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  1. Past:
    I felt worried and confused at the beginning of the semester. I was afraid I can’t communicate and get along with my classmates since they come from different countries and it made me feel so worried about the discrimination will happen here.

    Now, all classmates are good to me and we can get along with each other. Moreover, I discovered I am not creative enough to study in this industry and I found out I am a person who need to work with instructions. Therefore, I planned to learn from the others to evoke my creativity. But, sometimes I would like to try different things and go crazy. So, I think I have extremely different personalities inside my soul and heart.

    When I came Australia before, I wanted to be a radio DJ. But now, I am not sure what is my dream job since I do not think it suits me. Now, I am thinking to have a job that related to Public Relation or Advertising because I love helping people to solve problems and communicate with them, which fit the criteria of the job. I would like to tell myself to be brave and try in the future since I always feel lack of confidence so that I will afraid to try and believe on myself.

  2. The collage includes word clouds from my past (top left), present ( top right) , Future (bottom left) and a combination of them all (bottom right).

    In the beginning of the semester I felt unsure of myself. I was a bit anxious and weary about the future. My fears were simple: I feared failure. Whatever I chose to do, I really did not want to disappoint anybody, especially myself. I wanted to be successful it whatever job I ended up with, and my biggest challenge was probably narrowing down my interest down so that I could actually give it a name. I did not want to pinpoint a career that I’d have to STICK with for the rest of my life, and deciding what major to choose was one of the biggest challenges I had ever had to face.
    I have discovered that albeit considering myself relatively introverted in the past, being in this environment has allowed me to become a lot more social. I valued experiencing new things and stepping out of my comfort zone more and more. Being away from old friends and family has also allowed me to value them more and I cherished those late night Skype sessions. My interests remained the same, but I was able to express those in many different ways, taking photo media allowed me to experience photography in a way I never tried before, and found out how much I enjoyed different genres of it.
    I had to overcome the responsibility university life can take a toll on my time management. I found myself getting hardly any sleep and finding it difficult to adapt to a completely new lifestyle. I have learnt that I am an extreme perfectionist, and if I did not have the energy to do something to the best of my ability at that very moment, then I tend to procrastinate on it for a long time.

  3. Word cloud/s present my feeling of the past, present and future in creative industries of diploma in QUT using colour, size, arrangement of fonts. Word cloud in past looks very dark and depressing by choosing dark and grey colour. Present’s word cloud becom more active rather than past one. Future one is little bit confusing because i don’t know my exact future. Making word cloud is good activity to unshell my secret thoughts while I am in creative industries.

  4. i thought a lot when i was doing this word cloud, i thought about my past, present and future. I feel exciting at the beginning of the semester. The reason why is I can meet new friends and lean some new knowledge in different subject. This is my last semester in studying in P block so I want to cherish studying in here. After finish this semester I will get in to faculty, therefore I want to finish this semester. I wanted to get higher GPA in this semester, learn more communication skills and how to persuade audiences because I will be an advertisement designer in the future therefore I have to learn how to affect audiences.
    I discovered about myself a lot through this semester. In people and practice class, I discovered my values, interests which I never think about before. This unit forced me to think about my values and interests. By doing the mind-map, I recognise that my future career might not be related to my interest which is photography. But I will not give up taking photos. I have some challenges when I was thinking about my future. I was confusing because I am wondering did I choose a correct subject in faculty. I know how to use some designing software but I may not have talent for designing. Visual design is objective. Therefore if people don’t appreciate my work, I might not have a stable job in my future. I have confidence in taking photo instead of design.
    My dream job was photographer but now might change to advertisement designer because of what I will study in faculty. I need to read or see more visual art work to get inspiration by others work. Other than that I have to learn how to catch peoples’ attention from my creative work. I have to work hard in learning how to use different software for design in my university life. Software will renew every year so I cannot stop learning in my future career life.

  5. Past:
    At the beginning of this semester, I felt quite confused because I could not catch up what the main elements of this unit. My dream is to be a creative designer, a fashion designer or clothing developer. These dreams came from my interests, which are built in my childhood. When I was a child, I was normally like other boys. I longed to be a super hero. The super heroes from films and caricatures are mentally impacted me to become a creative person.

