Sound Map (Navigating Echoes)

“To hear speech is, in fact, first of all to recognize a sound, then to discover its sense, and finally to interpret it…” ~Henri Bergson

Instructions: Please insert a selection of from your Written Sound Map Reflection in the comment box below, approximately 100-150 words. Also, please upload your selected MP3 Sound Track and/or the link to the MP3 Soundtrack.

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17 thoughts on “Sound Map (Navigating Echoes)

  1. “Super Nude” (by Lesbian Afternoon)
    I felt relax and energetic immediately after I finished my presentation. I felt nervous before the presentation, but after I said it is the end then my stress was released therefore I was energetic and full of energy. I think I worked well on some aspects in the preparation. I did a lot of practices for the presentation and recite my script. I have not tried to have a speech without palm card before the presentation. It is a good chance for me to practice eyes contact by speaking without palm card. For next time, I can do my speech more creative because my PowerPoint is too formal so it is hard to attract and grab audiences’ attentions. For example, I should put some photos which can affect people emotions instead of some fact photos. I felt more confident in this presentation compare to the previous one. The previous presentations were poem and the oral rhetorical analysis. At that time, I was nervous to present in front of all students because I afraid I make some mistake in the presentation, but in the last presentation, I tried to do my best in preparation and presentation. I found that no palm card can let me have more body languages such as hand gestures and eye contact. My earlier assumption is I thought I will forget my script and audiences will not be concentrate to my presentation but after the presentation , I find that the audiences were listening to me and I enjoy the time when I was presenting. I did not feel nervous and even though I forgot my script, I can think to speak something related to the presentation to complete the presentation.

  2. After finishing my presentation, I feel happy. It is because I could relax after I finished my work. When I am waiting to present, I felt nervous. Although I had something that I did was not so well, I have tried my best at this stage. I feel successful about my confidence to present. I felt less nervous but more confident when I was presenting. I could present without palm card but I think I want to speak more fluently next time. I think that this presentation is improved because I don’t really memorize the script that I wrote before the presentation.

  3. “Sad Cyclops” by Podington Bear

    After the presentation, it felt soothing because I finally got it over with. I was quite anxious about the whole thing; however it all worked out in the end. The instrumental music I have chosen represents well the emotions I went through during this presentation. You can hear the undertones of euphonic sounds which illustrates the ‘light in the tunnel’ under a quite sad tone. It represents how I felt anxious before however I can see the light in the tunnel as it eventually worked out for me and I felt more confident along the way. I think what worked well from my presentation was the topic I have chosen, which was about “studying overseas creates more opportunities” which resonated well with my peers and audience as they can relate to this topic.

  4. Mood sad

    After finish my presentation, I feel immediately little bit relaxed but I was sad to it was because I did complete my presentation at night before presenting. I had no too much time to memorise. I was thinking topic should relate only to discipline but at last day I knew that we can choose any topic for persuasive speech. I tried my best to present to give good presentation but on time I was very nervous. I forget some line which was very important. I think did good work not very good but good. I make sure in future I make clear my topic and work on it and give evry time very good presentation.

  5. Reflective Appraisal (Sound Map)

    In week 12’s oral presentation, when I finalised the last word of my speech, I felt quite proud of myself. That was the longest presentation I have ever delivered. When the audiences clapped after I finished my speech, I enjoyed that moment because I knew that I did work many efforts on it.

    The things or technique I worked well were confident attitude and fluency. I think these parts are the most important and the most helpful things of my speech. When I was not nervous, I could transmit my words clearly and easily. However, I did some gramma and pronunciation mistakes. As I am not a native English speaker, I should practice more of these skills, and get prepared to be ready. Next, I may contribute my transcript earlier to let language learning advisors give me some suggest.

    To compare with the previous presentation, this time I did some strategies of how I could attract the audiences’ attention at the beginning of presentation. Nevertheless, I would not demonstrate and engage quite well. I could remember that almost all my previous presentations, I usually delivered them strike away which might not really attract people to focus on my speech. For this time, I tried to hook audiences into my presentation, and I saw the effects how different with other presentations.

    In this semester, we have presented a lot of times, not even in this unit. Every single time I could learn new things and new experiences to develop my speaking, social, and academic skills. These elements build up my confidence to have better presenting ways.

