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  1. It is my first time to apply photoshop and make something creative. After i finished my self map, i felt satisified since i have done this by myself, like the design, the idea and the selection of he photos. Besides, i enjoyed to doing this by using photoshop because i realised it is a useful tool for me to complete my works in the future.

  2. This self -map embodies my past, present, and future along with my interests. I have always had an interest for art, all aspects of it. Therefore, I decided to showcase that by pasting tubes of paint and a pen to represent my love for art and literature which has remained a part of me since I was very young and been consistent throughout all the travels and different places I’ve gone. The clock represents how although I procrastinate, time is something that is very precious and I continue to realize that, the older I get the faster it goes, so to make the most out of it and to try to live in the present as best as I can, while I can.
    The birds represent my future and the endless possibilities there are. I’m still not entirely sure what to expect, but I know that if I continue to work hard and ‘dream big’ that I can achieve my goals.
    The background, its all its clutter and chaos represents the things that sometime go on inside my head. I am an over-thinker and I feel as though I can never truly pinpoint my personality. Sometimes I think that I’m an introvert, and sometimes I think that I’m an extrovert, and then I come to the conclusion that it all depends on the day.

  3. Creating self map is one of the good opportunity to consider my identity ,value I pursue and goal to achieve in Australia. My self map shows that where I come from, what motto is, what major I want to do in Australia , where I am now and my final goals. The flower is my country’s national flower so it represents my country. Moreover, the crown in the speech bubble is my motto in my life. Canvas and kangaroo drawn in canvas shows that where I am now and my major.

  4. This self-map provides the information about my location and potential positions in this subject and the world. This is the connection of my interests and discipline. My idol, Nick Wooster, is a great fashion designer and stylist. I like his styles and attitudes not only in the fashion industry. Hi has never changed and given up his goal. I want to be the person like him. Therefore, I tried to match his photo on my profile to remind myself. Also, on this self-map, it presents the obvious locations in which Taiwan and Australia.

  5. in my self map, i separate me to two part, one is in Australia , one is in Hong Kong. The focusing point is on Australia one which mean now i am in Australia and i will flcus on studying in Australia. The self map shoes that i like photography and i put some tools for designing in the background which can show i will study visual design in the future.

  6. This self-map is about my life; it includes a past, present and future. Moreover, it identifies who I am and where I am from and what I want to be. The background of the picture is Korean newspaper that I am Korean. And, The land of Australia improves I am living in Australia now. The elements; pen, painting bursh and the paints represent I want to be a creative person as a designer. The clock means that when I came to Australia. Through this process, it was an opportunity to remind what I have to do now and why I study in Australia.

  7. This self map is a compilation of four images that represents my present and future. In the middle, it is an overlay of two images one being a time spiral and the other being a picture representing the media. The other two images represent where I am right now physically and where I want to be in the future. It shows that I am here in Brisbane focusing on my studies, and along with time and experience in the field which is showcased through the overlays of two images; I hope to move to bigger cities like New York where hopefully I can get more opportunities.

  8. This self mind is representing the inner me and outer of me, the upper part is the inner me and also the dream of me, before i came here, i couldn’t even think about i could start my dream in this age, but now, i feel that my dream is becoming true and real, i can touch it now, i can start to achieve my dream step by step now, last but not least, this is the greatest motivation for me to study here. on the other hand, the lower part represents the reality of me, the three things are represent three important things in my life, and i have to keep them in mind as always.
    finally, this is the end of the first semester, but this is not the end of my Journey in Design and my Dream………………

  9. The Brisbane Wheel represents my current location where I will spend for my three-year university life here for chasing my dreams. The lower part background is an amusement park which shows as a metaphor of my future career in Entertainment Industries to provide entertainments for people by being an event manager. Besides, I have purposely put my eye between the Brisbane Wheel and the clock. It is because as time passes, I prefer to explore things in many different ways which I believe it will make life more fun. Moreover, it is important for me to open my eyes as well as open my mind to welcome new challenges in my study or in my life. Overall, this self-map has expressed my place, my dream and my thoughts.