    Through being in this semester, I have found my interests, values and personalities. The interests are about my discipline which is fashion trade, and i am quite interested at male fashion. The collocations from outfits to accessories have variety of choices to be worn up. It seems amusing for me. In addition, I like a fashion designer and bloger who is Nick Wooster because his idea and sense are phenomenal. The three most important values in my life are family, health and knowledge. My family always supports me to do everything I want and I like. Even my healthy condition is given by them. Therefore I must cherish what I have and who love me. The values affect my personality. I am still learning how to treasure my values. Later, I will have to responsibility and capability to protect my family. This makes me to be a responsible person. The challenges I have overcome in this semester is that I struggled to design what the key element of my creativity is the most relevant. Then, I looked certain fashion illustration, and I confirmed that is what I want to do.

    My dream job is to run an own business which is about fashion. It may be a clothing company which the cloths are designed by me. It seems that it has numerous labours, but I will enjoy the procedure. It is hard to imagine what the future will be. Therefore they only importance is to concentrate on what I what to do.

  6. These three words clouds show my past, present and future. The course of Creative Industries actually was the thing I chose to study. It was my dream subject. However, in the other side, I felt nervous being study in a new place, a new country. I could not find any friends at first and I was afraid to talk by using English. But now, I can speak English to communicate with my classmates because I have learned more skills. In the future, I want to be an advertisement producer or event producer because I love people feeling joyful or touching. I hope my classmates who are studying with me in creative industries would go forwards with their dream and do not feel regrated about their choices.

  7. The collage includes four of my word clouds representing my past, present, future and all of them put together. At the beginning of the semester, I was afraid of the challenges and obstacles I had to face. I was afraid that I would not be good enough and that I would be a mere shadow under these wonderfully talented group of people. I was also very afraid of the fact that people knew what they wanted to be, they knew their creativity and knew what they wanted to pursue meanwhile I am still unsure, dazed and confused about everything I want to do with my life.
    The things I discover about myself were quite refreshing. I discovered that the two most things I value is freedom and humour. Freedom was something I appreciated a lot because freedom allowed me a sense of ‘adventure’, and humour because it is uplifting and just makes life a lot happier.
    In the future, my dream job is to work at a reknown media corporation company or at an advertising agency. I hope to accomplish my dreams and aspirations through hard-work and persistence.

  8. There are three word clouds in this picture which shows my past, present and future (from the top to the bottom). Looking backwards for semester one, it indicated a big step towards my dream. I finally could start learning something that actually related to my dream jobs even though the fear of adopting a new environment and new subjects was unavoidable. After being a Creative Industries student for almost one semester, I have learnt that creativity starts with belief. Now I felt more determined in chasing my dream and believing in myself. In the coming three years, I should concentrate on my study in order to be prepared in entering the real world.

  9. There are three word clouds in one picture which shows my past, present and future words during the study of creative industry in first semester. It highlight the some special word which shows my journey and what things I have learnt in past. Moreover, it shows my present word which I am leaning and my future word which give me strenght to do very well.

  10. There are three word clouds in one picture which shows my past , present and future words durind the study of creative industry on first semester. It highlight some special word which shows my journey ang what things I have learnt in past. Moreover, it also shows my present word which I am learning and my future words which give me strenght to do very well.

  11. This is the word cloud which represent my past, present and future. The word “Umizaru’ in the word cloud is my favorite Japanese movie and this is the movie that made me want to become a fimmaker. During the making of this word cloud, it made me though about why am i studying in Australia and what do i want to take away from this place. i hope everyone can remember the passion you have at the beginning and keep it forever.

  12. Past:
    in the beginning of the semester, i felt like i got too many unknown, with a crowd of unknown people and question about my life in the new school, i started to meet some friends, i kept focusing in my academic, i tried to get used to my new life in Australia, however, i still got worried and restless, because this was the first journey that i have to walk by my own self without any friends and parents, i have to keep moving on…
    Through this semester and the reflections, I have found my goal in my academic and my dream, I met many friends here, some of them even are my best friends now, the reason that we become best friends are because we got a huge dream and mission, sometimes we would like to talk about our dream and share the ideal to the others, I can count on them and they can count on me too, this is what a friend suppose to mean, beside, I overcome the problem of conversation, in the first few week I came to Australia, because english is not my mother language, some of the thought are just stucked in my mind, after few week of practicing, my english become fluent than before and familiar to speak in english all the day.
    My dream job is the Set Designer in Circus, first of all, this is my dream job but not my ideal job, the reason I like this job and want it to become my future DREAM job is because you can follow the circus and travel around the world, you can experience the differet culture in different place.
    My ideal job is a multimedia designer or architecher, to achieve this ideal job, I need to read more books to enrich my knowledage about architecher and media, moreover, I need to join more design competition to enrich my designing skill. I have learned about myself that, if you want to become a success person, u need to pay full effort and time in it to achieve what you really want, lastly, believe in your self, do not let the other’s word affect you faith, BE YOUR SELF.