  6. Word: Calm
    Artist: Entertainment for the brain dead
    Title: Solitude
    Immediately after my presentation, I felt very calm, relaxed and relieved. This song best represents my mood as it isn’t eerie or sad, but also upbeat because of the guitar and very calm at the same time. The slight humming in the background along with the “nature noises” represent how relaxed I felt and the slightly quickened guitar strumming represents how relieved I was as speaking in front of people always makes me slightly nervous.
    I think next time; in order to improve on my presentation, I would have practiced more with timing as I rushed whilst switching slides and ended up being on the wrong slide and wasted time switching back and forth. This presentation was different to the previous ones I have delivered as I felt more confident and passionate about my topic because we were allowed to actually choose what we wanted to persuade the audience. I approached this speaking task with more ethos visually by showing pictures, and pausing more as before I would use different tactics by purely speaking with the word choices I made.
    Some of my earlier assumptions about presenting in front of others included rushing my words as I usually do and not speaking loudly enough but I found that during this presentation I didn’t rush at all, and actually went a little longer in time than I did while practicing and after asking the people in the back if they could hear me alright, they said I resonated my voice well, which was a nice surprise!


    After finish my presentation, I felt relaxed immediately of course, but there was something different from the past this time, which I identify obvious when I finished my work. When I recalled the moment I was presenting, I knew I was less nervous and felt a bit enjoyment and exciting when I was speaking in front people. In the past, I felt uncomfortable when people were focusing on me, I would think a lot when I saw the audiences’ facial expression. Did I say something unsuitable? Did they feel confuse with my content? Did I deliver my message clearly? And these questions would lead me become unconfident and felt doubt of myself. However, in this time, I changed another attitude when I was facing to the audiences and felt much better than ever. Compare with the past experiences, the presentation this time might not be the well prepared one, but at least there was a big improvement in the mental situation when I am speaking in front people. So there were differences from the assumptions that I had thought. Furthermore, I thought I can only memorise all the scripts in order to present well in my presentation. However, I found I can speak by myself but not mostly depend on the scripts. In conclusion, I found some differences compare with the past and be more self-confident for my further presentation.

  8. Under the stairs

    Immediately after my presentation, I felt overwhelmed and relieved. At the same time, I also felt a little bit nervous because it is the time when I can see the response of the audience. I choose this song – under the stairs because this song is relax and it is also quite intense in the middle part which can fully express my mood at that time. I think I have worked particularly well on the visual presentation part. I have put up related pictures and high-lighted the statistics number on my PowerPoint. I think I can do better on speaking because I still made some minor mistakes on grammar and sentence structure when I was nervous and presenting on stage. In this presentation, I became more confident than before which I did not have the feeling of resist to stand out and present. Moreover, I also increased the frequency of eye contact and tried to move more naturally in the presentation. I have challenged myself to become a better speaker and I think I have improved a lot throughout this semester.

  9. soothing
    “What True Self? Feels Bogus, Let’s Watch Jason X” (by Chris Zabriskie)

    I felt I Didn’t prepare well, not very confident and relaxed after presentation.
    The part I did well is the presentation content and interaction with audiences. However, I could improve my fluency, tone and my deliver style.
    Comparing to the previous one I did, this presentation have not had prepared well. And practices’ times is less than the previous one that is why I were not as fluency as the previous one.
    Before presentation, I assumed that my audience will well interactive with me but actually my preparation to interaction part is not well-designed so it did not achieve my expectation.

    Having the biggest assessment with the oral presentation was one of the most unforgettable memories ever in my university life. Within over a dozen of hours, I did have to consider about my topic for the speech. I thought everything was so difficult to get over and gain my goal for the speech. However, after doing my performance, I thought: “Yay, finally, I did it, no matter what, I tried my best, no regrets.”
    After that, I received my result, it was mind-blowing. I think my attempt was paid-off. This experience was really precious for me. The most important reason is I have learnt how to get over my-self, to reach to the limits of myself. Those lessons, in my personal thinking, I would hardly have in the past because I knew from the beginning, Australia is my promise-land, I could do everything I am passionate with here.
    However, I wish I had delivered a more animating PPT and I had remembered my speech a bit well. Therefore, my speech could be more wonderful.
    This presentation, certainly, was different from my previous one. To illustrate, this speech was of great significance and biggest assessment for the semester. As mentioned above, I did change my topic and that means script, PPT and the way I memorise my whole speech needed to be changed also. Nevertheless, the feeling of mine was I enjoyed it, I talked to myself: “have fun and do the best you can. This is your favourite unit, so bring it on.” As a result, though I was really nervous, I still nailed it ☺. Once again, I did have a very gorgeous time on that day.
    I remembered when I was delivering the statistics which related to my topic, some my audience pulled a wry face. At that moment, I thought: “urgh is that I speak too quickly and it is hard to catch and understand?” At the end of the day, I considered that in general, my audience could still understand my content, and in a way, I should be confident, and be more consistent while delivering the speech. Leading to the fact that I would definitely be the controller of my own speech and I would be the person who delivery successfully my topic to my audience.