  10. Self maps shows about my past, present and future. Furthermore, it shows that where from I came. It shows my culture and tradition which shows that I am came from India, it also shows Brisbane which represent my present that I am in Brisbane. Moreover, it shows my future, there is one picture of fashion model who wear my designed dress and two beautiful pictures of fashion designing which shows my future occupation thai I want to became a fashion designer.

  11. This self map shows where I came from, where I am living in, my values and interests. I love taking photos, photographer is not my ideal career though. I appreciate the free environment in Australia so I can further understand the past and current society in my country. Hopefully, I can express my thoughts through visual illustration since my ideal career is visual designer.

  12. Me self map outline my past, my present and my future. Firstly, It shows the time I’ve been through in the past, with full of different tones of colors, light color represents for my joy, my happy mamories whereas dark tone represents the hard time I had to face. At present which is the middle part of my self map, I mean at this time, all I can do is based on my hands, myself mainly. I love that I can be able to fullfill my life with my interests such as taking photos, doing my own projects with the support of teachers and friends. The last part in this self map is where I want to be in the future. I want to develop my career in Australia. And studying in QUT is my first step to achieving my goal.

  13. This self map shows my location, dream and personality. China is where I come from and Australia is the country I will stay for 3 years for my university life. I chose the neon galaxy as the background of my location information, because I believe I will visit more countries and try my best to travel the whole earth in my future. And Alice in wonderland is my favorite cartoon which connect the pure dream and colorful design, my faculty is entertainment, so I believe I can create a theme park just like wonderland which let all the people jump into the fancy world.

  14. Since I am not an intermediate user of photoshop, I have put a lot of time in using and designing my self map. My self map visually shows where I am come from and what I have been doing in these few years. I feel really satisfied after finishing this self map because it comes out very nicely.

  15. My self map is combine with three elements that represents place, time and me. I took the photo of me bed room which was the first accomodation in Australia as the background. This place represent a huge change and important decision in my life as time go by. And I used the candles to represtent time and also a little bit indicate the charater of my dream job. And the last component shows who I am. It is a blurred shadow of me in one of my dancing exams. It indicate what I learnd in the past but may still not sure about my future.

  16. My self-map is about a dream and the faith that I desire and believe. I do believe in something that most people do not believe the existence of it, which is called: true love. Because of this fact, i have been always dreaming of having a fascinating wedding with my true love. As it can be seen, flowers with dewdrop, the cups of champaign, a happy smile of the groom and the bride are the factors that draw a perfect picture of happiness.
    For all of these, I am ready to hold my hair and prepare an event, particularly a beautiful wedding for my clients!

  17. My self map is designed based on a story when a man met a girl on the street full of snow. Although it doesn’t mean something serious or deep, i represent my passion of telling story through image and video. And, that’s why i came to Australia and study Film production. I passionate about making movies is because i want to make a movie that will change people, their impression about something, their emotions… I want to be a Director of Photography and a writer at the same time since i want to film my own story, my personal vision about a story and the characters. AND Finally, make people cry and being touched by the message behind the story.

  18. “It’s what you do right now that makes a difference”.
    Sometimes, only if you do it, you will realize how significant changes you have made it. There are 3 stages in my self-map: past, present and the course. There are 2 elements in self-map: reflect, rethink. There is one theme in my self-map: Evolution. There will be lot of scenery along the way, but self-map is always all about myself. This involves my memory, my current situation, my thought, my dream, my…

  19. I absolutely enjoyed making this self map because this was my very first project done on Photoshop. It gave me a glimpse on what I will be doing as an interactive and visual designer. Not only does this piece tell of where I am, it also showcases the style and type of designer that I want to be.

  20. Photographically evolving for the last eight years, I am confident enough to say that photography is part of my life. So when I designed my self map, I prefer to desige with camera.
    my ideation from photography, and my ideation will be into photography. And i wil start from here, transfer to film world.

  21. This self map is inspired by the alien rumours which i am really interested about it. It implied my personality that i am sensitive and curious about things around the world.I like to imagine about everything. Like, aliens, i dreamed about them since i always wondering how they look, what they do and where they live. I think this’ hobby’ shaped my creativity and imagination is part of me.

  22. This map is my favourite task in the semester, as it involves a bit of personal search and binding many ideas together, and this is probably the most “artistic” project i have ever done.

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