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  1. Through this course, I gained many precious experiences that it was an opportunity to remind who I am and what I want to do. There are few reasons why I chose these works for portfolio. During the self map, I learned about me and it was a good chance to show other classmates about me. Through the word clouds, it was a great opportunity to compare my past, present and future. Multi-modal reflection represents the high and low moment during studying at QUT. It exactly has my emotions; nervous and surprised. The place reflection is one of my preferred work because it has information of my personality and what place I like. Through the mood board, it made me to think what I am interested in and what information of advertising I prefer. The creative work, it was my first time to make an advertising and it shows what information I want to announce to the audiences. And the assessment 2 reflection, it was a great time to share the other peers’ creative work.
    These creative works exactly represent my whole life and each work has own stories such as my life of Korea or Australia and my real personality or all about me. Therefore, these works are perfectly harmonised.

    Post Reflective

    Those maps and photographs that I have posted are full of my journey in this semester. We discovered ourselves, values and other achievements. In addition, I have found that this unit clarifies my attitude and direction of my study direction. I could also brainstorm from my classmates, who are both from last semester and the new students. It results from that they are also improving and continuing their developments. Therefore, I am performing much better than before which is worth to learn from them. I found my interest and discipline is forwarding on fashion industry. I have tried hard on my creative work so that I could satisfy on my every work that I have worked so far in this semester. Then we wrote a poem, which is also the first time in my life. The feeling of the poem in week 10’s tutorial reflected the decision of studying abroad. There were some similar works from others. It contains our efforts or improvements after we came to Australia to bemore independent. I used anaphora in the poem which I tried to apply the element we learned to inspire audiences to have invisible interaction with us. This poem not only contributed about self, but also comes some of improvements and self-development. The language devices are used as practicing of developing the transmitting skills. These skills are using simple and meaningful vocabulary in a short poem. When the poem was presented, the confidence was clarified. It results from the extent of comprehension on self. I have learnt how to express my thoughts by words, and turn it into a poem. When I started to write it, I read some poems from famous poets. I noticed that a good poem do not have to be long. Therefore, I tried to find words to link together. It made me feel that I was a poet, and I created this poem. When I was presenting, I could felt my confidence, but it was a little bit mess up because I did not orally read it.
    Through out this unit, the reflection is extremely helpful and useful to my university life. I should keep working on practicing it in order to improve myself.

  3. The Items I chose to upload include: My mind map, self-map, word clouds, multi-modal reflection, place reflection, mood board, and my creative work.
    I chose these 7 items because personally, I always expressed myself the best through visual mediums such as paintings, and drawings. Thus explaining why the majority of the items I chose to upload included visual ones such as the mind map, and self map which I did by hand. Allowing myself to let my imagination ‘roam free’ and express my creativity this way, in turn followed in the most results when it comes to figuring out who I am. Just writing about ‘who I am’, isn’t usually enough for me and I tend to be at a lost for words as describing my feelings and ‘who I am’ isn’t as simple as its set out to be. I also tend to learn better when there are visual aspects that accompany the lesson. This project in a way, is teaching others and discovering myself new things about me. These different projects show a gradual journey towards my improvement in presentations and how I felt about my future. These specific projects have forced me to truly think more in DEPTH about my future and has allowed me to open my eyes towards what I TRULY wanted to do, why I wanted to do it and how I will go about achieving that goal. Not only did it allow me to think logically about these goals but to explore the emotional side of things as well. It taught me to not be afraid to express myself in front of others and become more open about certain aspects of my life. It is apparent that I have gained a lot of confidence as seen throughout these different projects. I hope that I can continue to grow in the future.

  4. I chose these items as my post relection:
    1. Creative Place 2. Mood Board 3. Creative work 4. Self Map 5. Multi-Modal Reflection 6. Words cloud 7. Post reflection
    I have had further self-awareness and personal evaluation toward Creative Industries throughout this semester. The reasons why I chose these parts as my post reflection are:
    Creative Place is critical for people to illuminate inspirations; Mood Board shows the elements of creativity and reflects my different moods in different time; Self map shows my subconsciousness in who am I

  5. Creativity has always been a part of me, but I did not know how it was actually related to me and how it reflects upon me and how I will achieve my life goals with creativity. During this course I learned about creativity, creative thinking and furthermore about my own.

    All these small assessments have been slowly opening my eyes to my creative work, how I get to my final creative work and what inspired me. These reflections that we have been writing in our course are like a flower blooming, slowly but beautifully. All my peers in class have gained and achieved so much in their creative work and so did I. Now I can say, I am an open person.

    I am a skilled writer like my rest of my family or the rest of the people, and that is why I chose to draw and create, to express myself. At first when we had to write about ourselves and our creative work I was petrified. However, all these reflection were had to be done, and I knew it could not be avoid. Being about to practice my writing and opening up was one of my main achievements in this particular course.

  6. As Creative Industries students, it is essential to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves so as to be able to express ourselves and our creative ideas. By selecting and reflecting on all those items that I have done in this semester, I have a clearer idea about who I am, why I am in Australia and what my dreams are. I am a ordinary Macau girl who traveled to Australia and study Entertainment Industries as she wants to be an event manager in the future.
    Starting from the self-map, I become more determined in to be one of the creative professionals in the future which is considered to be my ultimate goal that I want to achieve after spending three years in Australia. Through the motion board and assignment two reflection, I have discovered my own personal values: we should work and entertain at the same time as life is short. Moreover, these also remind me about my passion in travelling and bringing happiness to others which totally suit my personality. Besides, the multi-modal reflection enables me to realise the importance of my peers in my university life who help to overcome my homesick and loneliness far away home by showing love and care to me. While the place reflection also make me feel blessed by given chance to study aboard.
    Reflecting on my learning journey, the only word I can think of is “lucky”. It is true that not everyone can chase their dreams by going to their ideal university and studying their ideal majors. Not every family can afford to send their children aboard to receive better education. Luckily, I am the lucky one who is always receiving supports from parents in deciding future careers. Therefore, I really treasure the chance of being able to study Entertainment Industries in Australia.

  7. i have chosen these items :My mind map, self-map, word clouds, multi-modal reflection, future self-portrait map, mood board,my creative work and a selection from the reflection of my creative work.
    These reflections and maps and art pieces is like a story reflecting how i do my art work, how i develop my future career.I am so glad that Michelle you did not ask us to do the work only related to our major. You give us time to do what we like, reflecting what we are actually doing, giving us chances to find out what we like and what we love.It is because when i was doing my creative work, i draw illustrations and somehow i thought i gave up in fashion as my future career. But then, when i have the class, the reflections are telling me that drawing illustrations is only one of my hobby, what i actually love is fashion.
    Those reflections reminds me of who am i and what i actually want.It is a part of my story in my life. And i realise hoe important to always reflect what we are doing and i always got inspirations when i look at them twice:)

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