“We are never real historians, but always near poets, and our emotion is perhaps nothing but an expression of a poetry that was lost.” ~Gaston Bachelard

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  1. The Change.

    I was on the other side of the fence; I was really devastated and tense.
    I took the step out from the cold and dark; I made a space in my freezing heart.
    The space was felled with happiness and fun, the space was felled with the love of a country with a lot of sun.
    My life here is shining and wonderful; everything around me here is just so beautiful.
    I look at everything with a smile; I feel that this is my time.
    The cold and dark space is now replaced with a happy face.

  2. Poem

    When I first came to Australia,
    I could not dare to speak in English.
    I like mimosa.
    Now, as times goes by,
    I learnt to be brave to speak out.
    Now, I like a growing grass,
    and waiting to become a flower to blossom.
    My wing is ready to fly.
    But, it can’t fly high now as experience and maturity isn’t enough.
    I will wait the brightness comes,
    Even though the darkest always here,
    Cause the darkest sky is the start of the brightness comes.

  3. Open your eyes
    I closed my eyes to escape from the darkness and gloom
    I closed my ears to be alone from the world
    I closed my heart to avoid the hurt
    But mum said,
    Open your eyes to watch the beautiful world
    Open your ears to hear the wonderful sound
    Open your heart to those people who love you

  4. I went to Australia when I was 19 years old
    I wanted to achieve my goal.
    I couldn’t know how to cook
    I couldn’t even take care myself

    I went back Hong Kong for holiday when I was 20 years old
    I wanted to cook for my Mum
    Finally it was done.
    She said I have a big change.
    She didn’t have to protect me well like an egg.

  5. Christy’s poem
    I lost my way to go home when I was small.
    I cried as a waterfall.
    Water kept falling down until the sun came up.
    Parents came to find me.
    Now, I am a river.
    Wherever I go the wrong way,
    I need to find my own way by myself.

  6. The Silver Lining

    In a room full of people
    I would be the deer in the headlight
    I would be the one to stare into a distance
    And ponder upon my existence

    But in a room of people
    I would learn to befriend a stranger
    And talk about the weather
    I soon then learned

    They were sunny altogether

  7. enhance

    Decision was made to develop self without a discipline.
    Discovering a direction did not destroy the deal with parents.
    Seeking the goal to study seemed like a sword’s edge on my nick.
    Standing in front of other students seemed like a naked.
    Building confidence waters me to grow up.
    Building knowledge feeds me to be more sociable.
    Illumination was the practice.
    Illumination is the rehearsal.
    Illumination will come with independence.

  8. Life decisions

    When I was fresh out of high school
    Like a fish out of water

    Stuck in a bittersweet circle
    Of freedom and clutter

    My thoughts scrambling for air
    In a sea of unmade decisions

    It was like striking a wet match
    Making choices with hardly any vision

    She said it was important
    To get away from where you’ve grown up.

    So I remained optimistic
    Choosing to see a half full cup.

    I hopped on a plane
    embracing my independence

    The future was brighter now
    with new found transcendence

  9. Colour immigration
    I was like an unpainted canvas
    Waiting unknown colour to jump on the brush
    Light green and bright yallow moved in in the early years

    A decision is made one day
    Declare white is a criminal
    Dark red and deep blue are ordered to join the country’s army
    Drive the criminal away the border

  10. Incubation

    When I first learnt how to play violin,
    I found it difficult to play a not to start.
    I cannot even play a simple song like little star,
    I was like a new born child that cannot move freely as I want.
    Now, because I have been practising for years,
    I can even be an orchestra leader.
    moving freely and playing whatever pieces I desire,
    And now, I am like a dancer on the river.

  11. What is oak?
    Oak is a kind of tree
    The tree that has many species
    Lithocarpus is one of the common genres
    It could extend from cool to tropical
    Also appearing from Asia to Europe
    Easily as it can see oak everywhere
    Strengthen, hardness and tough
    That is all about oak’s features
    Just like a man I’m looking for
    Being a sky of my whole life
    Being a house for me to hide in
    My oak man resistant to insects
    He denies every attraction from other women
    All he wants to do
    It’s to dedicate his heart for me
    Crazy as it might be
    But oak man is the best of my life!

