A selection from two of your written reflections (KCD103)

Instructions: Please insert a selection of your Written Reflections in a comment box below, approximately 1 x 150 words or 2 x 75 words. As these are selections of larger pieces of reflective writing please italise your text.

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  1. After finishing my presentation, I feel happy. It is because I could relax after I finished my work. When I am waiting to present, I felt nervous. Although I had something that I did was not so well, I have tried my best at this stage. I feel successful about my confidence to present. I felt less nervous but more confident when I was presenting. I could present without palm card but I think I want to speak more fluently next time. I think that this presentation is improved because I don’t really memorize the script that I wrote before the presentation. This is the first time that I did not memorize the script. And I memorized all the script when I was delivering and the tone is not lively at all. I expected that I would remember all the script that I wrote and I would feel very nervous when I was presenting in front of others. It is a little bit different in the real situation. I forgot the script and I organized immediately with some main points but I did not feel so nervous that I expected. I felt happy that I could do the presentation and it is improved.

  2. After the presentation, it felt soothing because I finally got it over with. I was quite anxious about the whole thing; however it all worked out in the end. I think what worked well from my presentation was the topic I have chosen, which was about “studying overseas creates more opportunities” which resonated well with my peers and audience as they can relate to this topic. I also feel that my power point presentation was a good addition and support to my speech. With this presentation, I feel like I could’ve shared my own stories which would resonate more pathos to my audience. I lacked pathos which sort of brought my presentation down, however other than that, I think I did quite well on my presentation.

    Compared to previous presentations, I feel that this presentation was more formal and academic; however I do feel that I still made it personable so I can engage with the audience. I approached this speaking task more seriously as this count for a huge part of my grade, and I practiced speaking with varied tone so my speech would be more interesting. My assumption was that I would be scared of speaking in front of others, but I feel like I’ve conquered my fears and is a lot more confident speaking in front of people. Because of KCD103, I have learned to improve more on my public speaking and be more comfortable with it. Previously I was afraid of speaking in front, but now I gained more confidence to speak in front of others.

  3. Assessment 2 Reflection
    Self-development, put efforts in to every single work and anything anytime in my life will get accomplishment
    Create a child paper doll is a practice to build creative thinking and fashion reflection of my idol Nick Wooster.
    Sitting in a room to research the fashion trade or walking in the streets to observe real walking fashionable people.
    The good thing is that after I finished my work I felt so released and accomplishment and I thought it was going to be boring, but it was not.
    The bad thing I experienced is my drawing skills are so poor.
    JJ’s work: he spent lots of time on his work; he is very hard working on this subject.
    Drawing, I have tried as much as similar to the example from illustration, but it still looks slightly different.
    Processing the work earlier that I will be able to have more time to make it better
    It was perfect, next time may try to set the images’ colors like based on blue, red, or even rainbow, etc.

  4. Before presenting, I wasn’t as nervous as I usually was because I have slowly begun to feel more comfortable speaking in front of the people in the class, as I got to know them better.
    After the presentation was over, I felt relieved as usual but also more confident, however adamant about how I ended the speech. I think I did well in enunciation and expression. I tried to make sure the audience knew when I wanted to emphasize something and I tried to use appropriate hand gestures when needed, without just ‘flailing my arms around’’. I managed to do the majority of the speech without glancing at my notes too many times. I think my volume has also improved as well as I tried to make sure that even the people in the back of the room could hear me.
    In the future, I will need to practice more without palm cards and a lot more than just 2 times to make sure the timing is just right. I ended up having to rush towards the end because I ran out of time, whereas when I practiced it was just the right amount of time. In the future, I could also improve my pace because I tend to rush towards the end of my presentation, which didn’t allow me to “finish strong” as my voice trailed off. I learnt that I usually start off my speech quite strong, but towards the end I always “fade” away, which is something I need to work on. I learnt that even though I can be nervous before a speech it always ends up alright and I surprise myself with how much confidence I actually portray during the speech (whether or not its genuine at first)

  5. Reflective Appraisal (Sound Map)

    In week 12’s oral presentation, when I finalised the last word of my speech, I felt quite proud of myself. That was the longest presentation I have ever delivered. When the audiences clapped after I finished my speech, I enjoyed that moment because I knew that I did work many efforts on it.

