Post Reflection upon Assessment 2

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6 thoughts on “Post Reflection upon Assessment 2

  1. Through this assessment, it gave me a great opportunity to explore myself. After examining my personality and values in a deeper way, I felt I have made a right decision to be a creative student and more desperate to study in the field of creative industries because I really love to develop new ideas or to do something creative. Besides, I discovered that every travelling has become my precious experiences in life. Comparing to a past me, I realised that the present me has become more optimistic, positive and become more mature. I do really love these changes.
    However, writing the reflection essay is a challenging task for me because sometimes I found it hard to express my thoughts in English. Moreover, for my creative work, choosing the best way to present my creative work is the most challenging step in my whole creative process.

  2. The items that I chose are Self Map, Mind Map, Word Clouds, Future Self Portrait Map, Multi-Modal Reflection and Mood Board. The reasons why I choose these items is I think these can most represent my learning process and I can see the changes inside the works. When I start my Self map in the beginning of my semester, I can see that I was confused with my future and did not know how to make decision about it. By doing the following assessments, I have a deeper understanding of myself by thinking it for times. I notice what are my values, motivations, and the skills I am good at, weakness of myself and which aspects I am interesting in. In this process, I have to think of a lot of things about my future direction and ask many people for opinions. Although the process was struggling and hard to make decision, I have come over the difficulties and come up a clear idea of my future. A planning was made for my future job and I realised what skills and relevant knowledge I should get in order to work for the job I have decided. May be it will have some changes or I have a new direction for future, but there are still something I can learn in this process.

  3. During the completion of assessment 2, a problem raised to surface. I was learning what other photographers and animators do and try to execute these techniques myself instead of creating something original. This problem really made me consider what my style of photography is. Personal style is an intangible thing that is hard to form and understand. Although so many successful creative practitioners have their own style of creativity, the question of how we can develop our own creative style has never been answered.

  4. During the writing process of this assessment, I was able to do something that I have never done before, that is to reflect on what spurred on my inclination to the creative field. Through this reflection, I realised that the undeniable catalyst to my creativity was my exposure to fictional literature.

    What I sincerely found challenging in this assessment was trying to pinpoint what exactly was my formative experience. It really took me a while to jump into the past and play in my mind whatever recollection I had of my early dabblings with the creative arts.

  5. I am just normal, someone that loves to imagine and hope I will be fortunate enough to make a living doing so.

    I love movies and I enjoy making movies. I hope I can do the post-production part for the movie as a job. However, I am not always been interested in making movie actually, firstly just like everyone watches movies for entertainment. I found myself good at photography in advance which is pretty helpful in movie making. Reflecting to my formative experience, the surprising thing is that my enthusiasm in movie making was seemingly predestined.

    This is the beginning of my assessment 2

  6. Through out this assignment, I wrote about my career interests and influences. This assignment gave me an opportunities to memorize what my dream and my future goal is, which gave me a very good reminder to remind me what I have to do in the future. I felt really enjoy when I writing this assignment, I think it is only just an assignment, it is also a memory reminder to remind me what I forgot to do. Interior design is my dream, but I sometimes forgot this dream, just because of the time past by and the environment effect me. Therefore I am so glad to have a chance to write this “dream reminder”.

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