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Instructions: Please insert a brief description reflecting on why you selected the items for your Portfolio in a comment box below, approximately 100 -150 words.

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  1. This presentation makes me think about my change after I come to Australia. I am 20 years old. It is time for me to consider about my future, my career. Before I came to Australia, I did a lot of research about Interactive and Visual design. Because I had a bad decision when I was in Hong Kong, I studied a subject which is not suitable for me. After I gave up studying that subject, I realise that I had wasted too much time and money. Therefore, study in Australia is my last chance to achieve my goal. Also it is a good experience to let me learn how to survive without my parents. I could not know how to take care myself. Learning how to take care myself is even more valuable than I get a certificate from University. I was quite surprise that I can do it right now. “Camera is part of my life.” It is a great object that stands as a metaphor of my journey. I will be relaxing and happy when I was taking a camera. Camera makes me have a goal; it makes me improve my relationship with my father. Time goes fast; I have been to Australia for about nine months. After the exam week, I will get into faculty. It is a new life for me, I have to learn to adapt University life. This presentation I did not present in front of the classmate but I know that I have improved a lot in speaking in front of people. It was a big challenge for me when I first presented in the class. In Hong Kong, I just have one experience to use English to present in the class which is a group presentation. It is not hard for me because my friends and I had practiced a lot. Studying in strategic speech communication unit, I had a lot of chances to present. Although it is not very useful for my career, I learn how to attract audiences. It is because I will be a designer which is not need to present a lot. I remembered my first day came to Australia, a beautiful blue sky like welcoming me to Australia and start my new page. Now, I am facing to the other new life after Diploma and I will do my best.

  2. The items which I selected are the satisfying things I have done. Most of them are the things that I have tried to do in the first time. I felt very interested in finishing them. They inspired me to discover my creative process. I knew how I did to prepare to do an creative work and also they made me increase the confidence in studying in Creative Industries. At first, I still felt nervous about how can I do well though I did not have any skills. But when we started to create some map about ourselves. I can find that I can do it actually.

  3. I have chosen these items to represent my journey because I feel that it tells a story about my state of mind from the start of the semester to now, and the creativity that I would like to explore upon. You can also see a distinctive relation amongst these items that conveys similar goals and feelings that I had throughout this journey. Along each of the items, you can see that I’ve improved myself, in terms of confidence and knowing what I want to do in my life. For KKD101, the things that I have chosen represented my career developments and showcased various aspects of my creativity. I feel that all of these items have represented my creative journey and shed light on my ‘future’. For KCD103, I feel the self-improvements I gained through public speaking. Before, I was very nervous and afraid of public speaking. But because of this subject, I have learned to loosen up and build my confidence through public speaking. Overall, I feel all of the items I have chosen from both subjects have showcased well my creative journey this semester and I hope on to achieve all of these goals I have set for myself through this journey.

  4. This reflection makes me think about myself again again and again, during I typing the description and explanation for my design and art activities, the memory of what I were doing those art work kept flowing up in my mind, I feel like watch a movie of myself inside my mind. After I come to Australia, there are too many things I need to adapt and get used to, I felt tired and exhausted in my academic, there was someone told me that “diploma is very harsh and difficult, you do not have time to break during diploma, you need to work hard all the semester”, I believe it now, it is a very “rush” program, you cannot fully understand in topic but another is coming up, you do not have time to feel the atmosphere in the life of QUTIC, because you can only face in front of the computer and do the 1000 essay or 2000 essay. However, there is always a green island in the dessert, in the lesson of Michelle’s class, it gave us a chance to do reflection, a chance to reflect what you did this week, what you felt this month and what you got this semester, just like this time, during I choosing and selecting every work, I knew that it was worth to do, although it is hard and exhausted, but those pressure gave me brave to face to another tough work, moreover, during this last project of the first semester, I can really feel the time pass is like a flash, I have already lived in Australia for almost half year, I met many friends, some of them become my best friends too, I learnt many things, one of it is time management, after I live here, there are no one like my mother do to remind anything for me, I need to management by myself. So, now I am going to fight for my life again, I will do my best in my academic and achieve my goal for my life.

  5. I have selected my mind-map, self-map, word clouds, sound map and my creative work as my development portfolio. The reason why I picked these pieces up among my work is because these work represent what I have went through during this semester. The struggle for determination is hard to overcome. These work I have done in People and Practices gave me a clear picture of what I want to do and what I need to do in order to pursue my dream in the future. After finishing the creative work in week 7, I become more determine in studying in the creative industry in my Bachelor Degree. It gives me courage to do what I have longed for. From mind-map to creative work, I have become more assertive of what I want to do and they also represent my journey in QUTIC as an international student in the first semester.

