Multi Modal Reflection

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  1. Reflective writing.

    High moment.
    My high moment in my study journey was when I realized that I have so much more opportunities then a thought. This picture with the branch with many leafs represents my study journey this semester. I am the branch and my opportunities are the many leafs that are attached to the branch.

    Low moment.
    My low moment in my study journey was when I felt like I was so far away from completing my studies. It felt like I was standing inform of a big stair and that I could barely see the ending of the stairs. It felt like the first step of the stairs was to high up and that my feet’s was too heavy to lift to the first step on the stairs. This is way this picture represents my low moments in my studies this semester.

  2. I have made multiple discoveries throughout my time at QUTIC, one of which being that even though in the past I have always been more introverted, being here has made me realize that I actually love spending time with lots of different types of people. Even though I was overwhelmed by the culture difference, I have come to realize that it doesn’t matter and I’ve continued to come more and more ‘out of my shell’. I discovered that my peers have also become more confident when it comes to speaking in front of others and not only have they improved the way they speak but the energy and passion they put into presentations. I learnt how to engage my audience

    Low Moment:
    The lows I have experienced during the semester, stemmed from my struggle with homesickness. Not having close friends and family around in the beginning really took a toll on my studying as it was extremely hard for me to find motivation. I felt as though there was a huge brick wall in my head that I could break down allowing me to finally be able to focus. The first picture symbolizes that wall.

    High Moment:
    The highs I have were towards the end of the semester after I have made a few good friends and finally found myself enjoying my time DURING classes at university rather than having fun only outside. Studying with others has helped me find my motivation and thing about my future more seriously. The second picture represents how the good experiences have reflected on to me and also how I want to make my goals I have set, a reality. I learnt how to handle difficult situations, which is to not panic and to appreciate the little things and be open to trying new things. Staying open minded and positive was one of the ways that truly helped me throughout my time here at QUTIC!

  3. Before I come here I don’t know exact what is my interest and what skill I have. However, while I follow this semester, I can find my interest and rebuild my skill by drawing using electronic devices to do assessment2. It was exhilerating and exciting. These are things are new to me after I become adult.
    If I express using photography what the hardest part of following this semesters, I will presents the situation when I felt a suddden urge to run away from here. So , I photograph of “exit”. The most difficult parts is language barrier. It can bring problems about every parts of what I do this semester such as doing presentation, wirting essay , discuss with peers in english. All about english is challenging. However, when I overcome this problem by using LLA system and private tutor, I can satisfy with university life. This make me comfortable as if I seat in the bench by being enjoy the nice sunshine.
    In the future, like I overcome language problem, I will never give up to challenge some barriers.

  4. Low moment: This photo is the pattern of floor. It can explain my feeling in the middle of this semester. I was confused. I felt boring because going to school, cooking, and studying is my routine. I wanted to escape. I do not want to continue study. It is so boring. And do not know why i am studying the study which is not related to my faculty .

    High moment: I captured a tree which can express my feeling when this semseter almost finished. Everything will start over when i get into faculty. I have studied in Australia for eight months. I changed a lot just like a seed become a tree. i am looking forward to face different challenges in faculty to let me grow up like the tree.

  5. Multi-Modal Reflection
    I have found my values, personalities, and motivations. These are all from this unit, and it clarifies my attitude and direction of my study journey.
    Also, I could my classmates, who are from last semester, that they are also improving and continuing their developments. Some of them are performing much better than before which is worth to learn from them.
    I have clarified my interest and discipline that I am forwarding on fashion industry.
    I have not found too things that surprised me, but I satisfy on my every work that I have worked so far in this semester.

    For the lows’ photography, it presents my feeling of the beginning of this semester. One side, the black lines, they are like my mind; I felt quite mess up of this unit, but everything is on the track. Just like no end roads, they all go to different ways which were same as my thoughts.
    On the other side of lows’ photography, the grass, ground and clear land, it presents what I wanted to do was to calm down to be peace on this unit.
    Then, the highs, it links to grass: the tree leaves. Not only the leaves in this image, this is a sunshine shotting into my eyes and on my face. That is the illumination. The illumination of everything happened in this unit. I can say that when I look up, I know that there is something lights me up.
    Reflection is the most difficult part through all of this semester because I am not really good at memorising things. I could always forget what I ate last meal. I think I was focusing on everything happens around me. Therefore, I should be more motivated to notice things are occurring.
    The reflection is really helpful and useful to my university life. I should keep working on practicing it in order to improve myself.
    I was feeling extremely calm so that I did fall asleep.
    Because of KKD101 and Michelle, I am pretty improved creatively by them.

  6. I have discovered myself can be work independently. In the past, I always work with my classmates to do the projects. When I firstly study in KKD101, I felt afraid because I have no knowledge about creative projects, such as taking photos, drawing, etc. After I did the creative work by myself, I could get some praise from my peers. This is a surprise for me. I feel like I can complete the tasks by myself. I learned some basic knowledge about taking photos and video editing through the creative work. The photo that I took in the corridor represents my lows moment. It is because when I have a lot of assessments to hand in the same week, I feel some pressure. The corridor is like a long way for me to walk. But when I finished my assessments, I can feel the way to finish assessments is not so long and I can do it. Another photo that I took is beautiful view taken in the campus. Actually, my life studying in QUT is also nice. I tried doing the thing that I have never tried before and I have met nice teachers and friends here. I think it is the most satisfying parts of my semester. This experience can help me to meet more people in the future and this can help me in my career.