  11. Reference:

    I feel big pressure after my presentation. I think I still have lots of skills need to improve. I feel more complex. I just like riding a roller coaster. it has its ups and downs. When I was presenting at the front I am up and feel stressed. When I finished my speech I feel down. I can’t do my presentation as well as I imagined. I told myself I should not blame myself and feel sad. Regardless of what the obstacles in this life may be, I will run my race to the best of my ability. I tried to face my fears and wipe my tears to take courage to overcome any challenge. I ought to thing broadly and feel delighted that I enjoy this presentation with good quality, which is not always granted.
    One of the skills needed to improve I discovered is delivery skills. It is of utmost importance presenting in front of audiences and don’t hesitate too much. Sometimes I speak too fast. That is why the audiences cannot convey the message that I said. Good communication skills can help communicate effectively among people. Having good command in language is one attempt to develop good communication skills. The first step that I present is to lose my fear of being wrong. Having perseverance and determination, together with willingness to be shown during study, I can for sure have some creative in my life.
    I think is quite different of this presentation to previous ones I have delivered. I feel more stressed and I need to memorize the script that is a difficult for me to overcome it. I can’t speak smoothly at this time without the cue cards. I need to have the key points to persuade others, not like the informative speech and telling story something else.

  12. Since I come to creative industries in QUT, I can build up many experiences and widen horizon.
    Honestly, I have never thought that I can speech in English in front of other nationalities. Even though I thought that, I think I get along just fine in the current circumstances. I am by no means saying my speech is perfect. However, only thing I can be sure of is “growth”. Looking back upon my previous presentation, I was not confident and under heavy pressure while I prepare presentation. Furthermore, I spent long time on preparing. However, while I prepare this presentation, I could feel more comfortable and get confidence. This change has occurred during this semester. So, after this presentation, in spite of many mistakes I could breathe a sigh of relief. The biggest change between previous present and this one is “confidence” and “composure”. After previous presentation, I thought that ‘I could have been more at ease on my presentation…’’. So, I try to effort to overcome that. Before presenting in front of others, I considered memorizing script, eye contact, facial expression, or gesture as challenges. However, I can get opportunity through this presentation. I realized that to get composure in presentation, perfect preparation is needed. Perfect preparation enables my presentation more natural.

    Sound reference

  13. “The 49th Street Galleria” (by Chris Zabriskie)

    I felt regret immediately after my presentation because I chose a more straight forward and simpler topic to work on. However, after listening to others presentations, I thought to myself I should challenge myself with a more complicated and deep topic. Before the presentation, I assumed that I could be calm enough to perform well, but I could not, I was very nervous when I knew I needed to present in the first time period.

    Being successful by pushing your limit, is what should a young person do, is what a young person who still preparing himself for working in the society. I hope I can be braver next time when a challenge comes to me, so that I can improve my skills by pushing my limit.

  14. “Out of the Skies, Under the Earth”

    No matter how many times I have presented in front of the class, the feeling nervousness is still unavoidable and I feel relaxed right after the presentation. However, I can feel that the level of enjoyment for public speaking is increasing as well as I feel more comfortable in public speaking than before. My hands and voice are no longer shaking.
    Instead of reciting the script that I have memorized in my brain, I have become more natural in delivering my presentation which makes me look more confident. Moreover for the assessment 2, I was concerned about the content of my speech would put the audience into sleep. However, I was pleased that my classmates were such good audience which made me more comfortable and be more energetic in delivering my speech. It is always true that “practice makes perfect”.

  15. Passionate and reflective
    Prelude No.2 by Chris Zabriskie

    I immediately feel bad for my presentation. Before, I was worried for my presentation has not enough information. But, I did.
    I think worked well is my power point presentation and add some creativity visual. Moreover, I have to practice more on the presentation and research more sources on my topic.
    The previous one better than this presentation, because my body language has express out my nervous and speak to fast on my speech. The previous one I am confident and have expectation to myself to do well. But on this presentation, I am putting everything I have got for my power point and do a bet the expectation I would not know.
    There is an opportunity to use in the presentation, such as visual, and speaking loud tone with power.

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