    In addition, my friends and tutor gave me many suggestions and opinions while I am completing these work. They are also one of my journey in Australia. I have adopt some of their advices and made my work become better. This subject also help me to make self-improvement in creativity thinking and skills. Every time I turn my creative idea to real thing and put into my work, I feel very satisfy and happy. Also, in the lesson there were many chances for me to reflect on the work I have done. This can not only help me to know what I have done well, but also help me to understand what can I do better. The process of reflecting makes me feel valued and I know what I am doing now and I enjoy the process very much.

  6. I accidentally uploaded all of the components but until this point, i think that every component has its own meaning and value which i cannot separate them from my own journey of this semester. In this semester, i met a lot of friends from different fields and i feel very lucky and blessed. Because of the feeling that Creative Industries is like a huge family that people create works with the help of people from other fields, I realise the reason why i am here. i can’t image the situation that i meet my university friends in the future when i call them i need their help in particular field in order to make my movies.
    This post reflection at the end of semester really makes to look back what i had done in this four months. i hope i didn’t waste times in this semester and i did learn and try new things with the present of my adorable classmates who have unique talents. It is an amazing opportunity to study here with them and strive our best to be the persons we want to be at the very beginning. Ans, my friends, please remind me the purpose and the passion i have from the very start when i nearly give up in the future.
    In the next semester, i would like to set a goal that can drive me to be a better photographer and a motivated person.

  7. In the end of this semester, I feel really thankful that I had the opportunity to come to Australia, to be a student in QUT and a part of this class. This is the chance for me to grow up in many aspects. Study is my main responsibility as being here, therefore, I won’t stop trying my best to finish it. At first, mind map reminds me what is my values, my motivations, where I am at that moment and where I want to be in the future, who I want to become. Similarly, self map and creative work emphasize that what truly motivates me, not only my learning journey but also my life. Poem is one of the best memories for me in this semester. It was a chance for me to express my feelings which I would never share to others. Moreover, I found that my friends also had similar thoughts, situations and expressions with me. Most importantly, I had to chance to create my own career portfolio. By doing this, I can visualize the facts in my platform which I never thought to do before. I also had a time to really think of what I want to do in the future, or actually what I want to live with, play with and grow up with. Additionally, this semester gave me new friends who come from many different nations in the world. I can be involved to the climate of art whereby all of my classmates love doing artworks. Though they have different majors such as mass communication, media, music… it becomes a kind of motivation for me day by day. Next semester, I will keep challenging myself and try to enhance my skills in my specialised major as well as life skills such as communication or giving a speech in front of the crowd.

  8. “Self-map, Word Clouds, Multi Modal Reflection, Mood board, Places and spaces, Creative works, Assessment 2 reflections…” All of them are the processes to achieve my dream. Step by step, just single work doesn’t indicate a lot. However, after one semester, when you review a whole series works you did, you will find some fresh, surprising feeling from them. All of them are the basis to become a successful fashion buyer or merchandiser for me. Creativity can be painfully risky and difficult and at the same time enhance happiness and well-being. Blood, sweat and tears are the necessary elements to achieve the final destination. These stimulate me to think about my future again, again and again until I achieve my dream.

  9. Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. But its my choice to choose how I feel. Sometimes I win, sometimes I learn. That’s why sometimes I enjoy, sometimes I scream. For me, it is beyond doubt that studying in such a vibrant and thrilling city is my great pleasure. I enjoy living in Australia very much.

    I think the The first step that I study creative industries is to lose my fear of being wrong. Having perseverance and determination, together with willingness to be shown during study, I can for sure have some creative in my life.

    Although the education system puts a lot of pressure on me, it is a general truth in my life. When I was facing the challenge, I told myself I should not blame the system and feel sad. Regardless of what the obstacles in this life may be, I will run my race to the best of my ability. I tried to face my fears and wipe my tears to take courage to overcome any challenge. Once time I lost my way and I want to give up because of study and peer pressures I cannot handle well. A teacher Michelle said to me ‘ You were born to be real, not to be perfect. No one is perfect.’ After her encouragement, I pick up myself and be stronger than yesterday. I must face tomorrow whatever it may hold, with determination, joy and bravery and start my work again. “Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration” This is a phrase always on my mind from an inventor Thomas Edison As being hard-working is my responsibility as students. I ought to thing broadly and feel delighted that I enjoy such an education with good quality, which is not always granted.

    Behind every scene, there lies a story. I am proud of being myself. I hope all of you can cherish what you get and stop and look around once in a while.

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