  7. There are two pictures; low moment (left side) and high moment (right side). These two pictures exactly show my past life of QUT and the emotions what I felt.

    Low moment: it is about the first time to study in a class. At that time, I was so nervous and I had no idea what I should do and I even could not listen what the lecturer saying. Also, I was so complicated by myself. For example, I tried to use a computer but I did not know how to use it and I even did not know how to log in. It means that I was very low and I was not happy about it.

    High moment: It shows a road which is a enter going to inside of QUT. When I first see this road, I was so excited that it is my first time to study in an university and I really wanted to watch my classmates and lecturers; what they look like.

    • The high of my semester was when I did very hard work and I got good grades. That time I felt very happy. As second the picture shows, upstairs and high QUT logo. When I did hard work and got success in my work I felt that one day I can touch this high QUT logo.

  8. During the first semester of Creative Industries: People and Practices, I discovered about myself that I can do better with help of tutors rather than ask to students and I noticed that I can better perform in peers. I have no too much confidant to stand and speak front of people so I can do good work in peers. I did learn a new skill that is communication skill now I can speak with confidence with others.
    The lows of in my semester, I tried very hard to get good grades but when I got low grades I felt very low. As picture shows down stairs mean that I felt I was still on the ground. I need to do more hard work to get up.

  9. A low moment of my semester was the anxiety I felt during the first few days of diploma. I did not know what to expect coming into a new environment and new people. The picture represents my anxiety and worries, showcased in the juxtaposition between the ray of light and darkness. In the picture, it shows the light fading away and entering a space of darkness, and it captured my feeling of being scared entering into this new place. From this low moment, I feel that I have learned to become more opened to just try new things and try to look on the bright side, feel more positive.

    The high moments of my semester was when I started being more confident, represented through these linear lines in the buildings, creating somewhat a sense of direction. It also symbolizes the statuesque of buildings represented through me. As I become more confident, I feel as high as the building. I learned that as time goes on, things eventually will look up and in the future I hope to always remember this when things get tough.

  10. My high moments (represented by the upper picture) are joyful moments spending with my peers. Studying in aboard without families and high school friends stand by is a great challenge to me as I used to always depend on them. However, my university friends are my good companions in this new page of life. I really treasure our friendship and enjoy the time with them.
    My low moments (represented by the lower picture) are days that a lot assignments need to be done. I feel stressful when I do not have enough time to do it. Moreover, sometimes I will by disappointed by myself because I choose to be lazy rather than to prefect my assignments.

  11. In this semester, I learnt a new photograph y skill called Prallex and I am very happy to know that the possibility of what photography can achieve is far beyond my knowledge. Because of this, I am now more interested in photography and I want to learn more or even invent some new technique in the future.
    The high of my semester is that I meet friends who are very nice to me and friendly. They are willing to talk to me and listen to what I want to share with them. I’m glad to have them to be with me during the study in Australia because i never thought of having nice and helpful friends here. Before i came here, i thought i can only survive by myself and be alone all the time. However, i feel very lucky that it’s not the case.
    The low moment i had in this semester was the workload of different subjects. There was tons of assignment needed to be done such as PC essays and marketing report. Although the process was tired, i have my beautiful friends with me that made me felt blessed.

  12. There are two pictures; low moment (left side) and high moment (right side).
    the low moment was in the last few month, i faced to a ton of work load which were the assignment of marketing and others subject i were not interested in, i felt that i learnt nothing about my favorite subject-design, moreover, i miss my friends and family in hong kong, i was like walking in a tough road with freezing wind blowing to my face.
    the high moment was in the recent week, i knew that there were many challenges in my academic, school, and in my life, i felt depressed, but after that, i told to myself” who cares you are depressed or not? you are the only one who can help yourself” then i wiped the dust on my face, i remembered back my lovely art teacher’s expectation to me. i tied my shoes and move on.

  13. The red and pale yellow one represent high point, which make me feel enlightened and hopeful. The glass window represent low point, which makes me feel a little depressed and helpless.

    Because when I come into a brand new surrounding and the language is not good enough to make everyone understand me, all stuffs become harder. I can not express my ideas correctly and overcome the different country culture. Sometimes,I felt low.

    But all the problems can be overcome, with the help come new friends and teachers. I can find more and more fun living in this new country and my university. I love my faculty and I got lots of happiness from the study life. These enjoyment moments made my world colorful.

  14. These two photos were took at P block in which I have studied for a academic year.
    Low moment
    The First theme is about “direction” which represents my low moment in QUT. The sign of direction counter to my walking direction, it means sometimes I felt I cannot find my way to future, what am I supposed to do or who am I supposed to be. Should I go there just because I were ever told that it seems a right way? Or should I supposed to go in my own way? That was low moment encounted in my study period.

