The Journeys of Objects

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14 thoughts on “The Journeys of Objects

  1. I like photography. Camera is part of my life; I can capture everything that I like. Before I come to Australia, I always go to tale photos with my father. It is a connector between me and my father. Before I like taking photos, I did not talk my father much because we didn’t have any common topics. Camera is not only improving my communication with my father, but also makes me have interest in editing photos. Therefore I choose to come to Australia to study fine arts of interactive and visual design. I hope my future career will relate on Photography and creating advertisement. Before I come to Australia, I studied Associate degree in Information Technology. But unfortunately it was not successful. Then I gave up study and ask my parents if I can study aboard. After I came to Australia, I found that there are a lot of challenges. I have to take care myself. For example cook every meal by myself, wash clothes, and wake up by myself. I didn’t do anything before I come to Australia. After staying here for about eight month, I have a big change. It surprised my family, I know how to take care myself and become more mutual. Studying in Diploma in Creative Industries makes me try to capture more different kinds of photos especially when I was studying in Photomedia Unit. I used to take picture with birds only, but now I will capture all kinds of photo no matter is landscape or portrait.

  2. This is a wallet; I got this wallet from my mother, she gave me it before I am leaving to Australia. I tried to gain many memories such as sadness, happiness, angers or any feelings. In this wallet, there are various stories of Korea and Australia. This wallet has stories that who I am, where I am from and how I came to Australia. Moreover, there are about the life of Australia that how I live in Australia and what I study. This wallet is always with me and if I did not have this wallet I would not go anywhere and I would not introduce who I am because there are all information about me.
    Before the speech, I really considered what materials are very special to me and which one is memorable element. Finally, I chose the wallet is the best item to introduce my whole life. During this speech, I felt all classmates have a special story and the stories are totally different but the feelings are very similar. Most of stories were very pleasure and happiness. Also, it was a great opportunity to know who they are and what they did in their own country or Australia. I was very surprised during the speech because I was very relaxed this time and I did not get any nervous.

  3. The object that I brought to class is a book entitled “The Medium is the Massage” by Marshall McLuhan. This book represents my creative journey into deciding what major I’d like to pursue in, it had a lot of influence in my decision. I suppose there’s not a lot of sentimental value to this object, however I feel that it represents my creativity and my future, this gave me a certain direction in my learning and education life and hopefully we can always remember what got us started and sparked our interest in this industry, and hopefully we will all succeed in this journey we’re all embarking on. The memory that this task evoked is me sitting down with my closest friends in our English class, chatting away about the subject though probably not, but our English class was a little class where everyone got along and we really liked our teacher, we had a good relationship with him so it made me really miss the class. We all had the same interest and we all really liked the things and literature taught so in our high school years we really enjoyed this class. I feel really good sharing this, though I may be quite static in my delivery, I suppose it’s nice to share what started and sparked my interest in this field.

  4. I think these keys represents my journey in Australia. It is because these keys are given by my host and they are belonged to my home in Australia. When I received the keys, it means the journey of my Australia study has started. At first, I feel depressed about my new lives in Australia. Even I do not know how to open the door and I need almost 2 minutes to open or getting help from my friend. I seem like getting many problem in the first month at Australia. But later on, I learned the lifestyle in Australia and I have more confidence on my lives and study. I can learn knowledge and meet new friends here. Now I do need anyone to help me to open the door and it means that I have already adapted lives in Australia.

  5. This cutting mat is about my journey of this unit in this semester. I have decided to be a creative job that is to be a fashion designer. Therefore, I have to practice many things, such as illustration drawing, and fabric cutting. For my creative work in People and Practice, I used paper dolls to practice my sense. I creative some different types of outfits to put on the doll, and the doll is a child that is what I want to do in the future. Designing children’s fashion cloths. When I was processing them, I found that using scissors to cut the small papers is difficult. then, I bought this cutting and knife, and that is much easier. I started to love handwork, this manual procedure makes me change. I even started to make manual card for my girl, that I have never done before.