  13. My future
    Hopefully I will make great overall improvements within three years in University life. Therefore my dream future will get closer to real life. In future, I hope I can be a entreprunurer in Creative Industries and I will have rest of money to contribute the charity.

  14. Past: How did I feel at the beginning of this semester?
    I was really excited at the starting point of this term. I finished EAP with a satisfied result and I have a lot of friends after that course. Therefore, I expected that I could have a semester full of joy, new experience and new friends. Also I would like to advance myself in this semester, because I did put all of my effort in EAP, and I got a good result. However, at the same time, I was afraid of a new environment with new classmates because I tend to be positive in taking new relationships. Additionally, method of learning in university is totally different, so I felt a little bit afraid of that.

    During this course, I’ve realized many lessons for myself. For instance, it is important to stay in positive thoughts. It will eventually help me to solve the problems wisely. I also recognized that how important my family is to me. Then, it becomes my biggest motivation to keep working to become a pride for my mom. More importantly, challenge plays a significant role in the pathway achieving success and this acknowledgement appears more clearly to me during this semester. By doing a lot of reflections this semester, I found that writing reflection is really effective to have a chance to look back and learn from it.

    Future: My dream job is a freelance graphic designer, who can work in many disciplines at different places in the world. I’m always passionate in visual arts and new things inspire me everyday. I want to wake up and do what I really love to do. As making it as my future career, it will be a great chance for me to live, not just survive.
    I would challenge myself more and more.
    And I think challenging yourself is an advice for my friends to encourage them keep fighting to reach new excels.

  15. There are 3 pictures; past (top left), present (top right) and future (bottom).
    In the past picture, it shows i was so confused and nervous about the first semester in QUT international colleague and i was so worried about the grade and i really wanted to get high. Moreover, i really wondered about the classmates like their appearances and personalities.
    The second picture is present which presents who i am and what i have done in this course.
    And the last picture is future which shows what i want to be and what i am interested in. Also, it shows an advice for peers “Please do not give up even there are huge obstacles.”

  16. At the beginning of this semester, I was still struggling about should I do business or should I do creative industry. I wanted to work as an entertainment manager, but at the same time I also wanted to be graduated from a business school to guarantee a job after three years of university.

    Few weeks after diploma started, I have done several assessments and I got inspirations from my teacher and classmates. I have finished the mind-map and the self-map which let me to know more about myself and what I wanted to do for long. I have discovered that I have the passion to work in the creative industry. From that moment on, I decided I will be studying in the area of the creative industry and continue my desire of being a creative professional in the entertainment industry.

    My dream job is to be an entertainment manager who can plan events and be engaged in shows and concerts. I like watching shows and enjoying performances which makes me want to be one of the staff who works and plans for the events.

  17. In the beginning of the semester, I felt unsure about myself. I always thought that is it a right decision for me to come to Australia? Did I choose a correct subject or major for my future? Is this really what I want? Before I came to Australia, I decided to study something about performances or events manage. However, when I actually working on it, I found it was more difficult than I had imagined. Communicating, thinking, organizing were challenges for me to reach the criteria of the objective

    I have been here for almost three months and have started my classes for a period of time. There is something different from the first I came here. I discover myself in a deeper way and know what I have to improve in the future. Before I started study, I thought I had understood enough about myself, I knew the weakness and characteristic about myself. Not confident enough to affirm the values of myself is the mainly weakness for me to overcome in the future. Also, easily influence by others’ opinions and lost my own personality is another challenge for me. But through this semester, it directly demonstrates that how necessary I should improve the weakness as it influences me deeply in my study. Besides, I find that I can be more creative than I think I can be through this semester, maybe it is because I know my values clearly and where does my creativity come from to inspire my work.

    My dream job is to be an art administrator for creative industries, especially for dance company. The reason why I chose this as my dream job is because I want to work for dance industry and develop dance to more people. I think dancing is an amazing art that can deliver different emotion to audiences. Therefore, I think it is worth to promote to more people to appreciate it. In order to succeed in this career, the first advice I give to myself is to improve the communication skills. I think I will get a big improvement if I can overcome this difficult. Furthermore, I would suggest my peers to be more aware of the trend in their industry and work on the direction that they think it is potential. Moreover, keep the passion on their dreams is also an essential component to succeed in their future.

