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8 thoughts on “Places and Spaces

  1. Silence, I need Silence.
    When I’m getting ready to work on an art piece, or when I know I need to get a lot of work done I go somewhere I know will be quiet. When there are minimal distractions and a lot of sunlight, which is where I work best. I chose to take this picture as I felt it best represents the environment in which my creativity flourishes the most.
    Simple things inspire me. Watching friends doodle on their notebooks or humming to themselves under their breath, street performers, extremely cheerful shop keepers, or even extremely studious students.
    But mostly, peaceful skies. There is something about the clear blue skies that give my mind a ‘clear slate’ to begin brainstorming and the puffy clouds that just look ‘oh-so-peaceful.’ Just the simple quiet vibes it gives off is enough to calm me down and allow me to begin thinking. I can’t be in an environment where I know somebody will speak to me or where there is music playing. I get stuck and my brain doesn’t seem to want to generate any new ideas.
    The sky itself seems almost like an artist, reflecting their own work. Some people may find it beautiful, where others despise it. (ex. Grey stormy skies) But it just goes ahead and does what it wants anyway. I struggle with that aspect of my creative work as I sometimes worry more about what others might think of it ,rather than what I think of it, which is the most important part.

  2. First photo I took is because that when I was doing photomedia, there was a task which is to take photo by showing abstraction, and this was my abstraction work, but not the same photo. This is the deep creative image of my mind.
    Section two, as a creative person, this image shows a compare and contract whenever I hear these two words.
    lastly, Increasing, enhancing, and pathway.

  3. I love outside and I prefer to work outside.
    This picture shows a river and there are many buildings which are lighted. I love that beautiful lights and I really like to see them. The beautiful lights provide me a creative idea and make me very high. Also, there are many people and cars or bicycles; it is so great to hear the natural sounds such as chatting of people, bicycles and a flowing of river. Moreover, the smell of flowers, people, river and animals provide me many various ideas. This place is perfect for me.

  4. This area in QUT is always empty just like being isolated. I always enjoy sitting on these steps in the morning when nobody is there. Read my books with a cup of coffee and with bare foot. This is the reason why I enjoy living in Brisbane which is not as crowded and noisy as Macau. I consider this little corner as one of my favourite places for reading and gaining inspirations!

  5. i love this photo very much, it took outside the QUTIC near the stair, i need to say thanks to Deelan for helping me to took this picture, in this picture, that was deelan hands and phone, the message i want to represent is, sometimes when u are doing a art or design, you may need to look around anythings,see if there are any things that may inspire you, i was going to take some grass and leaf for this project, but then deelan walked in front of me and put up his phone to shoot photo, then something inspired me to do it.
    So, Stop and look around your side now, see is there anythings special.

  6. ”Wheel of Brisbane”
    Its lucky that we are living in a creative city, it shows us its passion and reflect our dreams in here. Brisbane has a rich multicultural environment and it is a good place to explore our creativity.

  7. “Lights”
    My course adventure was very interesting, at first I was scared to meet new peers, I was confused about assessments and was stressing out on timing. During these 3 moths I gained friends, I started to get used to the areas around me and the university life style. I was inspired by many people around me, which leads me to this photo that I took. I am a shy person, I do not like sharing personal stories but due to these assessments I opened up. These leafs represent the unclear and the unknown life and area her at QUT but the lights that go through the leafs gives me the courage to stand on my feet and be myself around others.

  8. In such huge universe, it’s hard to distinguish an individual.
    Like leaves on the ground, they won’t affirm each part of our value.
    In our life, someone may try to cut us, let us scattered on the ground.
    All I can do, is to assemble all of my parts, become a huge me, and to another beauty.

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