  6. When I noticed that I had to think of somethng that influence my learning journey, the first thing that came into my mind was my elder brother. I think he is the person who affect me most on study, expecially on the study attitude. Actually, this object was the first birthday present I received from him. So, it really represensts some special feeling for me to my brother. That is the reson why I chose this pen as the objective for this assessment. Every time when I saw it, it will remind me my brother’s positive attitude and support me on the learning journey.
    I realise that he had changed a lot after he went to study in university. Either his behaviour, thnking or speaking. But the thing that I think it is the most significant is his attitude towards studies. Because his major in university is architecture, he always has many assessments to do even in the holidays. But I knew that he was really enojoy his works although these might cost a lot of time and effort to duel with. I can felt his passion when he was introduced his works to me with excitement and pride. Therefore, his actively learning attitude really encourage me when I want to give up or feel upsad. And this pen can be an useful tool for me to remind his positive, active and passion study attitude. So this is the reson why I chose this pen as my object for this assessment.
    When I was listening to others’ sharings and memories, I can relate some of what they said to myself and had same or different opinions about that. Such as Kip’s pencilcase and Ada’s postcard. These reminded me there are always someone who is supporting me and caring me although I am in Australia now and no longer stay with them. Every of us has carry the expectation from our familys, teachers and friends to study here far away from our hometown. Moreover, what Hoyt said was most attract my attention and lead me to think of myself. She suggested we should do ourselves and do not influenced by others’ opinions. And this is really a good and interesting topic for me although I have thought of many about it. Afterall, I really felt enjoying when listenting to other’s stories and sharing our precious memories in this activities.

  7. The object that I used to reflect upon my learning journey is a postcard from Macau. It is the gift that my friends gave me before I came to Australia to study. The purpose of this postcard is to tell me that they are always there in Macau supporting and encouraging me. This postcard can help me to recall the happy memory and nostalgia of my friends and Macau. The picture printed on the postcard is Senado Square which is the central of Macau, and is also the place where I first started busking. It is because of busking I decided to come to Australia to study in creative industries, therefore this postcard really means a lot to me. After I came to Australia, I always lost my direction in life and feel alone. This postcard which I sticked to the wall of my room always remind me that I am not alone and there are still love from Macau that surrounds me. Also, I have met a lot of wonderful friends in Australia that gives me strength to continue to pursue my dream. These friends also gave me many inspirations on creativity and work. Because of everyone besides me, I will strive to pursue my dream and become a successful person.

  8. From the beginning of this unit, when I enter P block throguh this path, I went through hardships such as different way of education with my country, and a language barrier because I’ve never imagine that I speak in front of others even I am in Korea and my previous university didn’t require speech in lecture. So, I just read my script because I have no idea how to do presentation well. my presentation was terrible compare to other student. i really want to escape and give up to follow this semester. However, I couldn’t do that, because of expectation of my parents and friends and I already spend a lot of time and money. So, I just carefully observe how my peers overcome this challenge. They do them best. It stimulus me. Especially, I envy loger because he is very confident and activity about presentation. I try to change my attitude about presentation Whenever I prepare to speak in front of others I am under heavy pressure, I want to escape that. However, I get confidence than in the past.
    I think I lack of ability to handle mistakes, to overcome this problem, I should improve my English skill and keep practicing. If I do this I get more confidence.
    So, I will be very happy. When I walk through this path..

  9. The Object I decided to share was my pencil case.
    I have had this for many years now, but only started using it during my senior year of high school. When I moved to france, during my first year of university there I took out my pencil case on the first day of class and placed it on my desk. For some reason it felt so out of place and extra bright than I recalled it to be. A lot of people asked me where I bought it and joked about how bright it really was. It made me feel a bit insecure and mostly incredibly different, almost like an out-cast… so I put it away. I was very quiet and shy during my time there… then I came to Australia, and I brought a long the same pencil case. But this time instead of feeling weary about using it, It brought me a sense of comfort, a small piece of home. It is a reminder of “staying true to myself” leaving home and being away for a long time can sometimes cause me to forget where i’m from and what I stand for, and who I really am and it is important to always remember where you’re from and be true to yourself no matter where life takes you.