    The things or technique I worked well were confident attitude and fluency. I think these parts are the most important and the most helpful things of my speech. When I was not nervous, I could transmit my words clearly and easily. However, I did some gramma and pronunciation mistakes. As I am not a native English speaker, I should practice more of these skills, and get prepared to be ready. Next, I may contribute my transcript earlier to let language learning advisors give me some suggest.

    To compare with the previous presentation, this time I did some strategies of how I could attract the audiences’ attention at the beginning of presentation. Nevertheless, I would not demonstrate and engage quite well. I could remember that almost all my previous presentations, I usually delivered them strike away which might not really attract people to focus on my speech. For this time, I tried to hook audiences into my presentation, and I saw the effects how different with other presentations.

    In this semester, we have presented a lot of times, not even in this unit. Every single time I could learn new things and new experiences to develop my speaking, social, and academic skills. These elements build up my confidence to have better presenting ways.


  6. I felt nervous because I am not confident with my writing and other students presented very well which made me feel more nervous. Because when I am sitting in front of the one presenting, I get inspiration and light from them. I feel light from my peers. They told me something I do not know which was out of my expectation when I was listening to them. I learned something from my peers; I learned about different colours of life and so on.
    Moreover, other students wrote very creative poems and presented it in an impressive way. They used poem to express their feelings and delivered special messages or interesting life anecdotes. I could relate to other students’ poem because most of the things they experienced in Australia were same as me. Like having a hard time in recognising roads and trying hard to communicate in English. Things that made me surprised and inspired me was the way they reacted to the problem.

  7. It’s my music selection:
    soothing mood,
    “What True Self? Feels Bogus, Let’s Watch Jason X” (by Chris Zabriskie)

    I felt I Didn’t prepare well, not very confident and relaxed after presentation.
    The part I did well is the presentation content and interaction with audiences. However, I could improve my fluency, tone and my deliver style.
    Comparing to the previous one I did, this presentation have not had prepared well. And practices’ times is less than the previous one that is why I were not as fluency as the previous one.
    Before presentation, I assumed that my audience will well interactive with me but actually my preparation to interaction part is not well-designed so it did not achieve my expectation.

  8. Before the presentation, I was so also nervous and I totally forgot how to start first. And, I did not focus the presentation because I was so complicated by myself. During the presentation, I tried to be a professional but I forgot a sentence what I have to tell; my brain was exactly bombed. I just skipped the sentence what I forgot. It was my first time to do a presentation without palm-cards. I believe it was not terrible. After the presentation, I was so proud of me because I completed the presentation without palm-cards; I remembered all sentences. I was so happy and I had a confidence that I can do everything. Compared with the other presentations, I am pretty sure this presentation was the best one. Furthermore, I learned some information or techniques from other classmates and I was so surprised that all classmates are so great and they have a powerful voice.

  9. when I speak in first time, I just wrote script and read full script like I did before. But the structure was terrible and I didn’t follow the rule of persuasive speech. I didn’t know that there are many strategy to make speech persuasive. So, whenever I am frustrated, I However, learning skills for persuasive speech through this unit I realized that speaking in front of others need many requirements so, I could reflect on my problems in speech and complement. I tried to use palm card instead of abandoning full script, use big gesture, eye-contact, use effective device such as hook, question, language devices…..Especially use of gesture and eye contact make my presentation impressive. I also try to observe carefully how peers build structure, use speaking strategy. Other’s persuasive speech stimulus me. ,

  10. As human-beings, I think many people feel really nervous before delivering a presentation whether is short or long. So did I last time when we had a rhetorical analysis presentation. Before running to my turn, I tried to breathe deeply, kept calm and took it easy so that I could do my best and made it brilliant. I also tried to imagine about the charming and lovely faces of my friends after finishing my part. The reason why I did that was to make the world, the atmosphere be real. Consequently, I would be able to face with the nerve. And then it was my turn.
    Because I went through the presentation with my partner, so I think we did well in terms of timing. By this I mean, at first, we were used to run out of time and we could not fix that until we changed and edited the script for several times. However, in order to improve my presentation skills in the near future, I think I should go deeper to the content of the speech. As can be seen, I might have more persuasive oral presentation delivering to my teacher as well as my fellows.
    Certainly, after experiencing each assessment, I have gained for my-self various lessons. Particularly, I have learnt how to connect and have an effective collaboration with partners, how to organise a speech together. And more important thing was that I now know more about rhetorical speech.