  12. Overcome a challenge
    When all we see,
    Is gloom and darkness.
    We feel totally helpless,
    While running from doom.
    Look, I woke up
    Every day I need a challenge
    I need some extra strength

    To face what ever is to be.

    Look, I got up
    I want more challenge
    I am finding a reason to try harder
    I hope the forecast would be right
    I am ready for the challenge
    And to overcome my fear.

    It seems like nothing
    There are times when humans help,
    To assist us bear what must be borne,
    But to me, one challenge overcome
    No matter how small
    Predicts the next challenge
    Coming my way
    And i need that perservance
    That certainty
    So i can wake up tomorrow
    And face the challenge again

  13. Before I come to Australia
    I was a small seed

    I was afraid to go outside.
    I was afraid to be separated from my shelter.
    I was afraid to meet a new world
    I am still in the ground.

    And after a while, it started to weigh on me.
    Other seeds began to grow.
    Other seeds knew the way to beauty.
    Other seeds interacted with air, sun, bird.
    Nevertheless, I am still in the ground.

    However, New world keep holding out theirs hand.
    They wake me up, dust me off.
    I didn’t run away
    Finally, The spring came and the burgeoned.
    I am ready to bloom large and pretty.

  14. Lingering love By Ken

    I won’t forget the feeling when I came here,

    I won’t forget each friend who said goodbye,

    And even when my life is confused, blurred,

    My memories of my home will still live on.

    Love will be with me no matter where I go,

    The love they had for me will linger on.

  15. Cynophobia

    When I was 5,
    One day, I was holding a coca cola.
    A big dog came across me and wanted my coca cola.
    I tried to run away from him,
    But at the end this robber took my coca cola.
    And I got cynophobia.
    When I was 17,
    I went to UK and lived with a crazy dog.
    No matter was the plastic bag or plastic bottle,
    He would tear them into pieces.
    He was the one whom I had spent most of the time with in this house.
    He was a good listener and we became friend.
    Finally, my cynophobia has disappeared

  16. Day dreaming
    Day dreaming, burnt in memories,
    Counting stars, then lose in sleep.
    Day dreaming, no more obsessing,
    Chasing love and being loved.
    Day dreaming, break out al the rules,
    Let me be true, to me, at least once.
    Day dreaming. Is it day dreaming?
    Only me. Myself and You.

  17. Far far
    Far far, there’s a little girl.
    She was praying for something to happen to her.
    Every day she collects smiles and more smiles.
    Just to speak out the thoughts that keep floating inside
    She keeps pushing the blues cause she doesn’t want to lose.
    She will always believe the last piece of leaf.
    No matter what the world is the opportune hides in between the eyebrows.
    She will always believe the water droplet tying into the heart.
    In another world the curtain pulls into clear sky.
    Even if living inside of shades of grey
    Never mind, she will find the sunshine in one day.
    How can you stay outside?
    There’s a beautiful mess inside.
    How can you stay outside?
    There’s a beautiful mess
    Beautiful mess inside.

  18. When I face a fear in Brisbane
    When is get away from home
    I feel afraid and shy to speak with different one
    Nor able to speak in good English
    Facing a big rock to pass by a small road
    In the time of pass
    Things get better in a day
    Thing get easy in a day
    A step of change makes the world better
    And new face inside of me

  19. Food Is Good by Roger

    Bacon is red
    Berries are Blue
    Beer is bitter
    Burritos are cool

    Tomato is red
    Tic Tacs are blue
    Tortilla is one of the bread
    Tangerines are tasty fruits

    Food food food
    We are here just for food
    Food can always lighten our mood
    No matter how hard life is
    It feels more like a piece of cake

    Strawberry is red
    Slurpy is blue
    Salami , as the Italian said
    Is different from beef stew

    McDonald’s is red
    M&Ms are blue
    Eminem is a rapper
    He is indeed a white

    Food food food
    There are different sorts of food
    Food is a treasure
    Food is a pleasure
    And I am here to declare
    I love food

  20. As I search within myself
    For what it is that rest
    On the very deepest ledge
    I find I have made a stranger
    Of my real self
    To feel love and out of danger

    It was my soul I lost
    Sight of when my heart closed
    I lost my soul as I have been through those experiences
    I hope I can still be myself

    Abandon the pretense
    That has seemed my best defense
    It kept me safe
    But held me prisoner
    I must walk out beyond its gate
    And through the fear
    Before it gets too late.

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