    High moment
    The seconde one is about ” reflection” which stands for my high moment. At that period, I felt I were empowered, confident and I had strong willing to do things I wanna do and simply believe I will make it. In the left hand its my past and current efforts while I would believe my future will be relected in the otherside with stronger lines.

  15. I’ve learnt many things during this semester, including knowledge, skills and interests. Significantly, I realized how important time management is. It can be reflected as the outcomes of my works such as assignments. Moreover, I also found out that the atmosphere surrounded by can influence me both negatively and positively. When I closed my eyes, I saw my classmates were in full of joy, throwing notes into you. That feeling motivates me to keep working harder.
    High moment as taken in my photo, represents my beginning point for this course, 3 months ago. At that time, I finished EAP with a satisfied result. I was in a class of 12 students and we all are close friends eventually. Therefore, I started this semester with exciting feelings to learn and look forward to having good friendships as I have in EAP. However, I also have a part time job, which takes quite a lot my free time. I started to isolate myself from others simply because I couldn’t arrange my time to go out with new friends. That’s why I took the second photo which represents my mood now. Therefore, I should manage my time in order to equal studying, working as well as maintaining my relationships.
    In the future, time management is a task that I need to overcome, to make my journey in Australia more flexible and memorable.

  16. The high moment is that when I first entered this school, I found that this university has a very nice and comfortable environment. The picture that labelled ‘high’ is taken from the library. It is the ceiling of the library which is made up of lots of colourful books. The photo of low moment represents the hard time I am in during my semester. The hard time is always the period that examinations and assignments are bombarding me. Although studying and finishing assessment is hard, I always find that I have learnt something new after this hard time. The thing I learn is not only about the material in class, but also about the time management and studying methods. The skills I learnt from this semester can help me to become more capable for my future career.

  17. Highs and lows :
    This photo represents my low. The mass of trees, shads and the interesting new environment that is surrounding me is scary, I did not know how to deal with it. Slowly I understood myself and I did not feel lost anymore.

  18. The first semester I studied in Australia, I felt exciting and interesting to study in a new environment. In this semester, I had gone through many things and experienced something new that I had not tried before. And I collected a high moment and low moment in the end this semester. My low moment was when I came to a busy weeks that had much stuffs to do and it seemed I can’t handle it anymore. The days were hard to go pass and felt stressful of the works. My high moment was when I achieved a good result of my work. I felt all the effort I had done was worth and my work was affirm by others. It made me have more confident on future road and believe my ability.

  19. Past
    I felt excited and worried at the beginning of this semester. It is a life turning point to be in a foreign country. And it is also a second-new life here to change my life. I’m here to make my dream come true. It supposed to be no doubt and very confident to run to the destination, because that’s the reason why I am here and everyone here with their brilliant dreams. However, sometimes I lose confident when I was in some troubles.
    I found myself that I became more powerful every time I beat problems.
    I overcome troubles like living in an inexperienced country, language problems of express my deep feeling and knowing little thing in my major area. I become brave and never worry if I will lose.
    I can do it only when I have tried it. I love making film more than ever. It is the most important thing that you can spend your life time when you are still young to finish your dream. It is out than nothing at all that I am doing creative work, making film and exactly writing my own story.
    For example, at the beginning of this semester, I used Photoshop to make quite many good works, that what I would not believe I can do it learning by myself. I am surer about my creativity ability.
    My dream job is film producer. Because I want to make films, simply and hearted.
    I want to tell myself that please never stop trying. Maybe I focus on film producing at this moment. But I think I also can become an inventor, director and even entrepreneur. I want to explore myself.
    To others, I think defiantly the same thing.

  20. Everywhere has its high mood and low mood. A petal, a plant grass, a piece of soil. When upset bowed her head, then lift her head when happy. But remember never lose smile and passion.

    High mood: Meeting new friends, touching the creative industries which related to my future career and becoming more independent are the most satisfying parts in this semester.

    Low mood: At first, when I’m in a new, different culture with total new living style is the most difficult part since I came here. But fortunately, I’m always with full passion.

    However, I discover my inspiration and confidence. I find the growth and encouragement on my peers.

    I clarify my interest and what I want to be in future. I hear the resonance and smell the hope about my future.

    I see my shadow in the future, wearing fashion clothing, having my dreaming job, enjoying my life in the pool of water.

  21. This is a fairly interesting task as well, as it is hard to find something special around just the campus. I thought for a while, and turned out I had no inspiration at all. But what actually inspire me, or us, is each other. Interacting with people is always the best inspiration, so here is my photos.

  22. Highs
    The highs in my semester are time discussing with classmates who share the same opinion and hobbies with me. We have always discussed topics sitting on the chair next to that cube rock. For example, roger, we have always discussed things like the people’s perceptions or how we view the world. We have always come up new ideas and inspirations through discussing these topics. Another example, Haley, we have always discussed things like marriage, true love, and I have always get inspirations from her as well. I think that I have learnt a lot through interacting with people.
    The low in my semester is feeling stressful by non-stop doing assignments and essays. I have always cared too much about my assignments and essays. I have always gone to the smoking area and chatting with my friends to release my stressful emotions.

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