  11. I felt a bit more confident because I have done several times of presentation already and I think I am getting used to it although I still feel nervous when presenting in public
    I improved my volume of my oral presentation since the feedback of the rehearsal reflected that my volume was not loud enough for the students at the back.
    In fact, this time I did not prepare and rehearse enough and that was why I needed to look at the script when I needed to. I think my cooperation with my partner is fairly good because it was not the first time I present with Abe. We often used the back and forth type of presentation style and I think it worked well.
    I think I need to improve my specking as my English isn’t fluent enough and sometime my tongue will tie up and cannot speck normally.

    I think Freddie Wong form YouTube is an effective communicator because he speaks good English although he is an Asian. Also, I guess since he has couple of chance to work as an actor of his own online series, this really help him to improve his communication skills.
    The main qualities of an effective communicator in my discipline as a filmmaker are good communication skill that can share ideals and thoughts within the crew, so that we can operate smoothly during the production.

  12. My emotions fluctuated a lot before and after the presentation. Before the presentation, I was very nervous in practicing my speech. During the presentation, I found the enjoyment in delivering the speech to the public even though there was still nervousness reminds in my mind. After the presentation, I felt satisfied and the anxiety before the presentation was gone.

    Moreover, I think I managed to transfer my nervousness which is negative into positive energy by smiling and being energetic when I was delivering the speech. However, I need to improve my pause and tone could be improved as the variation of pause could make my speech more expressive. Public speaking is different from daily chatting. Lots of skills need to be learnt. Through doing presentations, I have learnt the elements used in analyzing a rhetorical speech as well as to take those speakers as a role model in public speaking.

  13. The first feeling is relaxing and entirely free from worry.
    But along with a feeling of relaxation, there is a little pity. I think it’s because that the course
    is the most memorable and enjoyable.
    Before my turn to presentation, I didn’t feel really nervous actually. My earlier assumption
    was calm. However, when I stood at the stage in front of others, I still could feel my body
    was nervous, my voice were shaking. I managed to recite my script more masterly, because
    it was the lesson from the oral speech with peer last time. I was not familiar enough with my
    script, which cause sudden blank in my brain at the moment I stood in front of others. So,
    this time, I think that I approached the last speaking task differently to previous ones. I did
    better in the fluency of my presentation.
    Next time, perhaps I will change topic field to more emotional and animate, to bring the energy to audience.

  14. Before the semester start, I was worried and determination to pass this unit. However, this semester I have improve to speak in forward the audience with confidence. The confidence has builds my characteristic more open-minded and faith in myself. My first presentation I was nervous and speak very fast without pause. After through a period, listen to different one speech and story that inspire me to improve and learn to understand audience need before writing my speech. Because this could easily convict the audience attention and do relate with them. Likewise, I have see different student idea to structure the message. It is very powerful and strong evidence to prove the purpose.

    After the oral presentation, I am getting improved to speak and gain engage to my audience. In addition, I have learned the structure message and language device that help my message to understand my topic. I need to improve to structure message, research relevant evidence and practice more presentation communication skill.

  15. I used to enjoy delivering speeches in my high school,it is because i can speak in my other language.But after i came to Australia studying in QUT,i discovered that it is a hard thing to speak in English because everyone’s English is not bad at all and i am afraid of people knowing the grammar mistakes i have made during my speech.
    Therefore, before delivering my speech, i felt bad and nervous as it took my breathe away. I tried to be confident and just speak from my heart.I force myself to be good in speaking by leaving the notes. I discovered a way to make myself to be better in delivering a speech, it is to sharing my true feelings and emotions so as to persuade the others to believe what i believe. I enjoy my speech because i am telling people what i truly believe, not just handing in homework to gain marks.I’m glad that i have improved a lot because of keep practising.

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