and describe who I am and my interests. Looking at it, brings me a sense of calmness, encouragement and motivation.

  5. Thoese photos are taken by the photographer which inspired me a lot. I want to try the skills he used in all photos. I found that it is difficult. Although i am not going to study photography, i want to try more different photos to improve my photography skills.

  6. The moodboard is about charity that helps the poor people who do not have money, clothing, food, water or etc. I am really interested in helping other people who need a help from us. These advertisings provide me a passion and a responsibility to announce the other people that there are still many people who are suffered by disaster or even no opportunity to overcome these terrible situations.

  7. The pictures in the mood board are pictures I have used in my creative work. After I finished this mood board, I have also set it as the background for my lap top as it is a small record of my travelling experiences. This mood board has fully expressed my passion and dedication in do the things I love to do. Again life is short, we should enjoy life but not waste life.

  8. The mood board I created reflects upon the main ideas that appear in my creative work. It has a clear theme indicating the characters, setting and ambience of the creative work I intend on creating at the time. My creative work itself is a TV pitch for a mockumentary which is based on graveyard shift workers who work at the supermarket. So in the mood board I feel that it has successfully captured the essence of the show.

  9. Mood board, it shows my creative work which represents my inspiration, interest and my discipline. It indicates that my discipline is the fashion industry. There is one picture of one dress I did design.I was very happy that I did use this picture in mood board.

  10. this mood board shows my feeling and my life, you can’t see any face in my mood board although there are many people, means there are many unknowns you need to discover, just like the bike, to travel to explore the question in my life.

  11. I created this moodboard with Ai Weiwei’s major works. His works always related to the society, politics and cultural crictism. I was inspired and influnced by him lots of times. This moodboard helps me express my interests and values on the society that we are living in.

  12. I made this moodboard with Ai Weiwei’s major works. His works always related to the society, politics and cultural crictism. I was inspired and influnced by him lots of times. This moodboard helps me express my interests and values on the society that we are living in.

  13. My mind map contains my favorite performance artist, cartoon, photographer, book and some charming creatures. I chose Peter Pan in my mind map because I think all the people can find their never-land like peter pan and get a happy life. And I wish I can have a personality like the little prince, love the world and keep pure attitude. I want feel all the moment in my colorful world.

  14. This moodboard is the process of looking for new ideas, inspiration as well as what would motivate me to complete this assessment. I found out that I love to combine different textures toghether with contrast tones. It is also a navigation which guildes me to finish this project as the way I supposed to.

  15. This mood board represents how I feel about animation. It throws me back to my childhood, watching cartoons all afternoon, being mesmerised by the facial expressions and characters that have being created. All of these are being represented in my mood board. Furthermore, my influences are old soul love stories, the famous Micky Mouse, the Disney princess characters and the 50’s life style.

  16. My mood board gives me a clear direction of my future and inspiration for me. It shows a combination of my past and future. When I was doing this, I had to think of what I have learned in the past and what am I good at and interested in. According to these elements, I can think of the jobs I can do for my future. When I saw my mood board again, it reminds me the process of how I get here from my hometown to Australia. Moreover, it will give me some new ideas and encouragement when I have to start my work again.

  17. This mood board was created before i changed my theme of creative work from Time lapse video to Parallex, that’s why it doesn’t match with my creative work. Although i changed theme, my passion about photography does not change at all. Through this mood board, i feel more determined that i will pour all my effort into this area, aiming high as a DP.

  18. My moodboard was collected by all photos from Instragm in 2013. It is kind of my idea book. And all photos reflect my life from my country to here Brisbane. I made them in the shape of my name. So all of this are just represent me. It is mine. And it is me.

  19. The course is always full of thorns bur also keeping memorable taste.
    Especially the nearer to the success, the darker the night is before the dawn.
    Mood board is one part of the course to finish the creative work. We express our feelings through mood board. I released my emotion in my mood board. I enjoyed sprinkling brushes in PS. As it’s presented, the emotion was as messy as mood board was.

  20. My mood board has some of my favourite books because I believe my inclination to the creative arts came from reading about the amazing worlds inside them. I also believe that literature contributes a lot to the creative direction that I take in my art projects.

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