Abstract impressions of feelings

“There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.” ~Pablo Picasso

Instructions: Please insert your Abstract Image/s (shape reflection) and approximately 50-150 words of accompanying Written Reflection in a comment box below. As it is a selection of a larger reflective piece of writing please italise your text.

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18 thoughts on “Abstract impressions of feelings

  1. The green one is the first time i presented in this semseter in fornt of new classmates, it was stress and i was nervous before i present. Therefore i used a lot of sharp shapes in the abstract image. Green colour can show i was nervous and i dont want to present.
    The second one is the other time of presesnt. After practicing a few time presesntation, i didn’t feel nervous when i present my poem. I was looking forwasrd to present and hear the others poem. I used different circles and yellow colours. Yellow and orange colour make me feel comfortable .

  2. In the beginning of the semester, whenever we had to come up to speak in front I always felt nervous. I think this was because I was not yet very comfortable with public speaking and I didn’t know my peers quite well too so I always felt nervous in front. The circles in the visual image represents the feel of isolation, however finding solace in my own comfort. The colors also represent sadness as I used two dark colors: black and blue to convey more about my nervousness.

    As time progresses, I feel more comfortable with public speaking and have actually felt more creative through my presentations. I feel that speeches are a form creativity and in that sense, it made me more creative, shown through my visual representation below. The triangles and various colors used shows dynamic and livelihood, capturing how I feel now about speaking.

  3. Poetic Reflections
    This reflection illustrates the feeling of reading poem in week 10’s tutorial. As the poem reflects the decision of studying abroad, this would be similar as JJ’s. In JJ’s poem, it contains his efforts and improvements after he came to Australia to compare with his Hong Kong life. One of the elements in this poem is used by anaphora. It is close to Lakeesha’s poem. She used anaphora through her whole pome. Tommy’s poem was beautiful. The beauty builds images of his story in people’s mind which brings one to participate in his story visually. Their works are strongly inspiring audiences to have invisible interaction with their feeling. This poem not only contributed about self, but also comes some of improvements and self-development. The language devices are used as practicing of developing the transmitting skills. These skills are using simple and meaningful vocabulary in a short poem. When the poem was presented, the confidence was clarified. It results from the extent of comprehension on self.
    I have learnt how to express my thoughts by words, and turn it into a poem. When I started to write it, I read some poems from famous poets. I noticed that a good poem do not have to be long. Therefore, I tried to find words to link together. It made me feel that I was a poet, and I created this poem. When I was presenting, I could felt my confidence, but it was a little bit mess up because I did not orally read it.

  4. Reading my poem out loud was vastly different from reading it to myself, in my head for many reasons. One of which being, tone and emotion. I was able to convey the tone and emotion of my poetry through reading it out loud by putting in appropriate pauses and enunciating certain words in a specific way to allow the audience to know ‘how to feel’ without only just listening to the content. Another reason included using the audience’s reaction to know if I need to speak up or slow down by observing their reactions as I read my poetry, which is not something I could’ve practiced whilst reading it on my own out loud or in my head.
    I could relate to a lot of the other students’ poems, specifically the ones about travelling and how they felt arriving in a new country. Many of them said that it has allowed them to “come out of their shell” and become more ‘‘expressive” and true to themselves, which really inspired me. I compared their stories to mine, and took away a lot of positive aspects from their poems, which I would want to apply to my life. I learnt a lot about my peers such as how some of them seem to be more sensitive than I thought in terms of romanticizing their journeys and relationships, and others who may seem shy at first turned out to be quite brave and adventurous. What I learnt about myself while writing this poem was, how much I enjoyed trying to convey emotion through writing. I actually enjoyed reading this poem out loud, which was not something I was expecting. I prefer creatively expressing myself and sharing this creative work with others a lot more than merely presenting something about a topic we were assigned, which would make me a lot more anxious.

    • (please disregard the text regarding the poetry reflection..)

      The first image titled “anxious” is meant to represent how I felt presenting in week 3.
      The second image titled ” Composed” Is meant to represent how i felt presenting my poem just last week.
      The colors and complexity/simplicity in the images reflect on the words I chose.

      During the first few weeks, I felt very anxious having to speak in front of others and I always tend to rush towards the end of my speeches. But as time progressed the last few presentations i made, i felt quite calm (which is why i chose 1 color-yellow) and more confident.

  5. These two feeling is worried and creative. Let’s talk about the worried one. The reason why I created this image in this way was because I thought rectangles and these colours can represent and deliver my feeling in that moment when I was presenting in front of others in the beginning of this semester. it was week 3 that we had the first time presentation in front of new classmates and teachers, with a unfamiliar situation, I can feel that I am not used to a new environment. Therefore, I use this picture to express my feeling. For the creative one, after I listened to our poems, I found we were really creative and had our own ideas. Everyone had their different dreams for their future but there are still something same inside. Therefore, I used triangles to represent our creativity and special characters.

  6. Why does it have to be a circle? A perfect, flawless, shape?!? I do not deny the beauty of circle, but for me I prefer the oval shape – the shape of breaking rules, limits and boredom. I don’t want to go on just only one similar and boring way. Instead, I would love to let my soul flow, bounce and up then down with music, with vivid colours. To be honest, while creating those ovals, I based on the beat of my favorite song, bum bum pah, bumpah, bum , pah
    I am passionate and my work is passionate.

  7. The varies size of circles represented the goals and aims i am trying to focus on and achieve them. However, at the same time, i am worried that i can’t perform well in front of the class since i am not a good English speaker. With a lot of excellent classmates in the room, i felt nervous and worried every time i go onto the stage. I realise that i am not a confident person while if there is a partner who would presents with me, will make me feel safe and i could perform better. In this semester, almost every presentation, i teamed up with Abraham which really made me feel a lot more confident and less nervous.

  8. Poem is one of my inspirations daily, but I’ve never tried to create one by myself before. This poem was the first time. This is an illustration of my feelings at that time. I was in a period of sadness and disappointment. When I was reading this poem out lound, I felt relly scared. I tend to be a happy guy who always tries to cheer up others. Therefore, sharing my dark side feelings to others is a thing I rarely do. Also, I affraided sharing because this poem came to me when I was on the bus going to school and I wrote it on that bus. But after sharing this poem, as well as hearing poems from my classmates, I got more confidence sharing my thoughts using words instead of photos which I always do.

  9. There are many circles represent the targets what I reach. The amounts of circle means how many goals I want to get. At the first speech, I was complicated and I was very nervous.

  10. When first touch some things new, we feel great passion with it. But at that time, without any regulation and principle, the objective is passionate without Chapter.
    Gradually, we learn the order, the rules. We know what’s the right direction and doing follow the right way. However, at the same time, we gradually lose thinking which is “Out of the box”.
    Is this a contradiction?

  11. The Yellow Circle and Green Square with white background is abstracted impression of my first poem. The Yellow Circles is representing the surrounding with joy and realize the anxious. But the green square is represent the nervous always stable there. The red triangle and green square with blue background is abstracted impression of my formative speech. The red triangle is representing the passion of anger emotion and surround to motivate to do. The green square is representing a lot of nervous and always stable there. The nervous always help my public speaking skill to grow more mature and mourn my characteristic.

  12. The repetition of my irregular shapes is implying my feeling which i felt like i didn’t know what to do when i am telling people about my true self.It is like a part of me want somebody to understand my true self and a part of me don’t. I was afraid and nervous.The circles is implying i was trying to make myself feel comfortable.

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