  18. At the beginning of the semester, I encourage myself constantly. There is no word called “complaint” in my dictionary. I never consider about “It’s so hard, and I’m not so sure to handle it.” I know it’s a challenge, but I’m not scared.

    Through this semester, I discover my values here. I’m not sure whether I’m creative; whether I’m fit for my major in coming years; whether I’ll capable for my dreaming job in future.
    However, at least I find my interests here. I find that I have countless energy and power to do the stuffs with creative industries’ works.

    Now, my dream job is “Fashion Buyer” or “Fashion Merchandiser”.
    I’m also interested in “Public Relationship”, but sometimes we have to make a choice between two sides. I find that “Public Relationship” is a necessary element for being a fashion buyer or merchandiser. This makes me more firmly believe my choice.

  19. Past
    I felt excited and worried at the beginning of this semester. It is a life turning point to be in a foreign country. And it is also a second-new life here to change my life. I’m here to make my dream come true. It supposed to be no doubt and very confident to run to the destination, because that’s the reason why I am here and everyone here with their brilliant dreams. However, sometimes I lose confident when I was in some troubles.
    I found myself that I became more powerful every time I beat problems.
    I overcome troubles like living in an inexperienced country, language problems of express my deep feeling and knowing little thing in my major area. I become brave and never worry if I will lose.
    I can do it only when I have tried it. I love making film more than ever. It is the most important thing that you can spend your life time when you are still young to finish your dream. It is out than nothing at all that I am doing creative work, making film and exactly writing my own story.
    For example, at the beginning of this semester, I used Photoshop to make quite many good works, that what I would not believe I can do it learning by myself. I am surer about my creativity ability.
    My dream job is film producer. Because I want to make films, simply and hearted.
    I want to tell myself that please never stop trying. Maybe I focus on film producing at this moment. But I think I also can become an inventor, director and even entrepreneur. I want to explore myself.
    To others, I think defiantly the same thing.

  20. This is my word cloud.According to Max Ernst “Creativity is the marvelous capacity to grasp mutually distinct realities and draw a spark from their juxtaposition.” In a technologically advanced society, creative processes are an essential part of successful companies in the future.
    I would like to be a tourism marketer to evaluate the situation, devise a plan to establish and maintain positive interpersonal relationship in 1 year after graduation. In such a way that I would learn how to better communicate with others and meet consumers’ psychological needs in the future. This working experience will be an encouraging and inspiring driving force for me to extend my knowledge in the 1 year after graduation.
    Taking up several roles in the hospitality and the community would fully develop me into an all-rounder with friendly and sociable personality in 5 years after graduation. The key to success in public relations is about juggling a complex set of roles, possessing excellent communication and leadership skills, gaining wisdom through diverse experiences, and achieving high performance at the individual, group, and organizational level

  21. PAST:
    I was quite hopeful about the future that lay in front of me in this new environment. But being that I jumped ship from engineering to the creative industries, my excitement was undeniably laced with apprehension knowing full well the contrast between the financial stability of both fields. This decision may have been the biggest decision of my life in my 20 years of existence in this world. What led to this decision was the constant feeling of toiling rather than learning in my previous field of study and enthusiasm was nowhere in sight.

  22. I feel so excited at the beginning of the semester which I can finally take the first step to achieve my dream. My dream is to work with and get along with people who persuade the same thing like me.
    Through this semester, what I discovered about myself is I still have a big room to improve my artistic sense and skills. I discovered that my inspirations come after I started my work. One of my challenges is I found that I like drawing illustrations but it is just one of my hobbies. I love fashion and styling that I will never tired of doing. I overcame it by working out both of the drawings and fashion, to understand what I like and love.
    What I have learnt about myself is that I found that I am not that creative as I thought. I feel like I am a small potato because when I see people’s work from the other countries, I know what ‘talented’ means.
    My dream job is to be a fashion stylist or a designer, just be a part of this industry because I want to
    change the perception of people in nowadays who are not confident enough to
    wear the clothes they actually want to wear.
    I wish I can explore more, like traveling to different places to give myself more inspirations to create art pieces. The advice I would give to my peers to succeed in their future creative endeavors is the same.

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