  10. The object I bought to the sharing is a harmonica.
    It was made in Japanese. The reason why i mentioned where was it made is because Japanese movie is my favorite movie. I am influenced by the Japanese movie called “Umizaru” which is a film talking about Japan Coast Guard. I was new to film industry as well as harmonica. Every time i see some of my friends play music instruments, i feel that they are amazing. People who can play music are very talented. I personally think that i do not have any talent in music, however, i think i have talent in photography and the passion on making movies. And, i decided to spend years to learn and practice my understanding and skills in order to become an insider of the Hong Kong Film Industry.

  11. The object which i would like to share is a lipstick.
    Being ourselves is very important.The lipstick has brought me back. I used to care about people’s opinion and be the kind of person they want to see.But i am not the real me.The red lipstick gives me passion and inspirations.When someone say make-up is a ways to enhance your natural beauty and someone say make-up is a kind of lie, i personally think that if you believe that yourself is unique and beautiful in your way, theres noting to worry about. We shouldn’t be afraid of being ourselves. If you like to apply make-up, or dressing up, its our choice, there are just hobbies. Just do what you like, wear what you want if we have a good spirit on the inside. I believe there is beauty in everything.

  12. Time flies, our semester one has already come to the end. The object I brought to class is a watch which I wear it every day for three years. This watch is a birthday present from my mum in my first year of high school. It reminds me that God is fair because He gives every one of us only 24 hours a day and it really depends on how we use them wisely.
    For me, I choose to live without regrets. Therefore, every time during presentation, I try to be well-prepared as no second chance will be given. Moreover, as university student, time management is important. As a creative professional, time management is even more important as you must finished your project before deadline. Furthermore, a good quality presentation can also be linked with a good time management as it is always crucial to be within a time limit.
    Therefore, it is always better for us to control the time rather than the time controls us. Developing a good time management by not doing things in a rush or procrastinating things are always not only lead to a successful presentation but also the success in life.

  13. Everyone has their some thing that is so meaningful to them that they always keep it with them wherever they go. They do not hesitate to bring it from thousands kilometers away, even if overweight when taking the plan. It’s their spirit food, their hope, their sky. Accessories are my little sky. This blue crystal accessory is a gift that I bought to myself in Venice. I had a lot of unforgettable memories at there. Some beautiful memories that won’t happen twice. I felt regret for not buying more to my friends at that time. Accessories to me are not just served as some decorations, moreover, they are the energy source for me. When I wake up everyday, whatever I feel tired, dizzy, or any bad mood. After washing faces, changing some new clothes, taking some accessories. Suddenly, I feel alive. They send the countless power to me. Everyday, I witness changeable me, even though in the same clothes or in simple outfits. The appearance will be more energetic with those various accessories. Thanks to my objectives–accessories, enable me to find any specialty and difference on myself everyday, which bring me diverse feeling and moment everyday. My objectives also stimulate my motivation to achieve my dream everyday, reminding me my future is closing to me. I need to have a good preparation to welcome it.

  14. This task, I felt fun and awesome to present my object story. The different between my learning experience and sharing the object journey story is the personal impact my journey to reflect upon my lifestyle. When I share this story is more natural to speak with the audience and the message is come from me to share what my journey feel like. The most connect with me is past experience. Although, I am enjoy the music and being positive mind to see the difference perspective for the day that forget the negative thought and relax. It keeps strength my mind and evaluates my lifestyle. This object is representing spending the isolation and personal quality time. The different is having the freedom to spend on myself to do what I like and dislike. On the other hand, I sense the difference on this speech when I speak natural without the paper, it like the message come from me. And this time is more accepted to present and confident. My audience is like my story and able to connect with them. And the precious speech was felt nervous on the first time to share with few people about my story with prepared my message. I have learned and knew my personality and character to connect with the audience and persuade my message with strong pathos and ethos with my personal story and experience.

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